Paribu Mobil Kullanım Rehberi , Bitcoin Sıfırdan Eğitim .

Hello friends, all of you. Today you can withdraw binance from the paribu mobile app, money, mobile usage, paribu, Withdrawal, deposit, money, this trade and cryptocurrency transfers from paribu binance how to transfer crypto money anyhow? First of all, you can download the money app from appstore or playstore by typing this money. watch, we can register. At the same time, we need binance application global stock market by writing binance. This binance is the world's most used sub-cryptocurrency exchange with discounted commission. friends in the link statement to register the discount. You can register below from the description section. We need to download it. How to deposit and make direct binance funds now? I'm talking about how you use it.

Quickly here at my homepage section a few about alarms, assets, money this guide you see things and you see cryptocurrencies. The most traded markets are available below. There are many cryptocurrencies in the markets. As you can see, these cryptocurrencies are ontology in trabzon, bitcoin, jun cosmos, balkan dat. There are many cryptocurrencies such as cookie and flash floods here, but Other than these, we buy the same crypto coins that are not available. Easy purchase here too. We will do it by selling, for example ripple, by transferring the web aires exchange. If you deposit money here in your wallet part, the wallet part is primarily Turkish Lira. we have to do it. To deposit money here. We have to choose a bank is to throw. With some comfortable foundation papara papara, you can deposit it quickly. The transaction fee is one percent VAT amount of the amount you deposit, in others there is no transaction fee. Fibabanka from here. For example, I have a ziraat bank, but there is no money in the ziraat bank.

Right now, I will make guarantees, even efe. So I get a copy of the address here, quickly after I copy this address, it is guaranteed. I have to go to the bank. Now guys here. This address has been copied so that you can send me your address from the Send money from your bank. or we stick it here by money order. We must write the recipient name and surname that we will send to the ban section.

I quickly get a copy of the money technology. I'm writing here. In the amount part, I have to write a statement amounting to 150 Turkish Liras. you are not. Do not write anyway, this money will be automatically reflected in your account after it has passed. I say send now, I'm sending. There is usually no fee in the transfer. Eft took the fee from me, now it will switch to this card, friends and your wallet. Unable to use part. He will use it as Turkish Lira. Later, we will start to buy cryptocurrencies with this and transfer to global exchanges. we will. Yes, guys, 150 Turkish Lira was loaded with paint. Now here I drink the coin I want to buy from the markets section. I will choose s plus for crypto money transfer. Clicking the market here, clicking the market here, clicking the plus button 150 Turkish Liras on the bottom part. Typing by clicking on the plus right here. I'm clicking ala or straight from here the easiest way. Choosing Apple. From here I click on 150 authors and.

Look I got it right away, I got dipole as you can see. Now I'm going to send this structured I will send it on the barnes exchange immediately, I'm going to the app. We briefly talked about the binance application. Here I click on the wallet to deposit in the bottom right corner. I find xrp after I select encrypted. Don't change my xrp address here guys right now this get a reply because other networks are different transfers somewhere, the top party will be happy, x rap will be. After entering with a copy of the address and money and saying the check in the pit bull, here the buyer I write this in the address part. I glue it. Even here, there is only one, one-copy comment, I am writing here and the amount to be withdrawn by typing the whole amount 32 in the section. I don't shoot, it says the cost of close-up is 0. Currently there is no fee. He approves my phone when I say check. You have to confirm the email. Yes, my filming request will be completed in 05:10 minutes, while it is currently on hold.

Wines exchange will come repurchase. Now I just sent money from the cargo here. As you can see the flu, this letter x came. You can get it by credit card from here, but we sent it here from btcturk because We bought it with the Turkish Lira bank method. Now I click on buy and sell after I post it here. After clicking trade, the markets here come out friends or directly from the markets I click xd. I'm writing xrp btc and I'll convert it to bitcoin. Look here how much I have in total directly from the market order. I click quantity, I have 100 percent 100 percent, clicking 100 percent I have 32 pieces there was. See when I clicked 32 units I know it is translating bitcoin. Look, I've turned it over now. As you can see, my first sarpi has turned to bitcoin. Yes, see below, I have 1 bitcoin for $ 19, which is about 150 lira. Now this bitcoin is here, I can now make transactions. I am entering the spotlight to trade on the bitcoin board.

Here, too, friends with altcoins priced in USDT, buy and sell in Turkish Lira. you will. Here we prefer with bitcoin. For example, with bitcoin, what will I buy here now, wax good for friends, for example chz penalty by finding the bitcoin batch from here, just now again in the journal seriously. fallen. Let's quickly evaluate here, whether in the market or as a limit order, 64 You know from satoshi, satoshi means one in a million, that is, one in 100 million of 1 bitcoin. It's called satoshi. By saying the price from the market or here.

I can buy it by clicking 100 percent. I said Machınes get punished. I quickly bought raw coins. Or we can buy it in other cryptocurrencies. When CDs gain value, it gains 10 percent. For example, he won 2 3 $ here. Of course, these crypto currencies, which have gained quite in value, are losing money from here. It's pretty simple again. The same logic will play a role here. We will send it back to the stock exchange. We will write our new address by clicking on the part of this or lying down, or we will say direct pull friends here and there. See war tl tr btc. After converting bitcoin to Turkish lira, he sold it here for 179000 lira.

From here on, we say withdraw the money. If you have money. You can shoot with papara, but I usually do not. I am using see en. There are videos about them. We are faced with en currently mobile application, I cannot shoot it here. If you watch the video tutorials on the playback system in our burn area, here's We explain very well how he uses it. Find out here. So there are many functions here. Here. Sting revenues include borrowing, lending, leveraged transactions, futures, i.e. income methods. somehow they rust. You can improve with this place. I wish you all a good day, friends, and see you..

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