Podcast du Coin #4 : Dune, le fork de Tezos, vu par Cyril Paglino

Hello everyone and welcome to this fourth episode of the cone I am his life benyakoub from the diary of collar accompanied by my sidekick Gregory guitar hello as well as Cyril paglino and aymeric de paulin so we first have cyril paglino general partner of the starr chain capital fund as well as aymeric de fall 1 6l mow down god it will be results so I introduce you very very superficial very superficially and I invite you to give us more details on each sulky squarely cyril takes two years entrepreneur since a good ten years first in France then in the United States for five years and by dint of setting up the boxes I had wanted to invest in boxes and advise boxes and so I went up an investment fund two years ago but the capital chemistry star who has a background it focuses only on the woods who went blog shane who invested mostly United States are also American structure and for some months now we are doing some cities in France we have done it globally on over the past 24 months, around fifteen dykes, including three French ones, you can better situate us give us some figures some capitals in us in terms of fun ii sites in two cantons one scale would remove we have about thirty delpys which are mostly açores privet name of the angels we have a little more than 10 million management since now two years and we wrote 50 to 300 mile checks in a fortnight of wood which here you are roughly in the figures okay aymeric so i have a more classic course i'm going out business school so the adj auxerre the occurrence and I have a master's degree in business law in taxation obtained at the sorbonne I had experiences in investment banking in 1 minute and particularly as well as in a law firm and a consulting firm in Morocco for once and so i was contacted a few months ago by cyril are associated for join the star chain project and in particular worked on the project which takes a lot of time at the moment for star chain but the project of a network therefore whose network is currently live since since mid September very well then beyond the dunes if we take a look in your portfolio we see that you have invested in fairly notorious projects fairly well known I will cite as a basis for example or others as an omen this is a question that we should ask you quite often what are your investment criteria what you explore beyond the blocks shine us a little rarer for six years where i was so never a person to people but they are not too creepy personal boxes.

I actually had a little bitcoin like everyone else but I was rather the classic American start up boxes so I see they came out must here usually me here is oit y combinator is the big incubator American and I have slowly turned to Thai boxing now three personal years then after two years on the merits now the criteria investment is globally infrastructure launched a word extremely wide but that's all that will be able to lead this revolution to the next step all that will help developers to develop consumers to understand the government of asma institutions on the subject so it's basic building blocks level so like bay it is one of the subjects we talk about infrastructures if we is often thought of in technical terms like it's not necessarily a box technique but it is a box designed mood be to see also 'b to b' which help the advancement of this revolution in progress and therefore it is important for that they take part kwa very well and then beyond the outcome of precisely wood in which you have invested internally investors, we saw in particular on hard but we will come back to it a little more late enough prestigious names that have been associated we still have their mails that she rather to stay in Médoc have ceased investors how you go get them how you meet them on star channel today the beginning is rather private we quickly realized that the instits in the united states we knew them as french people don't speak so much and that in France they were timidly going to the sherin block and which had rather reassured by large investment funds with a trailer more brought up when you are a little young like me and like fabien who is 35 years old and me will be two years respectively so the types of creation of this chain and that we have only two years of existence basically it's a bit complicated to go and catch big investors like i was talking corporate like lvmh like kering when she broke up who have the stretches the contacts you tried from us and not then we obviously no longer speaks to them even in terms with them but to start the fund is therefore the kick start is a little anglicisms it was easier to call first the friends between a human therefore the friends entrepreneurs who have made a lot of success in the united states some in france and therefore the majority of country wings including investors of Chad stars today and even often during the course, a gesture on the few deals confers according to American entrepreneurs and some France friends who have had success through their timber who have capital to redeploy and who do not know necessarily good 7.7 vertical there so they call on us to strip the capitals on these subjects so logical that this podcast in toga wants to say it is from a dune a project which makes a lot of noise in the crypt.

do very quickly this is a fork of boneless teos is known to be this Ottoman ladies protocol where holders of the token associated with silent 10x dz will have the power to influence projects on souls projects the implementations that go that will improve the protocol in quad a se To begin with, simply distinguish between several subjects on this part there clarifies unchained governance by answering in English the same host their serve a moment the yes it's simple the French signature becoming the first subject we by the fiso its norma project on this subject is that basically there where shell rulers it works well for a lot of reasons a lot of subjects but there are vertical error accuracy good product that does not work with violence in my opinion this time it's philosophical to all in order to develop I was a lifeguard for a good ten years so I developed boxes with product teams engineers for a little while and knows from experience that when there is a bug fix on the body protocol on the packet on mobile on the the cifch shame it must be quickly resolved when you have as theo this concept of n'tchengue governance with the amendments that are voted that take sometimes two to three months and voting is the case right now with baby there no you can see that a critical bug should normally be fixed in all case in technology in a few zeros a few nights I will say we will immediately this rock to the task there it is necessary to wait 2 3 1 for the swiss and therefore it is already a body problem in ten in the just cause and to make a little bit different dune holders have effectively in the right to vote on the council of nine people which will be elected therefore the board of dunes which will bring together the start of the technical profiles marketing business that has not stopped and these people will be able to develop decided and voted on amendments which will suddenly be decided in a few minutes or a few hours and make the development and correction process 2 or other much more efficient here are among the subjects actually one compensates that 100% in the chain governance year it does not work in today's world we can obviously be wrong but we understand that it works parts and the hypertrophy of an ideal in fact for the bug fixing is really not used when you have about 20 miles aware of teoz so twenty thousand holder of xtz as you said everything to the hour I think that not even 10% really understand the specifics protocol techniques I do not understand them personally I do not am not able to vote on a bug fix you can vote on a technical choice and technological therefore already six months following for a little while I do not do not understand I think the average investor and suddenly who are private people who survey and people like you and me do not necessarily have the knowledge to vote on the choice has dropped on a tech stack a technological direction to follow so that was one of the subjects which would make us suddenly this concert on it will be an order are constituted recently you are not elected good channel renewed every two years agree on the pace of change by quarter of a person it will be composed of nine people fled will have in particular an academic of jurists it is a business of developers compared to a maker for example who works with a concert of super civil a make up our choices not to communicate on the name people who are members of the council you will communicate on the constitution of the council finds to communicate rather like mellon by example of their doors he communicates his advice there but heart does not and that we know much better we are quite involved in the subject, it is choices afterwards I think personal, we want to be transparent as possible we know that we will be reproached for it has already been reproached to us because we actually come from a fork except strong that initially at least two months of June of a year the concept we must also show a white paw we also do not see had two negative things announced the board dolphin and then it will evolve as American said just before all the 3 member means that will roll so of course the two years is a change complete but we think that the best way to develop a protocol today these qualified people receive the most able to take the good decision to give good network orientations and therefore satisfy all stakeholders whether end users businesses since the interest of decentralization is that everyone finds a in a way its account and therefore it is the interest to have waves to say some advice and a little qualified to own off these strategic decisions first when you decided to launch it from the network we remember that we were going to deal with the news on the newspaper bangs that came it came from a defector of some pro yeah so the genesis enough quickly we are really investors and do not seem at all then American a little bit but operational over 12 months I am hard investors, we allocate resources to the team of a the team in quotes from oka mails pro initial simple but original I do not have the whole team should bite some of the twelve people and whose bring back financial resources obviously and three other councils and therefore indeed a brigand 7 his This approach is helping them a lot at the moment but over 12 18 24 months we will be not involved in the day-to-day 3-2 decision nevertheless investors for once it is to have specified the NGO effectively the meeting with kamel proa was made via fabien, including the partner with whom I created some capitals yesterday a little while so fabien knew fabrice the fact without the silo of kamel pro since it has been a while since we reviewed them in May / June not bad and it's true that they also had enough experience disappointing disappointing their experience the bones he wanted to do something else so was it set up a new boyfriend crash it was joining our too early because they have a lot of proposals obviously groups other than the markets to join them click of a brilliant engineer or was it really strong that the idea of taiso knows how to make one we were there on the three subjects we hope for advice and a little bit of an investor product when you see the tel opportunity that is to say when we see people as brilliant too seniors on their subject who sees without seeming that they are friends who are extremely productive we say to ourselves that there is obviously a subject which restarts a another box that will leave existing subject we love we were going to accompany in all cases and the subject then is done in a fairly collegiate on the part we are going to make this fork of taiso what we will call a and has it directly my soul is a resource actually the strategies financial and others to help them in this process because we know it's not an easy process, obviously superb suddenly it is not an easy step in this case this schism of teos must have bring its share of criticism from members of the silent foundation these two communes and how you had reacted m we were enough also ready for these attacks, obviously we knew from the month of June when the first documents on our project began to leak on the different teos blogs and teos fanboy and I did not have simple but I quickly obviously we were aware that it was going to happen so we were pretty ready for that us it's pretty simple nature but don't go not complicated men today there are two things which when they had they really are right you're hungry you have your family the quartz property here that's it and we know that today we are attacking the field a little bit you are increasing not compensating for destroying the value on the contrary in the process of see that for four years now your bones have never been so active in terms of al recruits on weekdays the project and so on vox pretty good for and bravo to them I just have the impression that a few people within this community saw destruction on the other hand and a movement carries a list for the moment we will not leave it to speak we think that the production of the work that we will produce the next months and years will not speak for itself we love rodemack we stick to it is not at all a constant clash we do not want to bother is their waste their time so we read tweets if you want a look by day and it's funny but frankly the thirteen Zionist occupants and watts and for having mounted it a few beforehand and in my past life that requires a lot a lot a lot of energy so the war on twitter or on the said it is not a thing fighting fights were obviously afterwards we unfortunately know that it is very clean but the crypto it was always the case everything was in classic interior a agitated weekend on all saw the big media debate but not today it is not something that particularly excites us that we had obviously things to say that we could say that we could do we have not want to sell cold billions as it was the last reinforcement that so we make our product we think we are going very fast are far from teos and besides we do not even mention the strong word that they very honestly we start from scratch so yes we have a banugbis rating which is identical which have few manager sources added more than 35 thousand lines of code in four months we produced it like very little cheap crypt will have produced Thursday in me I do not know obvious but the original teams 1 to that but it does that in the whole team and therefore we are aware that it will go quickly announced I think it is that the cases the image street balsam most economically I think it would have been nonsense to start again from scratch without taking up lines of code that the developers already knew to have already participated in their writing a in a way that redoubling infrastructure did not really makes sense and so it was first a waste of time and 2 and 2 resources so we preferred to focus on the rest and the developments of further developments angra 2 but it is the open source machine at the afp a source is there for that also but I had a box in the video with life completion life for four years we had a dozen former dailymotion engineers it will be a scop is to be with in particular and the video engine when we stopped the box we just nor we put at 75000 open source line on github and we gave to the community we saw dozens of thank you messages we did it graphically that's how it works at some point i find it normal as said aymeric to take back debris that has been developed and which exist and which are open source to start with a different ambition and on a project d takes a different voice then me it's useless other than dr leleu the mattress what to get from the mayor is then why not not having to simply continue are all so that's the notion of advice there that you have to incorporate a decision drop that entirely this medium and not just going to have continued in fact but I believe to be honest and the question will be asked to fabrice sooner i think of kamel project all types of newly renamed gameiro origin the ball there is yen of which I the specified it is important to make the distinction of origin there which is thus the development team team that is producing at the moment so why they did they did 3 years 3 and a half years of collaboration on increased safety they don't have the feeling that they are always listening as much as they do should they not be sure to be paid for what they would have owed and all this is quite public has become a lot of ink today on a social mina party but I think that was also a point of flip read them a daddy a mom there is a divorce that sometimes happen it's complicated to put the cover back to build together and I think the point of no return has already been crossed semester in between and geocam n pro rightly believes to have a lot a lot contributed to the rising success I am now and not having been thanked listen considered as such they just wanted to do something else so it's something else at the base it was a new project maybe the atheros jose team and he got turned out that in fact what they really wanted to do was continue increases but with their own vision when I say season it was work accomplished on your bones and therefore those of this observation line and the strong that god us so we are going to come back to god's objective in fact i'm asking you the question what is to do with a platform a ford apps hope contract it can push it into the simple part when I explain to someone who doesn't really know the block chain I'm talking about the ecosystem highways swiss time android wholesale it is a development platform at the apple store or the playsport what does or what does elsewhere because than the cosmos and to provide an open source platform with a better low level which is coded efficient and then set up delicate supports for developers around the world to develop third-party applications that will create a hand towards its network and for it amphis nos above that molsheim where this is exactly what a with a somewhat particular vision we really focus on what we calls the programmable property right so haben program archives in english and he dies telling himself that everything will be organized otopeni sable given moment and that we will be able to create with platforms the object of a fluidity in the exchange of its goods the lowest rate example that I can sometimes give to relatives who are not in the technology that is to say years of age and a tesla I am currently traveling abroad I lent it to my sister for example I could via an application on my smartphone just swype and the token whose energy and assurance that goes with it to my sister my brother my cousin for a few minutes hours or days so i the program the time I program the person and jules favre directly So all of a sudden I make liquid liquid with a bang and transferable law you loanable mater slam it could be something else obviously this vision of tomorrow of an extremely connected world that you have in gouro the image of what happens with binds to ti with machine learning and rails with robotics and everything that will connect to the lathe we say automated constantin connected tomorrow that my fridge will directly order a crossroads that my car will be able to directly do the orders also for me and therefore for that it will indeed require a backbone for the transfer monarchy value of contract law and has come full circle on it so we thinks that blocking channels and platforms as new power be a backbone for its revenue transfers and I was talking about tesla but it can be a car but it can obviously be from these countries of fund shares it can be works of art it can be objects of value of other tools there are a lot of subjects the field of possibilities is enough great explore so these bags explored the tares chesnay had only 6 and fabien believes in acceleration of the economy and economic transfer by the blocs chain and therefore through a network gives itself the means to allow companies to access the belote channel and make applications that will be usable by everyone in the future that we hope will closer also very well then his eyes skies you presented i I'm going to come back to something else I discovered, for example in the in capital or watching media from mainstream media acquired are not even a focus on crypto not even focused on crypto heard it talk about a fundraiser with xavier niel from kima ventures finally free marc simoncini you presented the project of this way there these actors to the big investors or really the proof we have raised a little money in june after having new star szczesny a little bit the hand in the dough we said to ourselves that I was going to have more people to create an ecosystem we raised nearly twenty money private investors then you have it is special because it is kima ventures over-armed itself for the 19 other private CDs and it was in big dice of the boss buddies of French or American boxes or founders of people who put their hands in the dough who knew how to create innovate which have often been able to make platforms, the hour ankle boots bridge, a way to alex who created beautiful voodoo today online video game platform like that global so these people were also able to give us their advice in according to the vision that America has of one and it is indeed people that we recognized beforehand there is star chain it was also in quotes healthier to have access to these people to be able to have a voice for a while available tell what they were of one and let the project harden so they returned quickly enough and without asking too many questions we are quite proud to have him on board obviously because it is people who have proven in the past that they will go from zero canvas finally your English six members pass not much and a slap in 36 hours and that's what we're going to do with one obviously therefore it is extremely interesting for us and golden to have a capital very well and therefore may well be simple logic to merge account six dies with with with the technique to popularize logic of bug fix quasi instantaneous and which is arbitrated by a batch of selected people and qualified is quite simply to make the protocol more user friendly by avoiding that yes obviously and it is in the theology indicated mugs always 15th and then that to go in all the installations it is necessary to have also thus all all the big bug boxes obviously it was from the technology otherwise it would not be technology said it was flattered what said I believed for a very long time if that doesn't mean it's not science overall so it's the same for techno any bug your iphone sometimes we my boy left the big technological box of the world where one of the most fat so it happens I think what's important is to get to fix its very quickly with the suffering that the new vision of consumers and therefore indeed on one we think that there are bugs today on mu and the chain block will obviously be sure to unite them, assure them of other bio-tchane the advantage and the important thing is how we treat them and how we will sell it all this especially in silk this mode of operation there we are lucky to already have an extremely talented team of engineers who have a background therefore peer to peer in distributed systems and in good chain also thanks to their experience of the waters which is quite substantial therefore the idea is also to benefit everything stops before as little nine as possible but when we want we will actually do the classic nights white that we have known for 30 years of origin of new technologies a science fiction to fix the bugs go then a possible you have us given the example of transfer of ownership or transferred insurance transport for example in what way for this kind of case I also remember that you talked about all that was problematic digital identity but on this kind of accuracy in what i need chain blocks what i need a dedicated token and how these carriers of a decentralization called why I did not have you just invested in a band to fully support it centralized it is also a question divided in two it's an intimate cut you're going to talk but basically you're also a question vision, it's quite simple, I've been doing this for two years now and why I set up this observation chain because I have experience extremely disappointing in my life as an entrepreneur or a big wood centralized mike ulama box and i'm talking about apple a cookie that has three in same time two years ago nimes normal in quotes forced to close the bar if it was work it was in any case not necessarily the most soul success in the world in all honesty but we had indeed been co-owner vlv a small ten million $ with large funds Americans have made good progress and Apple from the newspaper has had the key wears when you look at ten years for its resins guy facebook it's exactly the same insignia it was to go public it was worth several billion that produced farmville that we all know or mint or two moms know actually overnight superman said bart eeckhout indeed in nice city but we will stop it facebook cut the straw and kill this billion in 24 hours twitter it's the same on the reply this dp cause of seesmic tweetdeck all these ways kill her a lot of trouble to survive a twitter account closed on foot so the much more global vision of that is what the web is about 25 years old now the web designed for hours was created on open source protocols we can do what we want we was able to create google amazon facebook wikipedia über twitter because http and tcp ip were protected such were the free open source protocols today when I was a young entrepreneur of 25 years in the world integer if you create a new box you will have to create it and not on open source protocols and on big ones gaffe let's acknowledge who controls the web we used the wsf google cloud a path and suddenly you are again addicted and the fa that can one day cut the key so that was one of the major problems of my thesis initial and when I experienced this drama with apple which for me is obviously my nîmes scale but for the teams at the time a drama I said to myself what can be done to stop being dependent his blunders out these big boxes to control the internet which at the base was free of rights is free to creation and therefore to have this kind of vision of creativity without borders and without judge the crypto lablaude chain and the web 3 on decentralized web and is an important topic which is completely fake ass it's now I think with everything that has been happening since the years in correcting ethics with all the other big ones suddenly knows equifax accor and many others santana its named I think the web will tend to do this side by side decentralized completely secure obviously today is the beginning these departments are not yet optimal voice to bfs for example the subject that is working at the moment I went to school is not necessarily beautiful but it's starting I think we got there in a few years front is completely decentralized and start laying the first bricks of this web today is important for us so yes we could actually transfer insurance with an app but I think than having a low-level protocol that allows different uses of dozens of users you are talking about cadastre or kawa here in my digital identity it is also important tomorrow when we see that kifak to acquire that the data of five hundred thousand American customers of which the passport and travel credit card data are released they confuse ad data at 48.3 sold on the not stupid on the dark web we say to ourselves that me I would not like my passport number and my tithe humor alone cédric lambert when i choose what she has then either distribute to everyone so the blogo chain and web 3 is one of the solutions such even the solution for a more secure web and I think that in 20 30 or 40 years old our children we will not tell your web they were centralized and they wand every year or all angles remember like twitter or wikipedia is what is in the meadow twice a year some of which at w7 last power and 35% double worldwide so from then on we know that we surrender take into account that the web is still in beta and that in half a century after a century we will say that it was indeed to the cattle that the real web or to decentralize secure and therefore crypt and all that follows in terms of operation we have the notion of the board which is above the protocol if I diet it like that we have the protocol if I want to operate a little how does it work that he can operate a knot what is my decision-making power on the two cross protocols begins to show how I am so for man everyone can operate in them it is necessary that they hold dunes which is the token of the network the dunes are like gto gathering in rolls it is from these rolls that you will be able to validate the transactions and vote for the elections of the board of which it is a minimum stack which is set at 10 miles from one I believe and which therefore allows to have a potential of influence on the chain but once that your kid years ago studies are not liquid have just been air drop and teo users once they can start to be traded you will be able to acquire dunes to operate to spot your hand as to whether it there are incentives at the moment just a year ago a validator program with some baker to encourage them to come and take a look at their network of eight allows to be delegated a certain number of dunes of which they will perceive and reward however for a year so to start bringing people on the network and then we will try little by little with the companies and who we will forge a partnership to allow them to turn a knot for the usual blockchain and make them understand the interest utility and induce them in some way economically even at the margin to to be interested in this subject, we have already started to see a little the image of free consulting in the field with a few French companies but not just start-ups and large groups, it's very large of people who go as you do say aymeric validate questions the network dews the idea why why this fairly simple subject is that we all have to defined as a pro business block chain in the form of pro business on must have customers and consume applications lives oblivion that come to the sound of your form so to do this we encourage them to come directly in the block validation system including the mine and so that they go mini understanding that they have the gerrard berry understand the model they understand how it works and in the long term that will encourage them to do maybe other things to understand in which vertical trade of their industry it could apply the elders boccia how to do and milk will obviously follow you along term but it was a foresee a prerogative is quite strong at ch and therefore very well in the east in the coming months what can we expect suddenly for what can you tell us say they are there are announcements that you can share with us this at four months so it's very recent you really like young people like you know lucky but let it hang out yeah here is me no but in the next month yapo takes next weeks there are many many hinge we are today in total a team of about 24 people in five people and who will have 10 who will work on this subject at fool table by time and on the 25 24 we have a good twenty full time the idea is obviously to develop tools and tooling therefore the different boxes of this vague chain indeed the exterior which is already there and which is called a scan, we have our ios application the android wallet and its sheets that come with it me since this morning for the bones and the three days for the android such point that her and a few days her interview is generally talking about the end September early October there are other things that will happen very quickly that we will announce there is not on the partnership part it is obviously what types of customers are going to want to beke with us 3 of the customers I'm talking about large start-up groups which will have poc defined at neo two contracts that have been signed that we will launch soon and after her and to the ambition also to promote the adoption of the network obviously so how favorite adoption of the network is in teaching by being a great teacher in explaining how it works and what it is for and how coded on the highs dunes for an open source developer or for a third party developer which is not not with us and therefore it goes through online modules it goes through races it goes through information and therefore all that in our head and will be announced I think in the coming weeks of beautiful things that will come besides if you are in paris on november 12th i will not tell you why but for now so here is reserved for the two names in paris is a nifty and the demand that is going to take place obviously that is going to be relating to god and that has i think to spill a little ink in the world deserves very good so we are make an appointment on November 12 for something new in any case it's a nice conclusion that we have here we are curious to know the evolutions of the project in the near future and we hope that it will lead to something interesting cyril thank you very much for your presence your expertise aymeric de folin similarly low thank you to forget you and we will meet again for two for a new podcast it's very very soon and also share with you all the news around the project, thank you very much thank you

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