Pairings: Polka Dots

Hi everyone! Welcome to Wendy's Lookbook. Today we're going to play with a pattern The… polka dot. It is a hot trend this Spring and they're just so much fun to style with. And in my opinion, I find the bigger the polka dots the more sophisticated and chic it is. Whereas the little prints are more fun and flirty. But if you have any reservations about this print, I suggest starting with something small like a scarf or a pair of flats And then, working up to a shirt and, finishing off with more of an experimental piece. polka dot jeans. But I cannot wait to share the styling with you so, let's get started! This is our first pairing and we're accessorizing with polka dots.

These dots are large and in charge, which makes them the perfect centerpiece. And for such a strong statement piece I like to keep the rest of the outfit more streamlined with monotone colors. So I have a clean cut blazer with a neutral top finishing off the look with black to pull the outfit together. And here I have my baggie that has a biege pink undertone to match the rose colorway of our scarf. This outfit is great for brisk weather or enjoying outdoor shopping. This is our second pairing and the dots on our shirt are smaller than the ones on our scarf. So it really gives it that playful vibe. And to compliment the cheerfulness of our shirt we're adding a full skirt. We're finishing off the look with an interwoven chain necklace
we're adding a full skirt. We're finishing off the look with an interwoven chain necklace to continue our polka dot theme. But this outfit is great for date night or to hang out with your girlfriends. This is our last outfit and we're playing with prints and textures. We are pairing polka dots with stripes.

And for me, when styling different patterns I like to have a color palette to really connect all the pieces together. So for this outfit, we're working with purple grey and white. The purple trimmings of our jacket connect with our purple bottoms. And the grey stripes extend all the way down to our pumps. The roundness of our polka dot gives life to the shape of our pom poms.

So everything blends harmoniously together. This outfit is great for brunch and also, shopping. Thank you so much for being with me I hope you had fun. Polka dots are so versatile, and they're a great pattern to play with. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your polka dot looks. Thank you so much again and I will see you soon on Youtube-land. Bye!.

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