[Part 2 ]How to make your own bitcoin litecoin dogecoin mining pool stratum server

hi again guys welcome to a part two of a three part series on how to build your own Bitcoin mining pool again we're using a coin called gun coin as a demonstration but this example will work for any script or sha-256 based cryptocurrency I just need to modify a few things and its really really self-explanatory so for the second part of the video we're going to be building our stratums server which will allow multiple miners to connect to work on solving a block and it will distribute the payouts appropriately based on their contribution rates so the first part you need to do is download the litecoin script the Strada mining and the stratum all from github the links are in the video description and you just need to clone them and I'll write that all down in the video description the next thing you need to do is is update them I'm not going to do the update on this video because it takes quite a while with my very slow internet and but once that's updated again everything will be in the video description on how to do that we need to install the litecoin script which is basically the function that the the coin uses and then we need to configure our configuration file correctly so I've already installed everything and updated it so I'm gonna go straight ahead to to configuring and installing and configuring so let's let's do that now so you can see I've got the the litecoins group the stratum and the stratum mining so let's navigate over to strata mining let's go to externals and then let's go to like Queen scripts now we're going to install the the like Queen script function so we do a sudo python setup pi install you know and now we installed the script function to our computer so let's go back and back into strata mining back to externals let's try them let's do a sudo python setup duck pie okay now we have everything installed ready ready for our stratum server to be configured so the way we do that is we again we go back and start mining and now what we need to do is actually let's go back so let's do let's do a copy of the configuration file that comes bundled with the stratum Mining server and we're going to activate it essentially and the way we activate it is we do a CP stratum mining slash comp slash config underscore sample up high and we want to copy that to an activated file which is called config dot pi now we want to open that configuration file navigate back to it and this is a stratum Mining configuration all right now it's really self-explanatory to setup the first thing we need to do is tell it what the address of our wallet is and this will allow it to save any coins that it finds now remember we save that address and that's over here so I'm going to copy that across now the coin demon trusted host leave that is localhost the trusted port is whatever we put is our RP seaport in our gun coin comm file which remember was 10 4 5 6 and the trusted user is whatever we put is at our PC user which we had as gun coin server and our trusted password was whatever we had as a PC password and we had that as gun coins server 1 2 3 now Andy's changed the coin demon algo which is so you can see that this this server supports all these different functions but we know that our coin is a script coin so we need to go script leave that as no that's just for transaction words and now if you're going to have multiple services running on the same machine you need to change this otherwise you'll get confused of which ones which just put it tat and gun coin that's it keep going down down down down and down and leave all this the same oh this is the now this this is the worker port this is what port anyone connecting from over the internet well we'll have to put in there CG my configuration so for now let's just leave it as 3 3 3 3 and you notice that most pools leave this normal leave this the same just put anything random in here keep going down ok now I need to configure our SQL database now we haven't actually made our database yet but we're going to make that in the next video so I'm gonna call the database just gun coin now the user is the root user and the password is whatever you put when you installed MySQL and I put password leave the port number the same leave all this the same change the pool target to one that just means it's going to start with a difficulty of one it'll work its way up eventually leave everything else the same and that's it so press control X yes enter and you're done we now have a successfully configured stratum mining server so we can't do anything with the server as yet because we haven't configured the the database appropriately but we'll do that in the next video and then we'll come back and we'll start the stratum mining server and we'll get everything tested and running okay so that's that's it for part 2 thanks for watching and please stay tuned for part three where we're going to build the front end get the stratum running and test everything thanks for watching

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