Polka Dot and Lemon Lime go to Carmel Part 2

we decided to go to Baskin Robbins because andrea's lover boy had to go deliver a pizza so now we're waiting and being stalkers islanded ice cream and it's like lightning out even though you can't see that because there's bright lights but anywho we were gonna Eagle put it's raining it's raining so I'll have to use that earlier day what are we doing oh no I can't see the poor think you should forget about the bearded lady slowly we need to give up she asked my dad called he has no we're at and we don't wanna get stuck in the storm so any other details you want to talk about epic adventure there's baskin-robbins for anyone that cared well you should have talked to him boo you oh you oh now well we're officially going back to Danville this epic adventure has.

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