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In the past ten days the website it still proved to pay Could we see here ditanggal 4 December 2020 There are two payment history even ditanggal 30 november 2020 There are 9 payment history IT 519 CHANNEL, Tips and Tricks Watch also some videos of our other Mining Faucet moneymaker Cryptocurrency To give away winners in our previous video The give away program was closed yesterday Please check the draw and winners announcement on our Official Instagram account @ If you wish, please follow our Instagram account because in the future there will be some give away, which will be drawn and announced through this Instagram account Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh How are you all youtube friends? Good luck and good health always Amen Previously, for friends who just stopped by this Channel Please click the Subscribe button and activate the notification bells So that you get Notifications, when this channel shares the latest videos Because this channel will always discuss, how to make money from the internet Tips and tricks for making money in dollars Crypto money (cryptocurrency) and rupiah moneymaker On this occasion, we will share a free crypto moneymaking site Faucet cryptocurrency with earning Tether (USDT) coins for the exchange rate of USDT coins (Tether) 1 USDT is worth 1,0006 USD Or if it is in rupiah We can see here This is the indodax market Here for the exchange rate, 1 USDT is worth IDR 14,169 This is the USDT exchange rate against dollars and rupiah At the time this video was made, and the exchange rate This may change over time.

The age of this website is quite old. It is 8 00 days Created on 27 September 2018 Last updated on 19 August 2020 And will expire on 27 September 2021 If the active period is not extended IP location of this website is from Hessen – Frankfurt Am Main – Hetzner Online AG The name of the fifth largest city in the country Germany The minimum withdrawal on this website is 1 USDT . Very small value for the minimum withdrawal value Then for the withdrawal method on this website Please click the withdrawal button on the left of the main page of this website Then scroll up The withdrawal table will appear like this Please enter the amount the coin to be withdrawn, here Then enter the withdrawal address This is the Tether (USDT) coin address of your respective Cryptocurrency wallet And the last step Scroll down Then below friends will find a withdrawal button And please click this withdrawal button Then the withdrawal will be processed immediately And We just have to wait The coins enter our respective Cryptocurrency wallet And for payments from this website we can check here In the last ten days this website is still proven to pay We can see here Dated 4 December 2020 There are two payment histories Even on 30 November 2020 There are nine payment histories from this website To its members Then for how to register on this website Please click the Registration URL link, which we provide in the description of this video Then a display will appear like this Please click the three stripe in the upper right corner Then click the list Scroll down Here you are required to use an active email Because later you will receive an email from this site To verify your account.

Then please create a password and confirm the password here Or retype the password you just created. The final step Click the register button When finished, then you will automatically enter on the main page this website And ak an email account verification prompt appears By clicking the URL link sent by this website, via the email you are using If you have not received the email you can ask this site to resend the verification email After registration is complete and email verification is successful you can do assignments on this website The first step, you enter on the main page of this site first Then scroll down You can see below there is a scroll button Please just click the scroll button I managed to receive 0.0003000 USDT If we are lucky We can just get Tether or USDT coins Up to worth 300 USD And we can click the roll button Once every hour We have to wait for the countdown to finish And we can click the next roll button If you like this video Please click thumbs up Don't forget to share this video with people people closest to you Because it could be, this video is useful and good useful for them Maybe they need the information in this video Thank you for watching Hope it is useful And I end Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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