Place Limit Orders For Free with No Fees !!! (Uniswap, 1inch, SushiSwap and more)

welcome to day 505 in my ex journey i hope you're doing all great thanks to my latest subscriber mike clark welcome to the hood brother and please now make sure to hit that like button let's get this with up to 200 likes hit that subscribe button and turn on post notification to get notified for every new video and now let's get started with today's episode in today's video i'm gonna talk about the limit order in defy space so if you want to set some limit orders and to buy some d5 tokens i'm gonna show you how so for this you need to know a few things first you need usdc or wrapped ethereum both can be acquired on every exchange out there for european customers it's a little bit more difficult to get usdc straight away but you can for example buy ethereum straight on coinbase transform it for free into usdc and send it to your metamask wallet this is just an example i will do a video in the next few days about this topic but today let's just assume you have already usdc or some wrapped ethereum in your hex wallet and let's start right away now if we jump into the charts first we can see hex is correcting decently in the last couple days we had some heavy sell-offs we can see this on the blockchain some million hex stompers are out there so maybe just maybe it's a good time to pick some hex up or maybe you would like to set some limit orders quite below here around 13 12 or 11 or even way lower so for this you need as already said either usdc or wrapped ethereum this helps to set some limit orders and to set the limit orders we need two websites or at least any two websites and those sites are also recommended recommended by the hex community so this should help as well the first site is called bamboo no worries the links are down in the description so bamboo relay is used that we can see the order book of a trading pair i'm not setting limit orders at bamboo relay for the moment i have to check this out as well but for now we just use bamboo relay to see the order book of our trading pair the second site is called matcha xyz if you have a quick look you can see mucha like the fruit you will find the best prices across x-chain networks this helps you to set your limit order and this is the site where we are starting from scratch so first we gonna connect the wallet by clicking connect wallet i'm gonna choose my metamask wallet choose the right wallet next and connect after a second the world is already connected and now we can start by searching our token for example i would like to acquire some hex today or maybe tomorrow we will see this on a limit order so once the wallet is connected i can choose the token i would like to pay for example i go with wrapped ethereum because i don't have any usdc for the moment but with 0.25 wrapped ethereum i should be good for the moment you can see the chart already changed quickly we have now the option to either do a market buy or a limit order but today we're going to talk about the limit orders so we're going to choose the second point in the menu here you can see at the moment we are traded at 738 ways for one hex this is pretty cool and now let's hop over back to bamboo relay once you connected your wallet in here as well you can search the token desired for example let's go with hex in here and if we scroll down a little bit you can see the chart as well you can see the last price is 738 quays as well if we scroll down a little bit you can set as well buy and sell orders in here you have as well the option to do some advanced stuff for example how long it should be valid and you can even change the gas price as said before we gonna not set the limit orders on bamboo relay on bamboo relay we are just watching the order books and of course you have to know for sure that this order book is only the order book for wrap the theorem the order book for usdc is somehow not there or not visible of course it's there because trading is going on but it's not visible for the public so let me zoom out a little bit so we can see all the values in here you can see the sell side and on the right side to buy orders so you can see we have quite some buy orders on a lower level and we go down you can see there's all of maze 10 wrapped ethereum and he would like to acquire let me see 2.32 million hex tokens for the price of 431 way the same is here on the sell sell order you can see some higher prices up here people try to make a quick buck once the price will spike up those orders should get filled if you scroll down a little bit you should also see your orders if you do any orders if you scroll further down you can see the recent market history which is quite interesting because now the price is correcting the price is going down but we have some strong hand community members and they are buying like we gonna do in a second and if you scroll down a little bit you can see bye bye bye sell shall sell some buys some sell it's quite mixed an hour before it was quite green people were selling and buying like crazy so let me scroll up again check out the order books to point your limit orders in a good position in a good spot so whenever you're comfortable have a look where the limits where the whales are sitting how much they want to sell how much they want to buy and this should help you to set the limit price so let me go back on and for this example we don't gonna have a look so closely on order book because i just want to show you how to save some fees as well and if you're gonna set now for example a limit order just slightly below the market price the market price at the moment is 738 quas so let me go for 0.1 wrapped ethereum with the market price of 730 let's say six way you can also choose how long this limit order should be valid 1 hour 10 minutes 24 hours 3 days or 7 days so let me go in this example for 24 hours and i should approximately receive 30 586 tax tokens for 0.1 rupt ethereum with a price of 736 so the price is still stable around 738 way this is really nice and now let's review the limit order by clicking it we need the permission to use your wrapped ethereum this is only coming from the first time so of course you want to save some fees if you set your limit order below the market price because then the seller has to pay everything and your bags are just getting filled but for the first transaction you have to approve the wrapped ethereum like on uni swap or on the one inch exchange so let me click approve my wrapped ethereum i'm gonna sign this confirmation i have to pay a little dollar value let me zoom in a little bit so we can confirm this right away gonna confirm this on my wallet boom already confirmed now we have 30 seconds left until this transactions got confirmed this cost me roughly about 20 25 bucks if i remember right and this is only a one-time fee so overall you can now stake your hex once you have received your hex so this will not helping you to reduce the fees in staking but it helps definitely to reduce the fees if you want to purchase some hex you can do this for sure for every other token as well you can see now it is already done it is approved now my 0.1 wrapped ethereum should give me roughly 13586 hex and the estimated fee is for free because the seller has to pay everything so let me just place now this limit order by clicking the button place limit order metamask opens up again and this is really easy now you just have to sign you don't have to pay anything you're just going to sign this message sign again the metamask wallet say also to sign this message on your hardware wallet if you're using one and now i have eight seven six seconds seconds left to prepare my trade give the website sometimes and then it's already success new trade click new trade if you want to set another limit order if you scroll down now here you can see let me zoom in a little bit you can see here now my open orders are already there i'm going to pay roughly 0.1 raptor theorem for 13586 hex the status 0 because it's not filled yet but with this method you're gonna save some fees by buying the tokens just go slightly below the market price you're gonna sell you're gonna buy the hex token for almost for free consider you have then to stake your hex and pay a little bit fee even if the fees are higher as normal staking hex is still pretty really cheap unstaking is a little bit more expensive after one year or two but you have not to be worried at all you're gonna find the pulse chain announcements by the end of this month hopefully and this will be the safe harbor for the hex long-term stakers so i hope you found any value in this video today if so please leave a like and subscribe to my channel this would be really appreciated drop a comment down below if you have any questions stay long and fat stay safe out there and see you in the next one peace [Music] you

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