Pastel Pink/Polka Dot Makeup Tutorial (dedicated to Phoebe)

hey guys it's strike mekansm welcome back so I am doing kind of a spontaneous little makeup tutorial for you all today but I am actually going to be dedicating this video to a lovely lovely lady that I've actually known on the internet for I want to see maybe about maybe two years I actually met her through tumblr and we started following each other on there and then we follow each other on Instagram and she watches my videos on YouTube and the lady I am referring to her name is evil little thing X on you know Instagram and Tumblr but her real name is Phoebe um sadly Phoebe lives in England so you know she looks very very far away from me and you know erosions apart and it really sucks but I honestly think of her as a dear friend of mine and I love her to bits I mean she is absolutely gorgeous and she's very sweet and she is super super freaking talented like you guys don't even know like she has beautiful makeup and her art skills they always blow me away every year that I've known her you know with a couple years I've known her she's always sent me a birthday present she always sends me such thoughtful gifts and they're all handmade stuff and she'll send me a couple little trinkets here and there like one of the ones that she has sent me this is a penny this is the very first painting she ever sent it was a portrait she did of me and super cute I actually usually have it hanging up behind me on this wall but I took it down for this video and then for my birthday this year it's funny because on Instagram she posted a little sneak peek of it so I can exactly see the whole thing but you guys what she made for my birthday oh my God look at that beautiful portrait it's too much it's so beautiful and then along with that she actually sent me this handmade card like it's like with the photo she hand-painted it and hand drew it and everything and hadn't cut it out I mean mind you my birthday was a while ago but whatever but anyway a little bit plan says she hand drew this and hand painted is and along with those gifts that she sent me she also sent me this little adorable freaking keychain I thought this thing is so cute I actually have it on my car keys but I took it out to showcase it to you on this video and the tutorial that I undo today is actually inspired by this little keychain that she sent me I really liked the colors near the black and the pinks and I also really liked the polka dot pattern on the little tights that it's wearing so I thought it would make a really great makeup tutorial and like I said I wanted to dedicate this video to Phoebe because of her overwhelming amount of kindness and the amazing things that she makes for me in sense to me like Phoebe if you watch this I promise you I I promise you as soon as I get the funds to return the kindness to you I am gonna be buying you so much makeup stuff and I'm gonna be making things for you as well and I'm gonna send them out to you as soon as I possibly can you don't understand how much the things that you send to me mean to me and I really hope you like this tutorial I mean I don't know if it's anything that you would wear but I figured you'd be kind of cute you know and Phoebe actually does have an online store where she sells on prints of certain art pieces of hers they're absolutely gorgeous and from what I can tell with this print that she sent me of me it's gonna be it's really really great quality and they're super beautiful so I'm gonna be leaving a link to her shop in the description box down below so please make sure to check out her stuff and support her because she she is super talented and you know you will not be disappointed her especially if you love gothic art work or you know horror movie artwork things like that like I said definitely check out her shop she is super talented you guys will love her and also like I found this video of this tutorial itself to be a really great opportunity to try out a Velveteen of mine I've had bought the REA Velveteen from Lime Crime a while back and I have been actually worn it yet it's super super gorgeous color but I don't know I just haven't worn it yet and I figure for this look it would be absolutely perfect so yeah and what I got going to explain the inspiration behind the look I took the inspiration for the tears of the eyes around cuz you know it's got little black tears around its eyes and then of course the polka dot pattern are the little tights that it's wearing and yeah that's pretty much it for me I just kind of went all out but anyway I have done enough talking for this intro so if you like to see how to get this very very pink look just keep on watching so I've already applied my foundation and white eyeshadow primer and next I'm going to move on to applying a really light pink blush and the one I'll be using today is one of my Tarte blushes and this is the shade flush the first I said I'm going to apply I'm going to be going into my line crime dee Antoinette palette and I'm going to be applying the shade Royal Flush all over my eyelid next I'm going to be going into wet and wilds high-flying colors palette and I'm going to be using the really light pink shade in the palette to blend out royal flush and then I'm going to be going in with the darker pink shade in the palette and I'm just going to apply it to the outer corner of my eyelid next I'm going to apply a thin line of a black liquid eyeliner on my top lash line next I'm going to take my liquid eyeliner pen and just draw a pretty dramatic inner corner wing now I want to carve out my crease with a black eyeshadow so I'm going to be going in with sugar pills bulletproof and just to slightly blend out the edges of the black I'm going to be going back in with that pale pink shade from the wet and wild palette and just to add some extra dimension to the ice I'm going to be going back in with that dark pink shape in the wet and wild palette and applying it just to this part of the eye right here now if you notice on the keychain it had some black kind of a teardrop design going around its eyes so I'm going to be doing the same kind of pattern on the bottom lashline now when you're drawing the black tears you don't have to do in any specific pattern or shape you know you can just draw the black tears however you want to and while I'm still using my black gel liner I'm going to go ahead and just apply my eyebrows and the eyebrows are going to do for this look I'm just going to do three little dots and they're gonna be going from biggest to smallest now I'm going to work on my inner corner highlight at my waterline and for my inner corner highlight as per usual I'm just gonna use my white Inglot gel liner and for my waterline I'm gonna use my white OCC pencil and I'm just gonna play a quick coat of mascara now for my lips I'm actually gonna be doing something a bit more complicated from what I normally do I'm gonna be doing a polka dot design inspired by the little I think it's the tights that the keychain is wearing has little polka dots on it so what I plan on doing is I'm gonna have the whole lip outlined in black I'm gonna fill it in with a really light pastel pinky purple shade and then I'm gonna do some black polka dots now just to make it easy for me what I'm first gonna do is I'm going to do the black outline with a black eye shadow first in a really thin paddle brush just so I can get the basic shape down before I actually go in with the liner and yeah let me just zoom you in here on my lips that way you can see what I'm doing a little bit better that should be good so like I said I'm going to take the thin paddle brush and a little bit of the black eyeshadow and I'm just gonna outline the lip shape that I want now that I'm finished outlining the lips of the black eyeshadow and I'm pretty happy with the shape that I got so I'm going to be filling in the inside of the lip shape with a Lime Crime Velveteen this is in the shade rate the funny thing is I haven't actually warned this velvetine yet this is my very first time wearing it it's actually very very pretty but oh I can only imagine how many comments I'm gonna be getting on how yellow my teeth are because you know I'm only wearing white foundation and pestle up stick he knows anything I can do about it but whatever but anyway continuing on I'm going to be going back over the black outline of my lips with my pen liner just to really make it stand out and look more graphic I guess now for the polkadot design I'm actually gonna be going in with my black liquid eyeliner and you just want to try to make them all as uniform as possible and you can honestly make the dots however big or small that you want to and that is the finished look alright guys that is it for the makeup tutorial that is inspired by the keychain that Phoebe sent me I really hope you all liked this video and like I said guys please make sure to check out her online website and check out her art prints I mean I personally as an artist you know I know what it's like when it comes to selling my art and how difficult it can be so please do support a very very lovely artist and dear friend of mine now mind you she didn't ask me to do a shout out for her in this video I think that she sent me in the past I just felt like making a video dedicated to her specifically and yeah that's about it for me guys I really do think y'all for joining me today watching my video and until next time stay spooky and I will see you guys later bye you

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