PayPal Bitcoin Credit Cards? — Namescheap accepts Bitcoin — Credit Coins?

good morning bitcoins today is july 16 2013 at 6 25 pm in venice italy i tried to solve the labor problem with killer bees but failed to create a level playing field here today's mad bits almost hypnotically prices continue to hover in the to 100 range with a last of 97 a high of 100 and a low of 96 volume at 18 284 paypal to accept anonymous offline transactions are bitcoin cards far behind there seems to be a race going on between paypal and former paypal founder peter thiel as to who can create the world's first anonymous credit card paypal has just filed a patent for an instant disposable payment card while theo and bit instant are going the other way creating a card with a mastercard logo and mastercard compatibility that would convert your bitcoins into usd to interface with a legacy currency system holding bitcoins and spending usd is the holy grail of bitcoining whoever reaches it first will have everlasting life and profit lots of profit domain registrar names cheap now accepts bitcoin with zero confirmations names cheap the domain registrar has announced that it will now accept bitcoin it claims to be the first major domain registrar to do so in addition to accepting bitcoin names cheap will also do so with zero confirmations by popular demand to provide instant service to their customers this is an exciting victory for the bitcoin community and showcases the power of bitcoin letter writing campaigns if you ask them they will accept bitcoin a brief history of credit cards or credit coins did you know the first credit cards for department stores were made of metal and shaped like a coin with the department store name on one side and the customer's account number engraved on the back in 1922 the first case of credit card theft was reported involving a cabaret singer who stole a credit coin and used it without authority the resulting court case wanamaker vs mcgary is a fascinating study at attempting to determine who should take the loss when both parties are without blame the store gave the customer the coin which facilitated the fraud but the court decided because the customer stored her credit coin and address cards together when they were stolen they were easy to use in concert so the court decided in favor of the store and rewarded them 61.10 as well as 1.64 cents in interest for a grand total of 62.74 and thus credit card history was made he who makes the loss possible should bear it this has been mad bitcoins mad bitcoins mad bitcoins you

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