Paano kumita sa Coins ph sa pag Buy and Sell ng Bitcoin (BTC 2021)

Homemates In this video I will share since a lot is asking how to buy Bitcoin and how to trade Bitcoin also how to earn through Bitcoin We'll talk about PHP to Bitcoin here Let's not look around and just used what's legal here that is under BSP (Philippines) We'll talk about buy and sell BTC There's a lot of questions about how to get income How to compute Bitcoin profit Hi, sir, I want to trade Bitcoin but I don't know how to start help me please We have a video about what Bitcoin is In this video, we'll just focus about Bitcoin Buy and Sell Number one you need to do for Buy and Sell is to create an account with Bitcoin wallet I recommend because this is under BSP Once you create an account in, you'll automatically have a BTC wallet Right now, we have .0035967 BTC in Pesos, we have 12,428.11 PHP Let me just convert this to avoid confusion It automatically went up as you see because we converted our BTC to PHP How can we buy and get income? On the top-left that 520,283 that's how much one Bitcoin costs if you buy 1 Bitcoin in If you sell 1 Bitcoin, this is the value you'll get 497,425 that's the difference in Bitcoin Buy and Sell You buy it at a higher price and when you sell it, it's lower that's how gets profit The one we see here has seconds to hours difference only it's not really moving that much But if we talk about days, that when you'll see profit or loss You can buy Bitcoin even if it's not 1 Bitcoin You can buy 0.00001 only or 0.00005 depends on you You can buy using your PHP peso money Here in Bitcoin, you can either profit or get deficit I will explain how you'll loss profit here Let's go to how we can profit How can we get profit in Bitcoin Buy and Sell? Like in stock market Buy it cheaper, then sell it higher Around Feb 2019 one Bitcoin is just 200,000 You can buy 1 Bitcoin for 205,000 You can also buy just 0.005 it's not always 200,000 You see here in February In August 21, it's for 529,000 If you bought Bitcoin in March for 200,000 and you sold it in August 21 for 500,000 You'll get profit from there The Bitcoin you have has a higher value in August 21 You're total earnings is now higher So if you bought this CD last March at 200 pesos and it became in demand and the price went up, This August 21, it's now for 600 pesos then I sold it So my 200 pesos is nnow 600 pesos Same with Bitcoin But just a warning You can earn and loss income You'll loss income if you sell it cheaper Here is an actual example where you bought it cheaper and you sold it at a higher price To buy Bitcoin, Click on PHP Click Convert Double check that you're converting from PHP Meaning, PHP money in your account To buy BTC You will receive BTC At the bottom you'll see the current rate, or how much you bought the Bitcoin In PHP, you will put how much Bitcoin you are going to buy For example, 5000 pesos Once you pay 5000 pesos you'll be able to get 0.00961 Bitcoin That's what you will get If you buy 10,000 then you will get more BTC or Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin are just the same You can also type in BTC directly For example, you needed an exact Bitcoin amount For example, you need 0.005 The amount you need to pay will automatically show here Let's have an actual example where we buy it cheaper and sell it at a higher price This sample is on a different day We'll buy 500 pesos worth of Bitcoin and we'll get 0.00118252 BTC That'll go to your wallet The BTC's price this day 422.825 this is what you'll get then click on confirm This is just a confirmation that you converted to 0.0011852 BTC When you go back to My Wallet Your PHP was deducted by 500 pesos since you buy BTC Then you'll see in your BTC wallet you now have 0.00118337 BTC The amount is different here because we have like 0.000003 remaining here so the amount we converted adds up here you now have Bitcoin Next, for us to get income here we will buy it cheap then sell it at a higher price You will see on this time on our pre-recorded video the BTC's price is 539,234 That'll be the selling price of BTC If you click on BTC, this is the exact amount that we converted earlier Our 500 pesos before is now worth 637 pesos That 500 is just for our sample you can also buy just 50 pesos if you just want 50 If you want to convert it back to PHP for you to get profit for you to get your profit Click on BTC, then Convert You are converting from BTC and you will receive PHP That should be what it says you might mistakenly buy again if you don't check Then you may now click confirm it will now go back to PHP You now see you have zero Bitcoin and it's now in your PHP wallet Let's have another actual example that we did convert just now because I want to show you something Let's click on Convert Our money can buy this amount only because the value today is higher What I want to explain here if you see here, we bought 500 worth of BTC earlier and we got 96137 with three zeros before it BTC The value is now just 478 pesos Why is that? Because in like what I said earlier Once you buy BTC you buy it at a higher price, and once you sell it, the price will be cheaper that's how they profit from it If you just want too fast investing time, this is not for you It takes days weeks, or even months to profit here That's just normal that's how they get profit too Do not be surprised that after you just bought it the value decreased already that's because of BTC buy and sell in But then, that doesn't always go up as you see right now, it's going up If you bought last December for 179,000 then you sold it when its price went up to 600,000 It went up by almost 300% Your 10,000 before if you used it to buy BTC before It'll be 30,000 pesos But then this is just a warning it's not always going up trend If you see its 5-year time You'll see here It worth almost 1 million pesos before in December 2014 If that is the time that you bought BTC Sometimes we thought that it will go up but then it will actually go down we can't predict Bitcoin's price it's volatile sometimes it goes up so much and sometimes it's too low If you buy on that trend you buy at the peak the highest price and you sold it at a cheaper price what will happen to your money? Let's go back to the CD we thought that the price will go up so we bought it for 1,000 pesos For example, this is 1,000 pesos in 2017 then the price dropped to 500,000 and lower to 340,000 then you thought that it'll continue to go down to 100,000 so you sold the CD for only 300 pesos So what happened to your 1,000 pesos then? It became 300 pesos because of that There's a deficit of 700 pesos that's how you can get deficit here You bought it at a higher price, then you sold it cheaper If you're going to buy and sell Bitcoin in any platform use your extra money only the one that you don't need for expense Because if it's something that you need, you'll be forced to sell it cheaper For first timers, If you cash in money to your PHP Bitcoin will go up and down but this will not change because that's in PHP It will just change value if you convert it to BTC this amount in your BTC of 96137 it will change every minute every day every week it will change depending on the price of Bitcoin Another warning other than the price might go up and down, if you click on your BTC if you click on the barcode, Be sure to send only BTC to this address If you send BCH USDT or any digital currency your funds will be permanently lost That is true.

I knos someone a YouTuber who sent 30,000 worth of USDT to his wallet It got lost Remember this BTC wallet address is for BTC only Meaning you can only send Bitcoin here you should not send Etherium here or — like USDT do not send those here Because if you send here, your money will be lost it will not go here and it will also be gone from where you sent it So remember BTC wallet you can only send BTC here It's not's fault they gave a warning because that't the logic of it you should not send other currency because they only accept BTC So we discussed PHP to BTC only or BTC to PHP If you want other currency check our Binance video you'll see it on the card on top By the way you can use this on your laptop, computer cellphone and iPad you can also use tablets If you'll use cellphone, download the application After you download it, we have a step-by-step video on how to register let me add also Bitcoin is moving 24/7 Even on 12 midnight or 3AM afternoon, it's still moving the price changes same with you can buy and sell Bitcoin 24/7 Make sure to click the Like video homemates, if you want to see more ways to earn in Thank you for watching homemates See you next time

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