Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Overlapping, White Text on a Light Background

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. For those of you who first time learn Photoshop, I'm going to show you how to create a simple, white text design on a pattern light background. Create a new document by pressing Ctrl + N on Windows or Cmd + N on Mac. Make the show: 1550 pixels, height: 870 pixels, and resolution: 150 pixels per inch. Then press OK or press Enter or Return. If your foreground and background colors are not black and white Respectively, press "D" on the keyboard. Click the lock icon to unlock the layer. right Now, And we can add filters to that. Double-click the thumbnail to open its Layer Style window. Click on "Style Overlay" and open the style thumbnails. Click on the gear icon to unlock Fly from the Style Presets menu and click "Web Styles". When you see this pop up, Click OK to replace the existing patterns with the web pattern. Click on the gear icon and Click on "Small List". Scroll to the bottom and click on "Points 1". Reduce Opacity to 10% Then click OK. Go to Filter and Correction Lens. Click the "Custom" tab, and make a "vignette" Amount: minus 30.

Then click OK or press the key Enter or Return. Let's break down the effects To consolidate space in the Layers panel. Open the horizontal type tool and choose Font heavy weight. I am using Montserrat Bold. If you want to use it, you have provided its episodes In the description or my video files project. It will make its size around 260 points, However, you may want to use different sizes depending on the font you choose and the amount Characters to be used in the text.

I'll make zigzags in "Sharp" and left align. Click to the left of the document and type for you the first letter. Open the move tool and Place the letter on the document. We can always re-position at a later time. tap on Icon "FX", and click "Gradient Overlay". Click the gradient bar to open the gradient editor. Go lower, stop left and pull everything all the way to the left. Click the color box and In the Brightness area, type at 80%. Then, click OK. Click on lower, correct and stop Color box. In brightness field, type in: 100%. Then, click OK on the color picker And Gradients Editor. Make the pattern: "Linear" and scale: 150%. Click on "stroke." the size She is 4 pixels, the position is inside, the blend mode is unusual and the Opacity is 100%.

Click Color box. Saturation is 0% and brightness is 95%. Then click OK. Click a drop Shade. The Blend Mode is Multiply and the Opacity is 10%. 45 degree angle, and The distance is between 70 and 75 pixels and the size is 40 pixels. Then click OK. Let's break down Space-saving effects. Go to edit, convert and skew. Go to the middle of the side and When you see vertical, double arrow, drag-shift until you skew it. Then press Enter Or back. Count the amount of characters that will make up your text at the end. to me This example, since my text will clarify the word "polar." The total amount of characters It is 5. Since I already have the first letter, I press Ctrl or Cmd + J four times. Hide All the characters are under your second letter and double click on the big "T" The second layer to highlight this character. Type the second letter of the text. open Moving a tool, move to your second letter and hold down Shift while dragging To the right, let your first letter overlap it. Pressing and pressing Shift The second letter kept aligning as you dragged it jumper.

Make the third letter visible And double-click to highlight that letter. Type the third letter of the text and Open your animate tool. As before, hold down the Shift key while you drag your third Character to the right. Follow these steps for each letter. If you want, you can make The characters go on higher or lower than the other characters. For example, if you want to transfer the message "L" on top of the letter "O", I'll go to my Image Layer Palette and just drag the letter "L" Click over the letter "O".

If I want the "R" to be on top of the "A", I'll drag The "R" layer is above the "A" layer. Next, we will center the text in the document, but first Make the top character active and press Shift on the character down to make them all active. Place it in a folder by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + G. Now, just drag the text To the center. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. thanks for watching!.

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