Playthrough: Sword of Mana – Part 34

The second part of Mt. Illusia is pretty much more of the same. Here are the highlights: a monster type we didn't encounter last time, the Howler; Fauna class, 148 HP, can drop Earth Coins, Round Seeds, Animal Hides, Animal Meat… …No Weapon strengths or weaknesses, but resistance to Wisp, Luna and Salamander, weakness to Jinn and immunity to Gnome; they can move pretty fast and ram your characters for good damage… …Further ahead there are more doors unlocked by stone faces: for one of the doors you'll have to match the faces from another area to the stone face near it (of which you can't change the expression – 5:00)…

…Right after that (10:00) there's a cave with two doors, each one unlocked by a different expression of the stone faces in the room. Skip to 6:40 instead for something else In this area there are only Tin Tortoises, and defeating them all nets you a Mace-type Weapon, the Bronze Mace to be precise. It's even more powerful than the Axe, but you can't do any combination attacks with it… …It's also slow and unwieldy, I don't think it has much use; Bash-trait.

The attack spells you can cast with it have a pattern (slow exploding projectile) that can be interesting, but personally I prefer the Axe. Skip to 15:10 to see the end of Mt. Illusia At long last we've reached our final destination, Granz Castle. If you'd played as Rex you'd have already seen this bridge. Once inside the castle you get locked in, so if you need to go back this is your last chance

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