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assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh How are you on YouTube friends around the world? Good luck and good health always In this video we will share a crypto money-making website, namely a Cryptocurrency Faucet site and we can withdraw the income in the form of LTC (Litecoin) coins This website is still similar to some of the sites we shared before. The withdrawal is for temporarily have to use a wallet from faucetpay And for other Crypto wallets According to the information we get, later will follow Because this website is still relatively new It is only 80 days old or about two months more Created on 10 December 2020 Last updated on 19 December 2020 And The active period will end on December 10, 2021 If the active period is not extended And for the IP location it comes from zuid – Holland – Naaldwijk – Host Sailor Ltd Naaldwijk is a city in Holland or the Netherlands We can see from the flag, it is the flag of the Netherlands For a minimum wd or a minimum withdrawal on our site b This hilanofaucet site is worth 45000 litoshi or the value of 45000 coins And to make a withdrawal on this hilano faucet site we go to the main page or dashboard menu of this site Then we scroll down Here, one coin is worth one litoshi Here the number of coins to be withdrawn has been filled in automatically Then we enter the litecoin address from the faucetpay here Because the withdrawal must use the faucetpay And for other Cryptocurrency wallets, maybe it will follow in the future Enter here Then scroll down And click the withdraw button Wait for a moment the withdrawal process Congratulations 46600 Satoshi has been sent to your account Then click the okay button And we can check directly on our Faucetpay wallet We enter the overview menu Then scroll down And here it is entered Without waiting for a long time in just seconds, go straight to the Faucetpay wallet Worth 46600 Litecoin Satoshi (litoshi) has been made it into the dom pet Faucetpay For the minimum withdrawal is 45000 coins or 45000 litoshi And for the withdrawal method I just demonstrated And for the withdrawal time is very fast, which is only a matter of seconds Then to play on this website we can use many ways because to generate coins from this website There are various ways We can click the three strips in the upper left corner.

Then for the main task is the manual faucet. Just click the faucet manual menu. The time to click the Faucet is every 15 minutes. And in one Faucet, we will get 150 coins or 150 litoshi In one day we get a quota of 40 times the Faucet here To do the faucet, we can scroll down Here we click the numbers below one by one In sequence according to the request above then click the recaptcha box, I am not this robot If you have checked like this Scroll down and click the collect your reward button.

If it is redirected to another site, k just close it or click again Congratulations 150 coins have been added to your account For the manual faucet just like that And for other income, we click this three strip Then click the PTC menu (Paid To Click) We just click and will get paid immediately Here there is still 2 PTC provided and the time of his visit, the minimum is 15 seconds and within 20 seconds we'll get 200 Coin we try to direct, click the go And Let's wait count countdown is complete Once the count countdown finishes we click in the box I am not a robot To check it Then click the verify button When it's finished, we can close this page and return to the hilano faucet site.

Congratulations 200 coins have been added to your account This is how to generate coins with PTC or Paid To Click Next to generate coins, from the shortlink menu To this part of the shortlink, a little difficult. So for one click of the shortlink, we can get up to 500 coins. And some are 450 koi n For different values depending on the level of difficulty to get through this shortlink We will try the shortlink with the lowest value One example just Click the go button Then click the "click here to continue" Next we click this recaptcha box (I am not a robot) On various previous sites , for the shortlink menu, this is the hardest part. But for the income there will also be more in this shortlink menu according to the level of difficulty. And I just gave one example, the easiest shortlink section. If the countdown time is over, we can scroll down and click the "get link" button.

"Congratulations to 200 coins have been added to your account like this for an assignment shortlink her and the greatest value of shortlink are 500 coins I'm not going to give an example shortlink again, for the duration of time may be too long then for men hagilkan money from this web site Here are auto faucet menu It's much easier than manual faucet. But we h flow has energy in our account I will not give an example, because this auto faucet is very easy and similar to a manual faucet. To get other income, we can enter the achievement menu This menu can also be called the achievement menu We can see here After completing 12 Faucet claims , we will get 200 coins for free only After completing 20 shortlinks we will get 1000 coins After visiting 3 PTC (Paid To Click) as we demonstrated earlier we will get 150 coins \ This is still in process So after this panel is full Then circle the spinning circle will turn into a check button. We just click the tick and we will get a reward according to the value on the left. Okay, just like that, to get income from this website To register or register on this website Please click the link registration or registration link In the description of this video here si Please click the Register now button.

We will wait for a moment. Here we have to enter an active email. Then create a password. Then confirm the password or retype the password that was just created. And don't forget to verify this recaptcha box. Or my statement is not a robot. After everything is done, please click the "get button started " Here we will be asked to confirm email so that later we can immediately make withdrawals from this site We check our incoming email address We open the incoming email, and if the email has not been received We can click the resend button.

When it is clicked, it will say something like This email has been sent, we check our incoming email again and we just click the link that was sent via this email. Next will appear the words "your account has been successfully activated" For the registration process is just like this After the registration process is complete and email verification has been successful Friends can get right to work on this Web site As we have previously demonstrated Thank you for watching, hopefully useful Don't forget to leave a trace by clicking the thumbs up button At the same time clicking subscribe for those who haven't subscribed and activate the notification bell That's all from me, hopefully useful And I end wassalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh

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