PD (polka dot girl) for adoption 4 1/2 weeks old- interviews being processed 5/29 – 5/31

I don't know if y'all have ever seen a puppy with hiccups really that was a shortest case of hiccups I ever saw all of his precious she was just waiting on me consisted on not eating with her brothers and sisters so she got her first isolation training at only four weeks of age she did great or herself out this is our sweet little PD absolutely dropped it look at those ears I do have to say i love the straighter coats the way mine looks somehow I just that it's not too curly but it's not too straight I mean it doesn't should I just love this absolutely I've been looking at pictures of my doodles and we're going into some f1 and back crossing into the poodle line to get more curl but I have to be honest I love just that shaggy I want to keep some shaggy in my line two operate I'm happy I'm really bad I'm happy who's all of them are I'm serious we do this tomorrow with everybody or take it wanted one today I'm gonna need and he just really easygoing just fell asleep right here on my stomach just I wore her for a little box she was a pretty unhappy she did really good though about 15 minutes of isolation from her brothers and sisters I was real proud of her today that was tough but she was asking for it she was looking at me and she just didn't quite get enough and so that was good for we always look at that is a good opportunity to teach and of course right now this is wonderful she has not pottied in the house at all she was allowed to run around pretty much in the living area I did watch her but loosely have to admit I am I was so covered in puppy dirt I swear I can't believe how filthy i get with them the way i work for them the end of the day I'm just covered in mud a hole just wanted y'all to see her I can't even remember who she's going to us where she's just an awesome donkey I my brain is fried right now but your mommy is out there it's aunt Hattie love you yeah gosh that's a gorgeous dog dang that's gorgeous me one that is good dog that's a precious four-week-old but five weeks older mama tomorrow mama don't even eating Thank You forgeting I look at this this is just how they are I'll show you oh look that nice little sharp to e Oh sweetheart I know what's going on I'm going to be interviewing your own a possibility for you tomorrow really this could be for Sarah's family oh I'm able to call them back we'll have to see going to be great would you like to go to me anything oh hey I get to say hello darling brothers and sisters yay I'll be great one honey man you would just get along charlie oh my gosh have mercy a lot of our babies up there say had man Springfield Manning same dude oh my gosh that would be great well I'll tell her to watch the video this is the one I'm thinking of for a different family but yeah we've adopted out HP and I think this is down this is the one is the girl the little girl it's really hard to choose between her mijita they're almost identical really almost identical they're just beautiful that apricot color beautiful warm all gorgeous donkeys well I hope y'all enjoyed it that was way longer than wanted but I just realized that I was thinking why can I think of the family's name but they just called me and I am I worked really hard today had to do then to the school year thing hope y'all enjoy seeing her as she is a sweetie we'll get more videos of everybody else too

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