Pat LaBine: Dev’s Diary – Minecraft/Java SDK Update

hey guys spot Labine VP of engineering from engine Quinn another quick dev diary from the trenches today we're gonna talk a little bit about Minecraft I know we've been pretty quiet about it over the last little while because I just died anyways I will restart I know we've been quiet about it for the last little while it's because you've been working really hard in the Java SDK and the Minecraft framework that sits on top of that so this won't just be for any for Minecraft this will be for any Java game we'll be able to use engine technology and have engine backed blockchain items in their game so what we really want to do is create a really elegant system for server server operators to be able be able to itemize anything so like ranks hats animations pets all the stuff that you would expect or buy on one of those private minecraft servers like high pixels you'll be able to itemize and have on the blockchain and having the wallet in in engine so I got Tobias here our lead minecraft developer say hi we're just gonna show you some stuff yeah I'm just out here maybe you should try to send me some stuff Tobias okay said you're sorted I'll send you a helmet okay go Q lasts a little bit longer okay so everything is operated can be operated from the console you'll be able I linked and then link wallets check balances all that stuff right from the console we did it that way we're gonna be providing a UI for it as well but we did it that way so that people server operators could customize their own you eyes on top of things if they would like both those items okay great I just got the sword and I got the helmet so I'll just quickly show you in the wallet so what we got here is as you could see and the engine wallet we got our items we have our items and a nice cool helmet here Dimond and if you look in your in minecraft balance it'll tell us yes I found two crypto items and their wallet a sword and a helmet if I go and well it I'll actually be able to see those and a special inventory window let's see here grab them rip it and I can go and I'll find something suspicious big here I will kill because ham is delicious and that's pretty much it for the dev diary we're continuing to work on stuff I hope to do these more frequently as more stuff comes online stay tuned we really can't wait to see what everybody does with this with our with our platform thanks take care and thanks for the support you [Music]

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