Overrated or Underrated: Dogecoin, Gamestop Stock, Ariana Grande, Super Smash Bros. & More!

– Hey everybody! And welcome to another episode of overrated, underrated with me, Gary V. ♪ Overrated or underrated
with the Garyvee ♪ – D rock. Let's just get right into the show. I am ready. – [Man] Gamestop stock. – Gamestop stock is properly rated because there's, you know,
there's the earnings of it and like the reality of the business. And there's obviously the
community, the wall street the Reddit, the kiss cores,
the things of that nature. The market is the market. Thus, it's properly rated. – [Man] Meg Thee Stallion. – Meg Thee Stallion, I'm going to go with
properly rated as well. I always love artists in this moment. They've had that heat, heat. And right now that's an, you know, you can only have so much heat, heat, Brittany Spears, NSYNC,
DaBaby, Meg Thee Stallion. You can only have so much heat, heat. And then you go into this place, which I call is the Properly Rated Spot.

What happens next is what leads
to overrated or underrated. That follow-up. That consistency. That next. We'll see properly rated. – [Man] Godzilla versus
King Kong the movie. – Godzilla versus King
Kong movie is overrated. I did that because I'm not
sure, but some of you sci-fi like nerd life, nerd life,
nerd life, just lost your shit! And I want to see your comments. – [Man] The impression Super Smash Bros. – Super Smash Bros. is underrated. That game is fucking amazing. Me, AJ, Branden Warnke, Randy
Morton- Branden's brother, add some real epic
battles through the years. I like that game a lot. – [Man] Weighted Blankets – Weighted Blankets? I've done a little bit Properly rated. I'm gonna properly rate mood. Usually am very, very tight on that. I think they're properly rated. I don't have a whole lot of
opinions on Weighted Blankets. – [Man] Dogecoin – Doge? – [Man] Doge – Underrated. I own none. You know, there's so
much good shit going on. NFTs, doge, Bitcoin, sports cards. You know, there's so much.

You can't do everything. You know, I love just
communities and technology and changes. I remember doge for six fucking years ago. Five years ago. I might even have some doge
in a wallet that I've lost. I'm one of those individuals in crypto that I was dabbling that like log in. I don't even know the
existence of some of my- I'm thrilled. They found my Bitcoin. I was playing it loose. It was fucking like crazy back then. Now it's like, not crazy. And it's fun to watch. So, the doge mafia gets
a little love today. Underrated – [Man] Ice hockey. – The Nintendo game
that nobody in the world can beat me in? Or the macro game of hockey? – [Man] Ice hockey.

– Ice hockey's in Nintendo
games that nobody on earth can beat me in. For Nintendo entertainment system. You mean ice, like hockey, underrated. One of the best sports to watch, play, is I don't even consider it
a big four sport anymore. I think UFC slash overall MMA and soccer slash football in
the U.S have trump and East. I mean, I literally look at ice hockey behind UFC MMA, soccer, football. We're talking to U.S now. And Esports. I look at ice hockey hockey as literally the seventh sport where it used to be the fourth. I think they've done a really poor job in marketing and branding
because the game, going to a hockey game is fucking epic. It's one of the best if not the best actual sports experiences – [Man] Wendy's twitter account. – Wendy's twitter account is underrated. it's extremely well done. It's one of the few brands last four years that has done thoughtful,
witty, impactful.

The fact that you're asking me about Wendy's Twitter account is the meta of why it's underrated. – [Man] Ant-Man. – Ant-Man? like the comic book action hero, Paul Rudd? Yeah, overrated. Like the fact that
people even know ant man cause of the movie, like
Ant-Man's fucking garbage – [Man] Salesforce. – Salesforce the company? Underrated. Extremely well-executed
company in the last 20 years. Really progressive,
thoughtful or penny off CEO, very quick to move in M&A using its advantage of finances to gobble up market share
for full integration. Salesforce is underrated. – [Man] Ariana Grande. – Ariana Grande, underrated. Incredibly iconic voice. True pop star get underrated because I think people make judgment on personal life or longevity or just of the moment she sustained back to Meg Thee stallion.

I I'm looking forward to sitting here in five years saying that Meg Thee stallion is underrated cause she's been able to
do what Ariana Grande's had done, has done for
the last five years. Ariana Grande is underrated. – [Man] Lonzo Ball. – Lonzo Ball is very early right now. Oh! Lonzo not LaMelo. I'm sorry. Lonzo Ball, as a player, underrated. And I think LaMelo's heat has
him a little bit refocused 'cause I like the way he's playing. I love that competitive chip. I think a lot- these guys are young. I think Lonzo as a player, underrated. That was not a sports card reference 'cause most modern stuff is overrated.

– [Man] Kawhi Leonard. – Kawhi Leonard in my
opinion is properly rated. I don't think he's underrated. I don't think he's overrated. I'm going to go with properly rated. Last year's playoff run wasn't great. Toronto's team the year after
played so well that it, yeah I think, I think Kawhi is, I
think Kawhi is properly rated and if like gun, gun, gun to my head, It's like .000001 slightly overrated. .00000- so his properly rated
but, just to give you my vibes on where his game is at
this point, his career. – [Man] Work/life balance. – work-life balance is underrated. Who gets to decide and show the split-screen Now team, like move me over, like- – What's work-life balance? – It's a politically correct conversation in today's environment
that uses outside forces to try to impose their will on
humans so that they dwell on something that, that
actually doesn't mean anything.

People are way too judgmental and over-analyzing work-life balance in today's modern PR society. And so if you feel good
about it, then you'll win. Like I have no interest in making you happy about
my work-life balance. You worry about your work-life balance. Couple posts ago, who gets to decide your work-life balance is overrated. You know, like, fuck you! you don't get to decide
my work-life balance. And I don't get to decide yours. Like who gets, what, what are you? The God of work-life balance? Work-life balance is underrated 'cause balance is underrated. Finding balance and being happy, content, underrated. People's judgment of each other on work-life balance grossly. And I mean fucking grossly overrated.

– [Man] NASA. – NASA? For me, overrated for many
people in comments, underrated. What an impact on our society it's had. For me, the angle I'm taking
is I've always genuinely not been interested in science. I don't give a fuck about shit about going to space written up. So for me, overrated. Its impact. I mean, I, I in a test on
me recently for my health cause I'm getting really
trying to live forever shit. And like, they're like this wasn't really figured out by NASA 20 years ago and now we figured out how to use this for heart.

then I'm like fuck it NASA. It's like, I've crazy respect. But for me, overrated
'cause I just don't like going to the moon and science in general even though it is important. – [Man] So putting people on Mars? – That's the question? Underrated 'cause it's cool. Like I don't think I'm
going to get to see it? Actually, actually do. Actually let me take that back.

I actually do think I'll get
to see it. I won't be doing it 'cause does still take
five years to get there? It's fucking crazy. I probably do it by the way. If I was much younger, like it's cool. Underrated. – [Man] One Direction. – One Direction is properly rated because they're now at the life cycle back to the whole Meg and Ariana Grande. One direction is now just to
that place that they've been out of it for so long that the recall is like 24 to 60 months away, the comeback then let's get together and do it shit. Which is going to get everybody who's, What is one direction sir? Every 27 year old right now, who's going to be 36 at the time or 31 or every 30 year old is gonna be 36 at the time or 34 is
going to be like, yeah. So right now properly rated,
soon to be underrated, then to be back on the scene. – [Man] Tony Hawk. – Underrated. Tony Hawk sits in a place similar to babe Ruth. Sits in a place similar to Joe Louis. Sits in a place similar to Jim Thorpe.

And I know someone like
Jim Lee, I know Joel Lewis and Jim Thorpe is not going
to land for a lot of you. But like is the guide
guy pioneer like run DMC, like Thomas Edison,
like Benjamin Franklin. Like he's the guy like,
like the face of the birth of a pop culture platform
known as skateboarding. OG. Like the guy, guy. – [Man] Baby showers. – Baby showers are underrated. Baby showers are underrated because it is a marketing manipulation of society to make people think they need to do it. Just to sell more stuff. That is brilliant. Literally was indented. Like there was no baby
showers a hundred years ago. It was invented by marketers, companies, a human, the culture that has
now become a commerce event and a part of like the
way you think it is. People just think it is. Kind of like diamond rings for engagement. People just think it is. Well guess what? No, no. A company decided that. Pretty amazing shit. Baby showers, grossly
underrated for the brilliance and execution of
something now is accepted. – [Man] California. – California? – I think California is properly rated.

– [Man] Why? – Why or? You got next one? – California's a really fun enigma. I think so many things. Wine country, the LA scene, they do great in work-life balance. Yoga lifestyle, weather, like
just agriculture socially. So progressive, like so
many interesting things. And so many counters that same thing like I make fun of a lot of my LA friends out of deep love. Properly rated. – [Man] Pineapple on pizza. – Uncomfortably overrated. Pineapple, Hawaiian pizza
or whatever pineapple on pizza is fucking bullshit. Fuck that! The whole sweet like strawberries and
salad, pineapple on pizza, I don't fuck with that sweet. I like them individually. I fuck with pizza. I know he said it was
over deliberate Pete. Like people got crazy about
the pizza last episode. I fuck with pizza though. And pineapples, I fuck with pineapples. Together? Not as much. Grossly overrated. – [Man] Naruto. – What is that? – [Man] Naruto? – I don't know Naruto. No.
But, tell me what it is. – [Man] An anime, very popular. Bird scooter. – Bird scooters? Yeah. Underrated for the innovation. Grossly over valued at
one point of its cycle, having stayed close to it long enough.

I'm going to go with properly rated. I think they got caught up in that world where companies just got
revalued at a billion fast but they might've executed
since I just am so undereducated on where that sits these days. Underrated on the idea 'cause
there was a real good hack to the Uber Lyft ecosystem. At one time I was paying attention just felt like super overvalued and money off the table
which the incentivizes from a BC vulnerability founder thing. But, so I'm just gonna go properly rated 'cause I don't have enough data to make a great coal left or right. – [Man] That is the show.
– That is the show. – [Man] We have a question of the day. – We have a question of the day? – [Man] For you.

– You have a question for me? – [Man] Yes. – Okay. – [Man] What is the dumbest way that you've injured yourself? – What is the dumbest way
that I've injured myself? – [Man] We're thinking about
a story time like adding up. – What is the dumbest
way I've injured myself? So, I've never broken a bone in my body. I've only, Oh! I got a great one! I have a chipped tooth because
I was making pretend in 1986 that I was George the animal
Steele, who was a wrestler.

He used to bite the
turnbuckle and I put my mouth in the hood slot of a car and was making pretend
and then some jerked and my tooth chipped. I chipped the same tooth a second time because six months my
mom was beside herself. Six months later, I swung a
baseball bat and was like, we were playing one-on-one
and I kind of like turned at the same time and the
bat to go get the ball 'cause I missed. And the bat hit me in the mouth and I reach it the differently. That was done. We will see you next time
on overrated, underrated I like the story time at the end. Just a little more- story time might just be a good show period. You know? 'Cause what, team actually let's add this. By the way, admin team like
team Gary, don't edit anything.

I know you tighten it up. I
want this one to go straight. The thing I didn't know, all of it. Straight. The overrated, underrated
is to inspire you to find ways to produce content. The reason I'm just making one last point- You can put this in black and white PS at the end or something. Story time is just a good way to help you. Like I, they wanted to have
this as a format at the end. I'm not sure. It's not just a new pillar of content where you just asked three questions. I story time and story time. Fucking Story time! People are like, what do I do for content? Story time. I wasn't thinking about chipping my tooth? I've never told you that.

No daily v, no weekly v, nothing! There it is! Fucking story time! We'll see you next time
on overrated, underrated. – YouTube watchers, what's up? It's Gary V. First of all, thank you so much. I hope you're doing super
well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe because my commitment and exploration of YouTube is about to
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