PERFECT Way to Turn $1k Into A Million (BEST Crypto Portfolio)

i'm gonna be honest with you guys i don't made it i pretty much achieved all my financial goals over the last year got a nice portfolio very little debt and a secure future but it hasn't always been like that for me when i decided to go full time in crypto there were years where there was seemingly no return on my investment here on the channel point being i know it's hard out there for a pimp especially if you're just getting started today i'm gonna walk a mile in your shoes as we trade sneakers well in your case orange crocs you know odor eaters never killed anybody but come with me as i show you how i would start from scratch with a clean crypto portfolio if i had one thousand dollars only to put in crypto i'm gonna show you how i would multiply that in the fastest way possible in the coming bull run let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the hardest working channel in all of cryptocurrency if you're new hit that subscribe button join both my free telegram groups and my new discord server the bitboy lab to learn more about crypto or connect with me in the bit squad also i'm giving away a cadx node worth about 20k a whole bitcoin to ethereum and to litecoin at the end of september to take part in the giveaway please visit only subscribers are eligible of course all right guys we've got a pretty exciting video for you guys today as we examine how i would get started in crypto knowing what i know now if i only had a thousand dollars to invest now at the end of this video we're also going to be taking a look at a huge upcoming project that's having its token generation event very soon i want to put it on your radar it's called alliance block and it could be the next next next big thing but first i'm going to be showing you guys exactly how i would start over with a crypto portfolio of exactly zero dollars an investment size of one thousand dollars i'm going to show you which critical moves i would make that would set up my portfolio to deliver maximum damage in the bull run pretty excited about this video because the possibilities are pretty much endless we're going to talk about managing the portfolio which coins i would look at and winning strategies that can get us from 1k to 10k 10k to 100k and then 100k to the seven figure level because spoiler alert if you can get your money to 10x once then you can do it again but this kind of thing does not happen overnight in fact this takes years to practice or get at least close to right the dirty little secret for beginners to learn is that there is an experiential learning curve when it comes to crypto at a certain point you really do begin to feel it if you will you can see the pumps and the dumps ahead of time if a coin is in sideways action for a prolonged period of time you can kind of see why and what it would take to bust it out of the sideways slammer and back to the promised land of volatility and unfortunately for most of you guys who may be new to crypto at some point you will face some tough lessons like getting hacked or buying into an exit scam it's all part of the ropes really these dangerous situations that paint the crypto world one notch below the will smith movie wild wild west are indicators that we are early oh the hell i got one of those oh so would it be great if nobody ever lost money or got scammed yeah of course that would be fantastic but when everyone is feeling extra safe and secure then the best times to make money will be long behind us so relish these times be careful and these will one day be known as the good old days so if i had to start on the beginner level with no crypto and just a hope in a dream the first thing i would do is figure out how to divvy up my investments do i want a certain portion of my portfolio to be stabilized or do i want to trade a hundred percent of my portfolio after all i told you guys last week the huddle's dead right and for me personally that's the bulk of my strategy but the thing is that if i'm just starting out it is far too risky for me to continually jump in and out of trades it might be a case of the law of diminishing returns thanks to the insane prices of gas fees of course at the 1k portfolio level you need to think about these types of decisions every transaction is precious so the first thing i would establish when setting up the portfolio would be to keep 75 percent of the portfolio basically untouchable and stable we all believe the price is going up in the crypto markets in general sometimes making too many short-term trades can lead you to miss out on the longer term gains the remaining 25 percent will keep liquid this does not mean we're scalping the five-minute chart 24 hours a day but it just means when we see good opportunities for profits we take them we methodically think about these types of moves before we make them so let's talk about the 75 percent of our portfolio that we will keep stable i think we should break this up into five projects first we're going to take chain link dub it's around 12 39 at the time of this recording it's down 45 or so from the all-time high just recently this is a major correction i look for link to be sitting at big numbers by the end of the year because of the upside of chain link let's put 33 percent of our stable portfolio there that puts us right at about 20 link next we obviously want to get some ethereum most people i know believe aetherium could end up being the very biggest winner for the whole bull run and as d5 is exploding i think you got to go with it here let's go ahead and try to make sure we get at least point five each for our portfolio and a hundred and eighty seven dollars and fifty cents at the time of the recording next let's spike some v chain to me in the top 30 v chain has the highest ceiling some people believe that v chain could 100 100x during the next bull run and we want a piece of the supply chain tracking ecosystem let's grab a hundred dollars worth of v chain to almost 7 500 bet tokens next we have another game changer polka dot polka dot is just starting to get established in the d5 game and there are many tokens coming out soon on the polka dot ecosystem but one thing to think about is how much eath benefits from the d5 projects that are erc20s on uniswap you always have to hold to me to make sure you can be johnny on the spot for a trade with polka swap out later this year i believe look for people to also begin holding on to dot in order to trade for some of these low cappers out there over the next year now polka dots already had some good pumps and it could drop but i would rather have the maximum upside potential and dots got it so let's buy 20 tokens at about five bucks each let's round out our portfolio with tesos you just can't go wrong with this one big upside limited downside so let's grab 45 xtz tokens now we'll put us almost right at 750 for our portfolio this brings our totals to 20 link for 245 245.5 east for 187.5 7 500 vet for 100 bucks 20 dot tokens for 100 bucks and 45 xtz tokens for about 115 the total 750 out of our 1 000 portfolio so let's chat about this last 250 bucks the last 25 percent of our portfolio that we're willing to move around what you want to look for are big news stories you can take advantage of for instance project a is getting an exchange listing the listing will be sometime at the beginning of october you want to buy that rumor and sell that news sell the event once you know the date the project is getting listed on let's say finance dump the fire out of that thing the day before the listing let's say justin sun is announcing a huge partnership on friday night at 9 pm est via live stream you sell on friday morning you want to move before other people have the chance to dump on you hey is the survival of the fittest out here those are just two examples though of how we can do this another strategy is to find projects going against the stream on coin market cap right now we are in a very red time but up until now when there was mostly green you want to find those projects who have big dumps during an overall uptrend you want to buy in the red and selling the green i sold a project the other day for 15x that's right i caught a 15x not a coin we talked about here on the channel now after i sold the token at 15 x it just kept going it went upwards to 25 to 30x i mean that's great and all but remember a bird in the hand is worth two bushes or something like that a bat in the hand is worth two in the belfry point being take profits when you get them it's important at this early stage of the portfolio that we don't rush trades if we look around the market and there isn't anything spectacular out there for us then stay out of the market that day because you're in a spot with a 1 000 portfolio where you can't afford losses so if you get in something and it drops you may have to just be patient until it gets at least back to even so you can get your money back i would not suggest using this money either to try and catch uniswap pumps you will most likely get wrecked that's for the degenerates who accept the risk on those moves and who have a portfolio nice enough to withstand a few disasters you have to be very conservative with a portfolio this size because a couple wrong moves you could end up bleeding funds and have even less to work with the goal is to get this from 1k to 10k if you can 10x your portfolio by making smart decisions then you can do it again and the bigger your portfolio gets the more leeway you have to play with take risks and find unique opportunities to make money outside of just investing in coins staking yield farming liquidity pools and more but the best way you're gonna be able to grow your portfolio just do whatever bitboy says i want to tell you guys about alliance block this is a project i may or may not have thrown a few shekels in the albt token generation event is taking place this week it will be taking place on tuesday september 8th shortly thereafter there will be exchange listings they are confirmed but they can't be announced until after the token generation event now a little birdie told me if you want to go join the alliance block telegram group and be active around the time of the token generation event you may get the opportunity to get some cheap coins if you catch my drift is going to bridge the traditional finance world with the decentralized finance world and honestly this is a project i'm very excited about and i'm going to be paying great attention to i hope you do too but now is your turn what do you think is the quickest way to get a portfolio up to a high level can you do it with only a thousand dollars how would you do it let me know down below in the comment section don't forget to visit to enter our cadex node and full bitcoin giveaway might just change your life i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bit squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day good boy out [Music] you

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