Pi Network: How To Withdraw Pi Coin – How To Exchange Pi Coin To Real Currency

in this video i'm going to tell you if and how you can withdraw your pie coins or how you can exchange them into real currency and the reason why i want to talk about this is because since i initially started mining pie in september 2020 so not that long ago i've invited a couple hundred users to pie as you can see on the screen right there and since then the number one question that i've seen day after day in the pie chats is people asking how to withdraw pie so how to exchange their pie coins into a fiat currency like us dollar euro and so on and i want to point out that it's important that you watch this video to the end because otherwise you may end up making it the wrong decision before we get into the video this is make money online channel mastermind and welcome to the channel where i teach you tips and tricks on how to make money online be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so you stay updated whenever a new video is up also please don't forget to smash a like button and if you have any questions concerns or suggestions feel free to leave a comment down below so let's start with the number one question how can you withdraw your pie coins and the answer to that is currently you cannot withdraw your pie coins because pie is currently in phase two out of three phases so it's not a full cryptocurrency yet and it's not listed on any exchanges now i can hear you asking so if i cannot withdraw it what can i do with pi at the moment you cannot do anything with pi you cannot transfer it all you can basically they do is mine it for free think of it like in early bitcoin days when people mined thousands of bitcoins on their computer but they actually couldn't use it for anything now does that mean that pi is worthless or useless and that there is no point in mining pi at all no it means the exact opposite you are among the pioneers among the first couple of million users that signed up for pi and as a thank you or as a token of appreciation and also to build an active community and a certain amount of pie in circulation you currently receive pie for free other people eventually will not be able to get their coins for free anymore so it's important that you take advantage of this opportunity and that you simply spent the five seconds every day to open your pi app and push the mining button so you mine for another 24 hours and you receive your free pie coins every day now assuming you continue mining pie coins the question is when will pi have an actual value so when will you be able to withdraw it and also how much will it be worth now to start with the first question pi will achieve a real value once it can be traded on exchanges like binance crypto.com and so on and that will happen once pi reaches phase 3.

Now if you want to have a detailed answer i recommend that you read the white paper that you can find on the pi website and there's also a link to it in the description down below there is also the fact that the pi developers need to finish some of their work so that the nodes are tested and so on and that everything's working and to actually turn pi into a fully grown cryptocurrency and have it listed on certain exchanges so it's possible that pi will be tradable and exchangeable by the end of the year it's also possible that it will take another year or maybe even longer the point again is that you currently have a great opportunity to jump in early and get your pie coins for free without risking anything all you have to do is just open your pi app once per day on your phone and push the lightning bolt button so you mine for another 24 hours ideally if you want to earn more pi per hour you'll tell your friends and family about it and have them use your invitation code so you actually end up earning more pie while you can still get it for free and to answer the second part of the question how much is pie going to be worth that's something that nobody can answer you right now because it depends on a lot of different things the longer the free mining continues the more pie will be in circulation so therefore there will be way more supply which would mean each coin will be worth a little bit less to provide you with a different example we can look at the tesla stock in 2020 during march 2020 it fell to roughly 300 per stock eventually it climbed up to over two thousand dollars per stock and then the stock were split one to five so if you had one tesla stock worth let's say exactly 2 500 from one day to the other you had five tesla stocks but each was only worth 500 so that would be a simple example of how the supply of something in this case tesla stocks but in our case high coins will have an effect on the market now another thing that's important to understand this just because pi will be listed on an exchange doesn't mean that it's smart to sell your pie coins on day number one again if we go with the tesla stock example imagine that somehow you got one tesla stock per day for free by pushing a button in the app but you cannot sell it right now you and hundreds or millions of other users get free tesla stock every day and let's say on the 1st of january you will be allowed to trade it if now on the 1st of january everybody tries to sell their stock there will be nobody there to buy all that stock and the price will instantly fall from 500 per stock to 1 per stock or 2 dollars per stock and the same would happen with pie coins the moment pi achieves phase three and you can exchange and trade it on platforms like crypto.com and binance there will be a set upon or agreed upon price and if then everybody just tries to sell it nobody will be there to buy so some people may not be able to sell it at all and for the other people the price will plummet instantly so it's not the smart thing to do you have to see pie for what it is and what it is it's a great opportunity to get a lot of free pie coins that you can then use long term yes when pi launches you may want to sell some of your pie coins instantly to get some money but you also want to keep some of them long term again let's take bitcoin for an example here initially bitcoins were worth almost nothing then they eventually were worth one dollar two dollars ten dollars a hundred dollars three hundred dollars nowadays we're looking at a bitcoin value of more than ten thousand dollars per coin now imagine you would have gotten 500 5000 or more bitcoin for free when it initially started and you sold everything on day one for two or three dollars you would probably regret it a lot today and the same applies to pie now i'm not saying that pie will be worth ten thousand dollars per coin because that again depends on supply and demand and how people use pie in the daily lives if everybody just holds their pie coins and nobody's willing to sell them it's also not great the key is that once pi achieves phase 3 that you look for how you can use it is there an online store that accepts pi as a payment method well and maybe use it to buy your next iphone or you order a pizza online or something like that to give it a real purpose in our lives use it to send money to friends so instead of sending them a regular wire transfer send them pie coins and they can then cash them out for example so to give pi a real purpose in this world and with that you will help increase the value of pi which again will increase the value of the remaining pi coins that you have left after sending a couple hundred coins to a friend for example so to sum things up right currently it's not possible to sell your pie coin or withdraw the money from your pie wallet but that does not mean that pie is worthless than that you should not mine it means the exact opposite the longer you mine now and the more coins you get the more money you will actually have once pi achieves phase number free but you definitely should not give away all your pie coins once it's possible but you should keep at least half or even more your pie coins long term to benefit from an increased value over the next couple of years now last but not least you may also want to check out the video i published recently i'm going to put it in the card up here where i answer a couple of other very common pie related question so you actually know what you're getting into now with that now i recommend that if you have a little bit of time that you also go and check out the pi white paper you can find a link to it in the description down below it may take you 15 minutes to read but it will also help you more what pie is meant to be in the future so you actually know what you're getting into and that's it for today's video thank you so much for watching and i hope you learned something today and be sure to drop a like 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