[Part 1/2] TRON: The Next Day (2011) | Blu-Ray Short Film [1080p]

Software giant ENCOM International has
reinstated Alan Bradley as chairman. The justice department announced today
that it'll begin a full-on investigation into the underground movement
known as "Flynn Lives". Lead by a mysterious online figure
known as ZackAttack… this renegade group has been held responsible
for acts of subversion against ENCOM. Flynn lives! Flynn lives! Greetings. My name is ZackAttack. For years I have been communicating
to you through message in code. But as of this morning, the landscape has become
too difficult and dangerous to operate in. I want to thank the millions of you who have
helped to keep Kevin Flynn's spirit alive… …and especially those of you who've
been with us from the beginning. The "Flynn Lives" movement was born out of loss. But Kevin's genius inspired us all.

He saw worlds beyond what
we believed to be possible. When he disappeared,
that future was taken from all of us. Alan Bradley tried to continue Flynn's legacy. But when ENCOM started losing the
software game to Dillinger Systems… …the shareholders demanded a change. ENCOM was founded
around a chess game. Your plan represents
everything Flynn was against. That spirit totally got away from the top brass. So we're all writing Flynn off. You'll have my resignation
by the end of the day. How many employees are you letting go? With Flynn gone we're no longer
in the video game business. It was all corporate. I knew it was over when they
brought the cubicles back. I guess getting fired is the best
thing that ever happened to me. But you were one of the first
of ENCOM's employees … Sure. I have this nickname. What do you want to start from?
Just that? That question? Anyway, we were talking about what?
Oh, my TRON nickname.

Right. I created a self monitoring computer
security system back in '82. I called it TRON. Well the weird thing is, um… Flynn took to calling me TRON. All the programmers ran with it and
the nickname stayed with me for years. Speaking of which, it's been 7 years since
we've last seen Kevin Flynn. Do you think there's anyone out there
who still thinks he's alive? Mom, it's doing it again. You created the "Flynn Lives" virus
that attacked 40 million PCs last year. I like to think of it as more of an
easter egg than a virus. – Was the group "Flynn Lives" involved?
– No. I acted alone. It was so cool. Are you ZackAttack? No. And if I was there's no way
you would have ever found me. "Isolated Thinker"? Well, "Isolated Thinker" helped me
pay my legal fees and kept me out of jail. But you did hack into the ENCOM mainframe
on behalf of the group, correct? [Whispers] You can't talk about that. How do you feel about the
"Flynn Lives" movement now, today? What movement? It's totally dead.

Publicly, ENCOM and I have acknowledged
the fact that he is gone. His disappearance was a massive blow,
personally and professionally. This was a man with an entire world waiting
to see what he was going to do next. So, yeah, I think something's a little weird
that he just totally vanishes. Well, I don't think he's dead. Is there anyone inside the movement
who's seen Kevin Flynn alive and well? – Where do you think he is?
– I don't know. They know!.

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