Parastate Bringing Interoperability to Ethereum and Polkadot (HUGE Potential)

hey what's up everyone i'm jack and welcome back 
to the iso investor today i want to introduce   you to paris state today's video is going to be 
relatively short as there's not too much to say   about ohio state however i really think this 
project should be on your radar i can imagine   that their ideo or whatever launch they decide 
to take will happen sometime in august so make   sure you follow them on twitter and join their 
telegram so you can stay updated on the project   i also want to apologize for the lack of 
videos that has been recently this is because   i only want to produce videos for projects 
that i think are worth making videos about   as the market picks up hopefully we'll 
start to see more projects looking to   launch which means more opportunities and more 
chances to get into these projects early on   so before we get started make sure you like this 
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on you won't miss out on a single video   power state is a multi-chain smart contract 
platform and it's looking to extend ethereum   using the substrate framework as of recently 
substrate-based blockchains are becoming popular   because of the framework it provides including 
its scalability and interoperability which would   be required for web 3 platform deployments the 
idea behind parastate is that it will allow any   blockchain to become ethereum compatible whilst 
taking full advantage of the better performing   ecosystem which is optimized for web3 this 
means instead of trying to reinvent projects   that are already building blockchains and 
decentralized applications on substrate   for polka dot and other interoperable ecosystems 
using parastate and its friendly development   environment eventually parasite will be able to 
create bridges between other blockchains that are   not just substrate polkadot and ethereum and as of 
now parastate have officially launched its public   test net known as plato which is currently running 
a standalone substrate blockchain the testnet is   both ready for evm and ew asm and ew asm is 
a new term which is for ethereum webassembly   there's already existing web assembly on polkadot 
and substrate however this is a new technology for   ethereum so not only are they opening the platform 
up to multiple blockchains this will also allow   multiple programming languages to be used in 
one place as varying blockchains use different   programming languages and eventually this 
interoperability between ethereum and polkadot   will allow for ethereum-based projects to make use 
of cheap transactions and high transaction speeds   i've previously compared this project to moombim 
which i'm also quite bullish about and once again   they'll be launching sometime in august maybe 
later in quarter 3 of 2021 as this is still not   decided the team itself is currently anonymous i 
don't know there will be plans for them to come   forward and reveal their true identity however for 
interoperable bridge i don't see any requirement   for the team to necessarily be doxxed but what 
does make me very bullish is the current raising   that they have completed for power state they 
close a five million dollar strategic round where   they have received investment from hyperchain 
capital genesis block ventures gate io labs   pokestarter dow maker duck dow moon whale 
ventures master ventures lotus capital germ   block capital block sync ventures and many many 
many more the list goes on and on so it's quite   obvious there are a lot of other vc investors 
out there who are very interested in this project and as i mentioned at the start of the video 
there's not a whole lot of information out   there at the moment however the testnet is 
available if you want to go and try that out   they also have all their github code 
which is also completely readable   this is definitely a project i recommend 
that you do your own research on   however if they're able to deliver on what 
they promise i think this will be huge   for the interoperability between polka dot and 
ethereum i hope you enjoyed this quick video make   sure you drop a like and consider subscribing 
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