The video you’re about to watch will blow 
your mind! Papa has unveiled the plan   for getting to a circulating supply of 100 
million SafeMoon, in just two short years.   And in this video, I’m going to be 
explaining that plan to you step by step.   So, make sure you don’t change the channel!
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to hit 100 million SafeMoon supply!  If you’re new to the channel, you probably 
don’t know this but there is a plan to   stop the SafeMoon burn at some point. The 
burn is not going to go on indefinitely.  The reason this is important is because, 
right now, the burn wallet is also,   indirectly, a SafeMoon holder and this 
means that it also receives reflections.   However, as I said, the team plans to stop 
the burn when the circulating supply gets to   100 million SafeMoon, which will send 
reflections skyrocketing like crazy.  Now, in a past video, I showed you how to 
calculate how much you will earn in reflections   by the time the burn is stopped. So, in today’s 
video, I will not be going over that again.   If you missed that video, please, make sure to 
check it out on the channel.

It’s actually crazy.  Plus, I also showed you why price has nothing to 
do with how much you can earn from reflections.   The two big factors are trade volume and 
circulating supply. If we can hit a super low   circulating supply and reach super high trading 
volumes in billions or even trillions of dollars,   you might probably need a Mack truck to carry 
all the earnings you’d make from your holdings.   Even if you only hold 1 million SafeMoon.
Also, remember that Papa said that whenever   burn stops, your reflections will grow by the same 
percentage of SafeMoon held in the burn wallet.   So, since the total supply for SafeMoon is 
1 quadrillion, if we stop the burn at 100   million tokens, we are looking at an increase 
in reflections by over 99.99%! That’s huge!  So, what’s the plan to get 
this huge amount of burn?  Well, someone, simply known as Hurricane, 
asked in the official SafeMoon Discord.  Hurricane: I have one more question.   A lot of people on Twitter are excited about when 
you came out a few months ago and said “look over   the next two years.” And the “100 million” 
question has been brought up multiple times.  Now, my thought is, and I could be completely 
wrong on this, is the reason why the 100 million   mark was even mentioned because once 
the blockchain in the ecosystem is up,   we will be using the SafeMoon token as a pair 
to buy other tokens like Baby Doge or whatever?   Will that implement the burn even 
more by using our token as a pair?  And then Papa answered: Yeah, I think so.

million. I probably should have never thrown   that number out there. It’s a fairly low number 
but mathematically, it’s possible and that’s   what I was trying to point out.
Because over the next two years,   it made sense that we were going to 
hit that contract threshold where   the burn and the Swap and Liquify would stop.
When I mentioned that I had the consolidation   in mind because I already knew that we were 
going to drop the supply at some point.   Back then I wasn’t sure when we were going to 
do that, just sometime within those two years.  Hitting 100 million is still possible 
but it’s not a realistic benchmark.  Now, before you get all worried and perplexed, 
remember that Papa did not say that hitting 100   million was impossible.

It just might take a 
little longer than the two years. I personally   believe, though, that it wouldn’t take much 
longer than that because of consolidation and   all the other plans currently in the works, 
which will contribute massively to burn.  Like I told you in my video yesterday, leaked 
updates suggest that SafeMoon might have something   to do with the smart, sustainable city currently 
being built in the Gambia. According to the plan,   this project ought to be completed this year and 
if SafeMoon has something to do with this project,   then the burn is going to be super crazy.
From what the Gambian government revealed, this is   a national development plan that started in 2018 
and is supposed to take three years up until 2021.   And a photo shared in May by CEO Karony, himself, 
shows him in talks with the Gambian government,   which further suggests that Karony might have 
been a part of the plan from the beginning.  Remember, that the turbines bought by the 
SafeMoon team are supposed to provide energy   which will be sold off as utility, probably 
to the Gambian government for TAF city.  Like the team said, these turbines will be 
linked to the SafeMoon blockchain which will   contribute to burn.

Macro IoT will definitely 
also play a role in that smart city but the team   has not said how this will contribute to burn. 
However, we can be sure that it will, somehow.  The best part of all of this is that Operation 
Gambia and many other burn-inducing projects will   be launched within the next 18 months. So, even 
if we don’t hit 100 million tokens in two years,   there’s no doubt that we will be 
very close, with the exchange,   blockchain, Operation Gambia, SafeMoon Connect, 
and so many other projects set to be launched.  Anyway, let me know your thoughts 
and comments in the comment section.   But for now, let’s delve into the general 
crypto market where we have some mega updates.  Before we get to that, though, here’s something 
you definitely want to hear.

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Cryptocurrency can truly change the world.   I mean, take a look at SafeMoon, for instance. It 
is being used to drive innovation in the Gambia.   And somewhere in El Salvador, which has accepted 
Bitcoin as legal tender being the first country to   do so, Bitcoin is also making a huge difference.
As reported by Global Construction Review,   the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele 
announced that Bitcoin profits have been used   to build the country’s first veterinary hospital 
and will also be used to build 20 schools!   The president said that Bitcoin profits to the 
tune of $4 million were funding these projects.  The money is coming from the Salvadoran Trust for 
the Adoption of Bitcoin, or Fidebitcoin.

The value   of a unit of the cryptocurrency is currently 
enjoying an all-time high of around $67,000.   Fidebitcoin was set up after the country 
adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September.   The fund currently has $150 million 
in reserves and is being managed by   the Bank for the Development of El Salvador.
President Bukele confirmed in a tweet on October   28 that El Salvador had exchanged some of its 
dollar reserves for Bitcoin because he believed   the cryptocurrency was undervalued by the global 
market. About 420 Bitcoins were purchased by the   country, bringing the total amount of Bitcoin 
in the country’s crypto reserves to 1120.  The construction of the 20 schools is planned as 
part of El Salvador’s Mi Nueva Escuela programme,   which has a target of 400 primary schools. 
The president has said that proceeds from   the government’s Bitcoin fund will be used 
to pay for the construction of these schools,   rather than tax payers’ money.
This is huge progress for Bitcoin and the   crypto market.

When President Bukele initially 
announced his decision to accept Bitcoin as   a legal tender, the issue raised a level of 
controversy in the court of public opinion.  In fact, even now, the acceptance of Bitcoin 
as a legal tender hasn’t been the easiest or   the smoothest ride. However, this is only to be 
expected as blockchain technology is still fairly   young. With time, as people continue to innovate, 
transactions with Bitcoin in the country are only   going to get easier, faster, and more normal.
Already, profit from the country’s Bitcoin fund   is making a difference such that taxpayers' monies 
don’t have to be spent for government projects.   This can translate to lower taxes which 
can make life easier for citizens. Now,   imagine if more countries start to accept Bitcoin 
and what that could mean for their citizens.  Already, investments in crypto are already 
helping some people in the United States   earn a better living than their conventional 
jobs can give them. A survey reveals an exodus   from conventional jobs among low-income 
earners who stumbled on life-changing   gains from investing in the crypto market.
While this survey could be taken with a pinch of   salt thanks to questionable methods used to obtain 
the data, there is definitely something to be said   for the increasing number of people investing in 
crypto, whether they are doing so long term or   simply looking to use it as a mode of payment.
Plus, as GameFi takes over the crypto market,   we are bound to see more people leave 
conventional work for full-time gaming.

Already,   certain people in the Philippines and other parts 
of the world currently earn about the same amount   as their monthly wages from NFT gaming, and 
this is only going to become more common.  This bodes well for the crypto market and 
means that there are better days ahead.  Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment 
section. I’d definitely love to hear from you.   But for now, it’s goodbye from me and 
I hope to see you in the next video..

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