[Part 2/2] TRON: The Next Day (2011) | Blu-Ray Short Film [1080p]

I'm still trying to see what part they
might have in this, but I can't really… I don't know anything about the conspiracy
theories or that sort of thing … Okay, well that's the way I want to say it, though.
I mean, I want to say… Flynn possessed an undying commitment
to his family and his friends. No. Flynn… …possessed… [clears throat] Uh, I need to start again… Years passed, and the voices asking
what really happened gradually fell silent. Flynn was gone.
Not dead, but gone. We needed to find a new way to reach people. We need to think like Kevin. Evolution is the greatest force
in the material world. Evolution will provide us
the next step of intelligent life. But it will come from somewhere unexpected. And then, something wonderful happened. Flynn came back. Just a little bit younger.

Sam Flynn inspired us. Every year he'd find a new way to
infuriate ENCOM's board with his pranks. He started doing the work that
we had almost given up 10 years ago. We began the search again. [Crowd cheering] This time, millions of you joined us. Flynn lives! Flynn lives! Flynn lives! Flynn lives! Today, Sam Flynn has brought us
a little closer to his father… …by reclaiming ENCOM. But these are confusing times. We may have not found Kevin Flynn, but Flynn lives in all of us
who want to believe in him. This will be my last transmission. Greetings, program. What are you doing? Wiping the hard drive,
what does it look like I'm doing. Looks like you are destroying
ENCOM corporate property, that's what it looks like you're doing. After the news,
I didn't know who to trust. Oh, relax. There's no need to panic. That's easy for you to say. Your house isn't filled with
20 years of corporate espionage. Oh? And I'm the one that's still
employed by ENCOM. If my board finds out that I've been
funding your little operation– Our little operation, Isolated Thinker.

Yeah. So what do we do now? Well, I think it's time that we, um… we put "Flynn Lives" behind us. What about the page at the arcade?
I'm not giving up now. Flynn may not be back, but I am.
Sam's made me chairman. Oh yeah, I saw that on the news.
Congratulations. And I want you to join me. Think of yourself as ENCOM's moral compass. – What about Mackey?
– He's out. They're all out. We have our company back. And that Dillinger kid? Eh, well, Junior earned his place. He stays. What about you? Sign me up, TRON. Good to have you back, RAM. One thing. Why do you think
Flynn gave you the cool nickname? We are reporting live from ENCOM offices, where sources indicate that
Sam Flynn is on his way here to address the board. This will be Sam's first public
appearance since- Just a moment, Scott. Over here, Sam, one second, over here. Hey, step aside. Step aside. How's it going fellas? Have a good day.

What do you think your father would
have said about your actions today? Sam, do you have any statements
for the press today?.

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