what do you see in in the next uh two three four 
months that we're not uh we're not anticipating   for crypto i mean it could be china it could be 
more companies adopting it more fintech moves what   what do you think is going to going to happen 
that it's gonna dictate the movement where you   think we'll be in three six months not to sound 
like the the ever bullish guy that i sometimes   i'm accused of being uh but i literally see a 
scenario where we take out the highs in bitcoin   and we have one of these parabolic moves in 
all the crypto going into the fourth quarter   a little bit it's like when you go to the kentucky 
derby the horse that turns the corner at the end   always runs the fastest uh in investing in hedge 
fund investing and remember you know my 12 years   of running the macro fund uh the assets that are 
ahead in the fourth quarter usually have great   finishes because everyone piles on and pushes the 
valuations higher and i see that happening right   now i see this confluence event where the surprise 
will be oh my goodness how do we get to 80   000 how do we get to a hundred thousand how do we 
get to you know 5 000 in ethereum um that will be   the surprise we've pushed a lot to the downside 
we've thrown china we've thrown regulation   and the market continues to hold and it's 
holding because just new money coming in   there was 17 billion dollars of new venture 
capital that went in the first half of the year   uh it's just a tremendous inflow of both talent 
and money welcome back everybody to altcoin daily   my name is aaron we have so much to talk about 
in today's video there are so many big things   happening in america and around the world that 
signal that bitcoin and crypto are here to stay   and this is just the beginning of course who we 
just listened to was the great mike novogratz   on cnbc with joe kernan talking about how he 
feels based on everything he researches and he   researches a lot and he's a macro expert you know 
renowned successful investor parabolic moves in   bitcoin and crypto are very possible this year 
i agree with that i liked what he had to say   make sure that you stay tuned for this second 
clip i'm going to play you mike novogratz gets   even deeper on the fact that bitcoin is displacing 
gold it's cool to see joe kernan you know kind of   pair it back the talking points about why bitcoin 
is displacing gold and how we're early in on that   and also he finishes by talking about how 
cryptocurrency is the world's first global asset   class global industry in just how early we are on 
that i like this stay tuned for this anyways let's   get started with the google news the mcdonald's 
news if you're new to the channel subscribe to the   channel like the video if you appreciate the daily 
content if you appreciate us bringing you the real   content make sure you check out our gene simmons 
interview rock god kiss legend gene simmons   owns 14 different cryptocurrency assets and 
in this interview he gets real with us anyways   let's get to it google the headline is this backed 
partners with google to introduce digital assets   to millions of consumers they don't want me 
telling you this stuff you hear that they're   coming for me anyways google will be introducing 
cryptocurrency to its millions of consumers backed   partners with google on two things on payments 
and cloud services cryptocurrency investors   will gain access to their funds across both 
services let me give you the details crypto   trading platform backed announces a partnership 
with google today that will integrate payment   services across platforms and make use of cloud 
solutions to build new technologies so the   partnership is mainly focused on payments making 
crypto payments easy to do under the partnership   backed will be able to add their virtual visa 
debit card to google pay which will allow the   purchase of goods and services wherever google 
pay is accepted which is a lot of places crypto   assets will be converted to fiat currency at point 
of sale this makes it easy for the businesses bact   also announced that it has selected google cloud 
as its preferred cloud provider and says that it   will build and market business solutions powered 
by their service according to the google cloud   president google cloud has been at the forefront 
powering many retailers and merchants and we're   proud to help backed accelerate and scale the 
availability of their innovative solutions powered   by google technologies so again the key takeaways 
are this crypto trading platform backed has   announced a partnership with google pay that will 
integrate each platform's payment services backed   will also use google cloud as its preferred cloud 
provider the two companies will additionally work   to build new ai and geolocation tools for business 
insights you can say this is a small thing you   can say this is a huge thing as far as acceptance 
and adoption and awareness goes this is the first   step out of a series of steps that i think we'll 
see many companies make where eventually google   ads bitcoin to their balance sheet or google 
starts working directly with cardano or ethereum   small step yet a big step in other news mcdonald's 
getting into the cryptocurrency nft game in a big   way in fact surprisingly this is mcdonald's china 
to give away 188 nfts on their 31st anniversary   let's find out some details fast food giant 
mcdonald's china releases a set of 188   non-fungible tokens on october 8th to celebrate 
its 31st anniversary in the chinese markets   branded as big mac rubik's cube the nfts will be 
distributed among employees and consumers as part   of the giveaway the nfts are built on the conflux 
public blockchain are now created in partnership   with co-cafe a digital asset creation agency 
ensuring that each work is unique and divisible   and cannot be tampered with it is important to 
note that a majority stake of mcdonald's china   is owned by siddiq group a state-owned investment 
company of the people's republic of china so it's   interesting that china is allowing this mcdonald's 
china's move to introduce nfts in the market   seemingly goes against the authority's intent to 
ban all cryptocurrency operations completely we   saw them kick out miners we've seen exchanges 
hiwobi a cryptocurrency exchange from china   they can't onboard new users despite all this 
keep in mind bitcoin mining difficulty has fully   recovered ever since all that china stuff kicking 
out the miners so bitcoin's doing just fine but   it's interesting that china's okay with these 
nfts i think china is probably not telling us   something big involving cryptocurrency but i 
think the even bigger story is that mcdonald's   you know probably the most famous company in the 
world you know what's next nfts as happy meals   i could see it i could see it anyways let's get 
to some other news like always guys make sure you   tell me what you think in the comments below let's 
talk about xrp let's talk about bitcoin ethereum   then i'll play you that other clip ripple looks 
bound for profit taking before higher highs xrp   appears to be catching up with the rest of the 
market after rebounding from a critical demand   zone so this is what you need to know ripple's xrp 
token has bounced off of a crucial support level   posting 16 gains now it's reached a critical 
resistance barrier that may lead to a rejection   a spike in profit taking could push the asset to 
117 before the uptrend resumes so this is what   we're looking at with xrp one trader's analysis 
keeping it on my radar keeping it on my radar   in other news and this is a big deal crypto miners 
are stockpiling bitcoin and ethereum coins so   it doesn't have to be both of them but in this 
case we're seeing miners keeping as much bitcoin   and as much ethereum as they can miners are 
hoarding billions of dollars worth of crypto   this is what you need to know crypto miners 
are not selling their bitcoin and ethereum the   value of crypto assets held by miners has reached 
all-time highs wow they've never held more that's   how bullish they are the data suggests that miners 
see potential in bitcoin and ethereum's future   growth ain't that the truth because they see as 
you know the clip we played you in the beginning   parabolic moves up trends in crypto more times 
than not usually happen at the end of the year   and with that being said let's get to 
this i mean i do want to talk about stacks   i do want to talk about avalanche but i really 
like how mike novogratz finished it about how   cryptocurrency is global this is the world's first 
global asset class and bitcoin will continue to   eat gold's lunch which if it takes the market 
cap of gold would put bitcoin at 500 000 per coin   watch this clip and then we'll finish up with 
two news stories does gold go to does gold go   along for the ride or is it displaced by this 
i think gold is getting displaced quietly um   you know gold was 1750 when bitcoin got launched 
in 1750 today and and so early in the year i had a   decent portion of my pa in gold and i finally 
just kind of gave up on it uh i think people   that were buying gold are buying bitcoin and 
you know we're still only 12 percent of gold   maybe my mass off by percent or two um 
and so i think there's a long way in this   replacement trade it's just interesting if you 
if you view it differently and i think you could   read a thousand pages on what money is but you do 
get to the notion that it's it's a ledger and what   you really need is something that that represents 
that ledger and gold represented it well because   it was immutable and scarce and pretty and jewelry 
represented for a long time but you get a lot of   the same attributes uh with bitcoin and some of 
them even better because you can't obviously send   gold across borders uh you know through a you know 
through space so it is you know the last thing is   what people forget in the u.s right people watch 
your show in the us and it's mostly u.s stocks   crypto is global it's the first 
global asset class we've really had   where it's more important to people in nigeria 
than it is to people in the united states   but it's it's almost all over the world 
people are having these conversations and i   was remembered that this morning when i logged 
into 4 000 people in london and finally let's   talk about defy and nfts on bitcoin probably 
heard about stacks well stacks is blowing up 57   after bitcoin nfts on stacks take off so this 
is happening we will keep you informed on how   the bitcoin nft and d5 space develops like we're 
seeing right here and then finally guys talking   about ethereum and ethereum interoperators and 
competitors actually talking right here about   avalanche 335 projects in 12 months rapidly 
growing avalanche ecosystem you can see it   right here so avalanche is definitely 
part of the conversation let me know   what you think about everything we talked 
about in today's video talked about a lot if   you appreciate us coming at you on the weekend 
give the video a like subscribe to the channel   watch the gene simmons interview that being said 
see you tomorrow it's going to be a great q4

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