[Music] is crypto really making millionaires well yes we all have seen people around us making millions from small crypto investments with the exponential growth of shiba inu by more than 300 shiba inu is all set to hit new heights today one shiba inu token is worth fractions of one cent so if you buy one hundred million sheep tokens it will cost you roughly two thousand nine hundred dollars but does two thousand nine hundred dollars worth of sheep have the potential to make you a millionaire what are major price boosting catalysts heading in this month but is this a good time to invest in shiba inu can shebe hit the one cent mark these questions will be answered today we will also discuss why you must have 100 million sheep tokens in your portfolio so stick around for that because today's video is full of interesting updates let's raise sheba army hype by pressing that like button also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's dive into the topic everyone thought that shiba inu is a dead coin but after the major listing on coinbase and binance us with he supporting tweet of elon musk shiba inu has shown tremendous growth of more than 350 percent in just a week the ranking of shiba inu boosted from number 54 to number 17 in just one week active developer community and social hype kept the coin alive but the question arises is it possible for shib to hit one cent how holding 100 million shiba enu coins can make you a millionaire consider this outline if you want to buy 100 million shiba inu coins now it will cost you around 2 900 as the crypto market is recovering in shiba inu showing exponential growth lately with few upcoming catalysts if the price hits even one cent then you will wake up being a millionaire impressive right but does the shiba inu coin have the potential to hit the one cent mark to understand this clearly we need to understand the history and existence of shiba inu shiba inu also known as shiba token is a decentralized cryptocurrency founded by an unknown person known only as ryoshi in august 2020.

Shiba inu is a dogecoin based erc20 token on the ethereum blockchain that bills itself as the dogecoin killer shiba inu was originally created as a joke token but now is exhibiting a positive momentum in the crypto market even though other big altcoins are plummeting shebe has attracted a lot of attention and has become a popular investment option due to its hike in performance and price movement the erc20 based shiba inu will certainly be a very good investment for those who have been with the coins since it was listed branded as the dogecoin killer this cryptocurrency aims at jumping over dogecoin without even crossing the one dollar mark everyone is familiar with how shiba inu made hundreds of millionaires overnight in the first quarter of 2021.

If you missed out on that then this could be the next opportunity why does shiba inu have the potential to make millionaires you must have heard that sheep can never hit one cent due to its large token supply and it is true but what if this supply can be controlled that is what exactly is going to happen soon equals according to its technical analysis certain prominent experts predict that the shiba inu token would give a very high return value and a minimum of 60 return rate is expected from the coin's recent uptrend now it's time to answer the most awaited question does shiba inu have the potential to hit one cent or even one dollar in short not for now to understand this consider this scenario 37 trillion dollars is circulating money in the world out of which around 2.32 trillion dollars is invested in all combined cryptocurrencies if we consider total supply of shiba inu which is one quadrillion also let's reduce the 50 locked coins by unesco we are now left with 500 trillion coins and if the shiba market itself goes to 100 trillion dollars in the near future which is quite unlikely but let's assume then these 500 trillion coins are worth 100 trillion dollars which still makes it price two cents per token so it can be easily observed that even with very rough and huge figures of money shibs still did not go even above two cents so the possibility of hitting one cent in near future is quite difficult but to hit one dollar is quite impossible for now the only method sheep can go and hit one cent is by burning a few trillions of tokens that is what is going to happen the burning process has already been started which we can trace from etherscan what are your views about this let us know in the comments section below but what are the plans of sheb developers to make this happen well developers of shiba inu already came up with the plan for an automatic burn of shiba inu they are developing a token burning system using 10 000 nfts further this token burn process has been started using nowpayments.io and which can be traced in etherscan stats this burn of sheep tokens will reduce the token supply and so the price will increase so holders be prepared for a price pump this is just the first step toward the burning process developers are coming with more such burning mechanisms which will help shiba inu to grow exponentially nfts or shiboshis are going live for sale in the next few days he will also add another medium post with further plans coming from shebe developers if you want to get that update at first do subscribe to crypto science and turn on the post notifications another major upcoming catalyst is the robinhood crypto wallet release which robinhood officially announced on twitter the question now is whether sheba enu coin is a good investment will 100 million coins cost 1 million dollars in near future well investing in shiba inu coin is a viable option investing in sheep has already been shown to be one of the best decisions many people have ever made sheb was nearly worthless at the beginning of august 2020 and until march 2021.

One hundred dollars could buy you more than 100 million shiba inu coins at the time sheeb has turned a few people into millionaires in just three months others have made tens of thousands of dollars in a short amount of time with their little investments so if you had put any money into sheep before april 2021 you would have had a return of more than ten thousand percent so is sheba inucoin a good buy because of the future it offers it can be regarded as a solid investment when it is selling at a considerably lower price than most cryptocurrencies if you are interested in investing in sheep now could be an excellent time to get started further investing one-time meal money in shiba is still worth taking the risk on no one knows with few listings on major crypto exchanges and some celebrity support sheba can easily hit one cent mark so in conclusion we can say that the shiba inu coin will not hit one dollar in near future but it is possible for sheb to hit one cent if the active developer community comes with an automatic burn of shiba inu so how many shiba inu are you holding in your portfolio do let us know in the comment section below with this we have come to the end thank you for watching the video we hope this session was informative do let us know in the comments section below of your opinion regarding how shiba inu coin might actually sit the world on its palm subscribe for more content just like this one and share it with your friends and family also don't forget to smash that like button and press the bell icon to get notified about our new videos we would also like to mention that we are not financial advisors and nothing mentioned in this video is a piece of financial advice therefore viewers are requested to kindly conduct their own due diligence before proceeding forward with anything that you hear here it is very important to keep in mind and remember the volatility that you may experience while you invest in this market therefore a cautious approach will certainly be beneficial for you in the long in the short run [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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