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Hello to all my friends Today I'm here with a really cool and curious subject Today, we can call decentralized exchanges or decentralized clearing platforms We will make an introduction to these We will continue these in the future, even in a very short time. What are we going to talk about in this video? We will talk about PancakeSwap "Sir, why didn't you start from UniSwap?" Let me give the answer to your question immediately PancakeSwap is a little easier than UniSwap easier place to learn for beginners because it is understandable and fees are low Because we will talk about UniSwap in the future, it has incredible fees I even consider to mention a little bit at the end of the video In that respect, you are used to Binance and also PancakeSwap is using Binance's Smart Chain infrastructure, I thought it would be easier at this point I kindly ask you to concentrate on the video and watch till the end I have a special request from you this time I already know that you are going to like and comment on this video but apart from that I have a request from you If you cannot use such platforms Now I will explain in a simplest way in the video but if you cannot use, don't use Don't get this wrong, because you can loose your money then don't tell me "sir it was difficult and i couldn't do", it is not difficult at all We will explain that it is not difficult, but some of you are summarizing as they summarize, they don't understand anything and they dont try to understand Don't let those who don't understand Not everyone has to do this So I say watch it till the end First you need one wallet to use a decentralized platform The most used of these is Metamask Alright? When you type Metamask in Google, look here, don't go to a different site, look here it starts Something called "" will come look There is a "download" option here Look when you get to the download option, I'll show you in a moment on the browser for Chrome See you can still download Metamask for iOS and Android devices You can also use it in Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers I will explain it on Chrome Because everyone is using Chrome Now it is installed on mine We entered here We downloaded this to Chrome, look it will download for chrome when you press here It will be installed here, right on extensions part it will ask a password from you you need to create a password that you remember it will ask you re-type your password, type it Then when you continue, it will give you recovery key for about 12 letters, this is extremely important, 12 letters in case you forget the password you can save your Metamask address by using this recovery key with 12 letters if you ask "sir what does happen if i loose this recovery key with 12 letters?" it goes my friends you are not gonna loose that recovery key, let me say that.

By the way i forgot to mute my phone again Now we downloaded Metamask sir we downloaded Metamask we will get into how to use PancakeSwap Once, Metamask is a place everyone should learn to use If you are in this market and want to improve yourself, now there are DeFi projects, as well as decentralized exchanges are out there The crypto coins from here now normally are already valued before you see it in the exchange market it makes a lot of money so you have to learn Metamask and decentralized exchanges we began with Metamask now Before switching to PancakeSwap, PancakeSwap now ranks 7th among decentralized exchange platforms it is an exchange yet established in September 2020 What did we say? it uses Binance's Smart Chain infrastructure That's why Binance already frequently supports PancakeSwap It also has a Token What do we call it? A Token called PancakeSwap Cake it saw the highest peak in its history today, let me show you right now it saw the peak of its history 6 hours ago at 01:19 What will happen as the use of this platform increases? Cake prices will also increase automatically Let me talk about that, I think you can invest in Cake, you can invest at these prices It appears as a crypto currency The video will be a little longer but I will try to explain everything calmly now now my friends we came lets close this, get from here We downloaded Metamask, Metamask came here for you, look when you click on Metamask something like this will open You come here and do it like this Click where it says Expert View, it opens like this Now you will see something like Binance Smart Chain Now what did we say about using PancakeSwap first? We said that it uses Binance's Smart Chain infrastructure, so what should we do? We need to add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask here Let's start with that, how do we add it? I'll leave this link below I'll leave the link of this below Let's get that right here We are here, look we click where it says "Private RPC" See here "Network Name" See, you copy it You can write "Binance Smart Chain" by hand, it doesn't matter Then we come to the place where it says "New URL" and copy it We add Look, it says "Added" because I already added it I do it to show you Again we write "56" here, look here We write "56", these are optional you don't have to add them When you say "Save", look here now, if you type "Binance Smart Chain" or "Smart Chain", there will be a place called "Smart Chain" Next, look we are in Metamask, we clicked on Binance Smart Chain Network from Main Ethereum Network we clicked over there here it shows our assets now here is also very important If you pay attention, there is a very important point that you should not confuse here look how it is lets get there If things on the Ethereum network work with Ethereum, if they take all the fees, everything with Ethereum if you do swap transactions with Ethereum everything on Binance Smart Chain works with BNB pay attention to this, it works with BNB Therefore, when we first enter, we do not see any of these, but here we see "0 BNB", when you enter, you will see it as "0 BNB" So what do we have to send to Metamask first? We need to send BNB because what did we say? PancakeSwap is working with Binance Smart Chain infrastructure and soon we will link PancakeSwap to Binance Smart Chain in our Metamask wallet here don't worry, it is easy thing now pay attention only to Metamask now we continue on Metamask, what did we do? we installed we came through the link below, click on Private RPC there We've filled in the information on this link, look here, under the section of "you probably want to use this network" we installed Binance Smart Chain now we need to deposit BNB here if you ask "sir why do we need to deposit BNB here?" if you want to make a swap transaction what do you need to do? you need to use BNB now i will show it right away, how do we send BNB? look here if you hit on "Buy" section, something like "Direct Ethereum Deposit" don't let your mind confuse look here we said "Analyse the account" we took this address, copied we came Look, what did I do to deposit BNB here? it shows "00" on you I came to "Buy" and hit It says "Direct Ethereum Deposit", this is BNB deposit, don't worry, I came copied this Then what did I do at Binance? I entered "withdrawal", entered to "Withdraw" What are we doing this address? we paste it here You should pay attention here, look it already writes "Binance Smart Chain" We need to use BEP20 See we'll say "I understand" Maximum lets see, how much did we have before? we had 2.47 I think it will arrive till the end of the video, also it arrives very fast lets withdraw it now lets see the codes yes our first code is arrived, actually it was better not to mute the phone, you also heard the voice again here also that came via email we type the code right away, we look yes my friends, we withdrawn, let me mute my phone in mean time what did we just do now? we deposited 0.78 BNB to Binance Smart Chain at Metamask what will happen here in few moment? our BNB will increase now lets get into PancakeSwap if you type PancakeSwap on google, i will leave its link also in below you will enter a place something called "" what will we do here? Why did we install Metamask earlier? we installed to link our wallet Here as a first thing pay attention to this Before you "Connect", please note that when you first enter Metamask it will enter this Ethereum Network You need to choose Binance Smart Chain and then come here and connect see we come, we wrote "Connect" we hit Metamask It was automatically connected because I connected earlier, you will get a confirmation here it will be connected directly now what can we do? what can we do with our BNBs at Metamask here? we can swap them with another cryptocurrency lets explain this first What do we have to do for him? Look, there is "Trade" part here, it says "Exchange", you know, we entered the stock market, stock market part See 2.47, what was there? 2.47 others yet to arrive, our 2.47 BNB is automatically released Now, no matter which Token you want to redeem here, let's see which Tokens are there Look, here is the ADA, ALPHA, ANKR, ROMA (ASR), ATLETICO MADRID (ATM), ATOM, BAKE

It continues Look what can you do with a lot of Tokens going like this? you can make a swap Look, by the way, it is 3.25, it came to Metamask, do you see? What I just sent now arrived in about 2 minutes, so let's remove that "Withdraw" screen as well Now on PancakeSwap, Tokens you see here, look I have it here; I bought Helmet I bought BSCX I bought something called DITTO In addition to buying these now, PancakeSwap's main mechanism is based on "Cake" as you can understand It is based on crypto money written as "Cake", what did we say at first? Cake, I have said that with the use of PancakeSwap I think the price may increase more in the future So what will happen as PancakeSwap moves higher than 7th here and these volumes increase? this place will increase on Cake too So now I'll buy Cake for you from here I'll tell you why I'm going to buy Cake in a moment, see See how many Cakes I can get if I say "max" here, it shows me 119 I'll get 1 BNB on the screen for you, what do I get for 1 BNB? I'm getting 36 Cakes look I hit on Swap Let me show it like this, I don't have any Cake right now, look it says "0 Cake" I hit on Swap I hit on "Confirm Swap" look I'm waiting for it to transform, look it got me a confirmation here Be very careful, it charges a very low fee like 0.003335 BNB I think you need to pay attention here Look my Cake has arrived right away The fees you will pay at UniSwap, which we will explain later, are incredibly high now I interpret it like this I squeeze a subject in such a way so that you don't get confused look I do not think it will be useful in the future on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap that perform transfers in Ethereum infrastructure there is an incredible free Incredibly high, 30 dollars, 40 dollars flying in the air in small transactions Maybe completing the Ethereum 2.0 process will speed up this network a bit, but I do not think it will be as fast as this Binance Smart Chain Therefore, due to the low fees and fast speed of Binance Smart Chain, I think that decentralized exchange platforms using the infrastructure of Binance Smart Chain will take one step further in the future When you look at the decentralized exchanges in the top 10, PancakeSwap comes to mind as the second exchange market with the highest volume Now friends, what did we do? Look, our BNB has decreased because what have we done? We converted it into Cake if you ask "Sir, when I enter I will not see a Cake here, I will see BNB, so how will I add this to here?" there is nothing in it, look you come to Metamask you say add tokens Use this "special coin", then go look at "Coin Market Cap", type "Cake" in that It will give you one address here, copy it, we came to Metamask and automatically clicked When you clicked it directly said, "the coin has already been added" here it will write "Cake", what happens automatically when you say next and add it? "Cake" will appear here, your Cakes will also appear This process, let's say you did Swap here first, even if you do it later, it won't disappear The moment you add this coin to Cake, it drops Again, what you bought in the same way, here's what we got here? For example we bought something called "Helmet", again this has the contract address here You came here, you clicked Add Token, you said "special coin", the moment you enter this contract address here, the symbol of the coin will appear You can add it instantly, it's easy here "Now sir we entered PancakeSwap, we bought Cake we loaded our BNB to Metamask, got Cake for BNB, What will we do now? how do we use it? what is the benefit for us?" first you can think like this "where could i buy this Cake? I could buy from Binance, it was also in Binance exchange, why did I buy?" now there is an advantage like this; Here you can Stake, you can Farm, you can put it in the pools we call "Pool" lets get in that section we came my friends look, we clicked on "Farms" first lets explain this later, let me explain "Pools" section first, we clicked on "Pools" At PancakeSwap in Pools section, all works on Cake we just bought What was it all working on? Cake, see the "Pool" part is all about Cake So look, you can earn Cake by staking Cake, you can earn REEF by staking Cake, you can earn this by staking Cake, you can earn this by staking Cake What can you do with all of those here? you can stake "Sir, then show us an example.

How does staking work?" now let me say this first, look Here it says how much money we will earn when you stake them, see Notice that, these are the average annual incomes APY is always annual Look what do I do for you from this BSCX? let me stake We'll do "Approve Cake", see it will cost a very small 0.05 dollars again in Metamask we will confirm lets refresh the page to make it faster Now we're waiting for this to be approved, see it's approved now we came here look we hit on + How much Cakes do we have? 36, let me come, for example, 16 of these, what do I do here? let me stake Look again, we will pay a very very low fee, a very very low fee, we will confirm it Look, notice I had 36 Cakes, it will decrease soon we will wait for it to happen now I'm telling you long way like this to make you understand it well, because when you move on to UniSwap it will really get a little more complicated. Yes, look I staked 16, let's refresh here too Look my Stake Cake remains 20 pieces what will we do now my friends? look If I want I can hit Unstake and get all my Cakes back to my Metamask wallet, or here Look, there is something that I did, by pressing the thing called "Harvest" What can I do with the tokens I earned here by paying a very low fee? I can transfer to my Metamask wallet, for now I won't do that We will come like this, look what we just added, we added here It already shows, Unstake, I can take off my cakes when I want, it's not something locked Or here, as it accumulates here, when it accumulates, from this Token, from this How many staked I have? Here I staked 17 for this, now I staked 16 with you we will earn from these as you see my friends, it has high income "sir for example, we earned this BSCX it is not listed in any exchange, how will we earn from this?" then what will you do? again by getting to "swap" section you can convert your BSCX to BNB, lets assume, to Cake, to anything you want faster everything you convert will arrive to your Metamask wallet what happens to the things you staked in mean time? it remains here, you can take them off anytime by Unstaking them now when we come to the homepage, look when we come to the homepage, there are my Cake amounts that I earned from Farm and Staking, lets get into that section here can be a little more complicated but here is also very important, because you are using a term called "Liquidity" some while ago I was calling it "Likidike", one of friends criticized, don't hang on words, try to get the main idea you don't get a thing because you hang on the terms there is a thing called "Liquidity" what does it mean? what are we doing now to these exchanges? we are funding them, if i want to explain in simplest way, we are funding in return of this exchange is giving us a rate from the commissions taken as fees it shows the rate now how to do that? when we get in "Farms" section, be careful what does it writes here? Cake-BNB, WSOTE-BNB, FRONT-BNB, BNB..BNB..BNB

"now sir, how will we stake them in "Farms" section?" what did we just do? we just staked Cake, now here is a bit more complicated liquidize something means; in any pair of coin, providing money in equal amount to the exchange now what is Cake-BNB? you both provide Cake and BNB, as prices of Cake and BNB are not equal you can consider USDT value, assuming that BNB is 40 dollars you provided 3 BNBs, makes 120 Cake is 1 dollar, you will provide 120 Cakes so you will provide 120 dollars-120 dollars then you will come here and stake "sir so how will i provide this?" i cant do anything when i enter here" there you click here look here is says "Add Liquidity", lets say it "Likidike" it became an habit you hit on here look before doing here, look what is in "Farms" section look there is Cake-BNB, there has to be these coins and BNB look Front-BNB, whichever you are going to provide it matters look again here interest rates clearly shown here I will again go through Cake-BNB "Sir you got Cake and BNB in your hand, why dont you do it?" it is not something like that let me tell you this now we arrived to "Trade" section, we hit on here look we said "Add", we came, lets look how much do I have now I typed "Cake", look I have 20 Cakes, I said "Maximum" when I say "Maximum" it clearly shows how much BNB I should stake against my Cake from here I "accepted" look I said "Confirm" look it will ask another confirmation again this is the total my friends, fee is there by the way, I confirmed look, you can check it from here also where is it at the moment? awaiting what did I do now my friends? What did I do? I converted 0.563 BNB and 20.7 Cakes actually separated, I dont want to get into more details not to confuse your mind I converted to separated pair but when I change this pair, I will receive my BNB and Cake again for that reason where did I enter again? look I entered to "Farms" section look, did you see? I now have 3.07 Cake-BNB what did they call this? they called Cake-BNB LP look again my friends, I chose "maximum" here Look I hit on Confirm it will ask a confirmation again Earlier Cake-BNB was 14, because I made this transaction before Now 3 more added here look, 17 is already added now Now my friends what can I do with this if I want? I can harvest look I can harvest, or what can I do with this? I can pull out, what does "harvesting" mean my friends? when you harvest, here is your Cake, look, because I just added 0.203 Cake was sent to me immediately to my Metamask address, because I made a new Stake Now I continue over 17.33 Interest rates here are really good More crypto money will come here in the future There is also one more advantage to this, I have to mention that too Now you have Cake in your hands and also a BNB Idle in your Binance wallet or your own wallet by coming here and providing these two you can earn annual income such as a serious rate like 188% instead of keeping your money there, your money remains in PancakeSwap which is totally secure or again if you get into "Pools" section, you have Cake in the hand look it is enough to have only Cake by staking Cakes here by saying Stake they are not locked Stake, you can convert to cash anytime you want by providing these to the funds what could you do? you can earn cryptocurrencies such as Juventus and PSG quickly what do you do? their rates are good also like 210%, 213%, you can earn from these cryptocurrencies now my friends, I dont want to get in details in following you figure it out when you enter, they are not that important, here is lotto, you buy lotto, dont buy, it is useless it has a few more sections too but they are not your concern We explained how to use a decentralized exchange by starting from PancakeSwap lets get the topic together now look lets come from here "Sir I will logout from PancakeSwap" "I will logou" if you say "what will happen?" look at our Metamask wallet as you see our Cake appeared right away, we click here look if we hit on "Log out" button, we exit, when we hit on "Connect" button we enter, look we exit, we enter, as you see nothing is being lost, everything stays our Metamask wallet is linked we can withdraw money anytime we want by Unstake what do we do in Metamask part? what do we do afterwards here? we can transfer related crypto monies even to any normal centralized exchanges it is simple as this I hope you understood, video got longer but it has to I remind you again and again Decentralized exchanges have become very useful nowadays, after DeFi projects and we all have to learn these all but to learn this we needed to watch this video till the end we shouldnt get bored if we are bored then we will not learn central exchanges and trade here, it's that simple if you want to earn specific income incomes are not guaranteed by the way You have to use this if you want to earn certain profits or if you want to learn the new Coins released here before they release in Binance and are listed I am telling you insistently, do not use it if you cannot use it, if you cannot use it, I will say it insistently Without getting too long in the next videos So what are we going to tell before the time gets longer, not the video? We will tell you how to use decentralized exchanges like SushiSwap, UniSwap, also Brinch I hope it is a beneficial video Please don't forget to like the video, comment and subscribe to channel If you want more of these videos I love you all Hope to see you, take care yourself

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