PLAY TO EARN: Buy Groceries with Crypto Won in Lost Relics!

[Music] g'day there simon here from engine today i just bought this milk using crypto i won from playing a game called lost relics and i'm going to show you how to do the same now this game is developed by a one-man army called cliff corley and it actually has a live blockchain marketplace inside the game so you can actually make trades you can buy you can sell on the ethereum blockchain without leaving the game so let's just start with the core gameplay lost relics is an action adventure rpg you run around all of these different worlds all of these different dungeons you slash up and you hack up all of these monsters and they fight to get a piece of you in the process as you can see the graphics are great the gameplay is always getting better and there's always new content being stacked on top of it day by day so the first goal of this game is obviously to survive the second goal of the game is to find epic loot now the utility of that epic loot is ingrained into the gameplay and that is the main reason why these items are considered valuable and the second reason is because they are rare and that rarity is provable because they're on the blockchain okay so now you can see here that i've just pulled an item called the feeble bloodstone which is an epic blockchain item now when an item is on the blockchain it means it's not stuck inside the game it's actually on the public ethereum blockchain which means you can access it in any app or game but you need a wallet to manage the item you can't actually send it from your your blockchain address unless you do it with a secure cryptocurrency wallet now i'm going to show you what this item looks like in the engine wallet and if you want to sell the item for real money all you need to do is press that sell button put in the price that you're offering it for and then just click through the process [Music] so what you've just done is you've actually just listed that asset on the engine marketplace which is actually a decentralized marketplace on the ethereum blockchain run and governed by smart contracts now let me just show you what your listing will look like in that scenario so basically it's now been listed on the engine marketplace if someone wants to buy it off you they just need to either browse through the listings or search for the item that they want and they get the item up and then they need to scan that qr code using their engine blockchain wallet and that will trigger a secure transaction on the ethereum blockchain now the really interesting thing though is that lost relics have natively integrated this marketplace into their game so it means that when you list something through your wallet it actually gets sh it actually gets listed in the game and then anyone that's playing the game can run to this marketplace here browse through the listings find the item that they want and then they can just scan that qr code using their engine wallet and that's the big game changer here because once that happens you don't need to cash out or withdraw your money it's there it's it's actually just dropped straight into your your wallet and from there you can convert it into any cryptocurrency you want you can convert it into you know your local currency your fiat currency be it your us dollars or australian dollars whatever it is or you can actually um use a really interesting site called bit refill to purchase gift cards so that's what i'm going to show you today now to use bit refill you need ethereum or bitcoin so you can convert the engine coin that you got from selling your item in lost relics you can convert that to ethereum or bitcoin or like hundreds of other cryptocurrencies right from within the engine wallet you just go to the exchange section you just choose the currency you want you choose the best price and then you just follow the prompts next you just go to bit refill you choose the gift card you want my local supermarket is called kohl's so i'm just going to buy a few kohl's vouchers so i can run down the store and get some milk so the process is really easy you choose your item you choose your currency um you use the trusty qr scanner and that will pre-fill the the address that you want to send the item to um from there it's really important that you send the exact amount to the right decimal because that's how they define uh which uh which purchase your transaction applies to and that's it like it's super easy the site will give you a gift card you know what to do with it you just run down and spend it there's no there's nothing to it so this creates a really interesting new dynamic for gaming yes gaming is still meant to be fun you're still playing a game and no not everyone will earn money from playing the game but for the people that do for the people that grind hard for the people that have more time on their hands they can spend that time doing something they love and at the end of the day they are creating value in the process and that's really what we believe the future holds for the wider gaming market and there you have it that's how you buy milk with the ethereum you won playing lost relics

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