Part 1 of 2: Jeremy Dearringer, Co-Founder of Relevance – Verge Fireside Chat

I grew up I was raised as an entrepreneur though so that's where sometimes I can't relate to somebody because I want to go work for myself I was raised as offered her because my father's than an entrepreneur forever and I think he's kind of like me no one else but employers for more than three months would be fired pretty quick we're all over the place which stuff were very a DD I would say that my father succeeded and failed so many times I mean I remember times where we were eating fried bologna and he and my father would make it fun like this is dinner tonight and as a kid so I watched him succeed and fail so many times that I wasn't afraid of failure anymore and I think that was a big thing because it's just like hey dogs into something new spend your last you know a few thousand dollars you have in savings account trying to make something work because if you can't figure it out you're going to have another opportunity kind of come come about I needed so many because he's got a couple stable businesses now a distribution business and and some corporate real estate that he's pretty successful with nothing huge kind of lifestyle of businesses i would say but the successes in the failures he went all the way from being so wealthy that my mother could quit work to telling my mom she had to go back to work because he was broke so those things kept happening ever since i could recognize them happening i would say somewhere around maybe fifth grade or something and that just kind of war on meter to kind of know that I can handle it I'll get out there and try and maybe I'll fail but just try again so so it's one thing to like not be scared right and I feel like you and I kind of have similar backgrounds in the sense that like you know my dad kind of succeeded and failed and overall you know net positive and I learned a ton just from observing that but there's a big difference between taking action and doing something and just not being scared right so how did you take action like what do you think triggered you taking action on your ambition I would I've started other like little small businesses I wouldn't say that they're incredibly serious but the hobby businesses that I run now we're out of just excitement and passion something I run a veal motorcycle community with over 13,000 members and I had a veal motorcycle for a while until my wife determined that it wasn't safe for me to participate in that anymore I still manage the community and it was something I was so excited about but I built the veal motorcycle community out of just a passion for something because it was two years of constant effort from 10pm til two a.m.

Before I made the first dollar off of even ad revenue from that business so it had to be fun way to say that one more time okay how long till you took here your first dollar up two years and there's no way that even when I'm making off of it now I make between on good months I'll make six thousand dollars a month on a bad month I'll make 1,500 a month that's a lot of money now but if you look at the amount of hours and time that I'm vested in it I might not even say today that it was worth that time unless I enjoyed what I was doing I had that I had to have had to have fun with it yeah absolutely i feel like that was one of the things i was really fun about working at slingshot was the passion and not just you as a co-founder but the other two co-founders so obviously you started few on your own slingshot was with two other co-founders you know three founder team what made you decide to go into business with other people instead of continuing to kind of do these other things on here you know these other things on your own yeah so what kind of like transition I guess from the previous question what really got slingshot started was I was being successful a search engine optimization with my father's distribution business so when I graduated from from college I couldn't find a job anywhere else I mean no one would hire me so I had to go work for the father which was something I didn't quite want to do but it was my only option I went to work for my father ended up having a lot of success with SEO the point where his contacts couldn't deny it I mean it was just obvious that his business was growing and he kept showing off what we were doing so one finally one person came up to me and said Jeremy I'm telling you if you can do this for my business you have the job and you haven't told me how much it's going to cost do you know what that means and I was kind of like I had to think about it for a couple days but I kind of came back and said okay let's just see what this is all about so I wrote a one-page word document proposal for what I thought was a whole bunch of money at the time sixty four hundred dollars and I handed it over to this guy and said hey I'll do this for you for 6400 ollar which was crazy but I said I'll be this 44 6400 ollar she had a big cheesy grin on his face things like you got the job so I gotta told my father aight i'm gonna go do this now if that's okay and he was excited you know because we argued all the time anyways I was like yeah you're good so but what I realized almost immediately was I had a serious budget and other people helping me at my father's business I don't have all the skills that's necessary to completely do this by myself so I need some help so the first thing i tried to do is one of my partner's air and i paid in twenty dollars an hour to come help me out and twenty dollars an hour doesn't seem like a lot one hour at a time but after a while you're like gosh this gets expensive than I don't know if I can handle this so I knew that I didn't have a lot of money at ten thousand dollars and that was going to go quick that I had saved up and working for a few years and I needed a partner I needed partners to help me do what I needed to do it's kind of like the last guy that was up you're talking about leap you know he's got a guy that's doing development it's hungry and since i'm going to make development work so i needed somebody with the other skill sets that I was lacking in because I couldn't hire those people and instead of kind of from a sense of arrogance saying hey I'm gonna give you ten percent of my company give you ten percent of my company I wanted us all to be equally motivated so we was freed formed the business as an equal three-way partnership so that we were all equally motivated do it and I felt like that was completely necessary I would not be I probably do back working for my father today if I didn't have those partners I'm confident about and so you self-funded it or how do you get that business going went with you know three full-time people on it I mean so that the answer is kind of the same so I had that first sixty four hundred dollar job and I had ten thousand dollars in cash and then I had partner so I didn't have to pay employees to do it we all ate beans for a while I mean I think it was eight months into working together that we first started taking ten dollar in our paychecks on a regular basis so there was a lot of work and in Kevin I remember he lived he moved back in with his parents after having a six-figure job to start this company with me and it was kind of funny because he just never wanted to leave the parents house is like a rip free whatever you know I'm good here so even when we started to succeed and he wanted to kind of realize some success he bought a used infiniti g35 was like a 2005 nice looking car he pulls that into his parents dry but when he comes home one day and they're like no you're not going to drive an infiniti parking in my driveway and still a little beer time to get the hell out so yeah just a lot of eating beans and that's not like that so we just had to cash flow from day one and Kevin my partner that was one things he was he graduated finance and accounting so he knew you know how we had to conserve our cash and how we had to be able to to run off of that so we're almost like building up the suspense here right because right now in the conversation you guys are you eating beans and we all know that your name 500 company now making millions of dollars close that gap for us how did you get to that that first level of success what was that like pivotal moments

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