what's going on guys proto doge here and check it out i got a new hoodie you see this ah you see the p right there that's my logo that's my logo merch merch merch you know what i'm saying go on the website and go grab one if you want i don't even think it's available yet so you can't even go and do that but just i mean i like it right should i make it a real thing i should totally make it a real thing huh yeah anyways um today is august 4th guys and uh i'm hungry that's how i should start off every video i'm hungry but um but yeah so i still have this much money left which is 93 dollars and 67 cents i believe and uh if you guys don't know i'm doing a challenge a whole month of august where i got a hundred bucks to eat and drink and that's it i'm not spending anything else besides that right so the first day i had taco bell the second day i had costco hot dogs the third day i made me a sandwich now we're on the fourth day and i don't want any of those things so i'm starting to think of what i should get but before we get into that right hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell so you don't miss any more of my future videos because before we get into that i want to talk about this article that i read and it's pretty much solidifying what i've been saying about companies coming out and embracing the dogecoin community or just trying to profit off the hype i mean it is what it is that could be a possibility too right so the first major one was slimgen i talked about that right the second major one was axe body spray i also talked about that right the third one was burger king right i talked about that as well and now we got oscar meyer wieners coming out with a doge coin themed oscar meyer right but it's only one they're making only making one and they're auctioning it off for like 10 000 dogecoin or something like that right so look here i got the article right here oscar meyer unit of food giant craft heinz finally got around to issuing a product that takes advantage of this year's massive dogecoin hype right so they talk that they're saying that the bidding had reached 3 450 by late wednesday tonight at around 7 p.m right so right now it's not like 7 45 p.m or whatever and at current prices 10 000 doge coins is roughly about two thousand dollars um so yeah i mean you can see it's only a matter of time before mcdonald's hops on board it's only a matter of time before wendy's hops on board and and i was right and it's okay it's okay to say i was right you know what i mean it's not a problem i don't take offense to the fact that maybe i was right it's all good in any case let's uh figure out what i'm gonna eat today i'll be right back hey guys i'm not gonna lie to y'all i'm actually really excited about this hoodie my new hoodie right now look at that look at that look at that just look at it just look at it i'm gonna try to get it up on the website asap okay because for the longest time people have been bugging me like hey bro get a hoodie up there i want to buy a hoodie man so like now we got a hoodie we got a hoodie check it out it's kind of fresh though so me and my homie always get into this conversation right where we talk about uh what we spend money on that we shouldn't be like expenses that are just extras and we should totally be saving our money instead and he always tells me my thing is fast food i buy too much fast food right and i'm like bro i buy the cheapest ones though it's not like i'm sitting here buying like expensive food you know what i'm saying like or buying expensive items on the menu and he's like look man the best way for you to save money when it comes to food is for you to cook that thing just cook you got to cook the food bro you got to go buy groceries and you got to cook needless to say i'm not the greatest cook in the world but i think i'm going to take his advice i'm going to the supermarket right now to get some groceries and see if i can cook something because i don't want to spend all my money you know buying food elsewhere so we'll see what happens so people have told me that some of the cheapest things you can get at the grocery store to cook are typically um like pasta right and like rice and beans and stuff like that so i did get some rice and beans from uh costco a few weeks ago and i just haven't used them but i feel like i could probably make some pasta right about now and i just need to get some noodles and some sauce look i'm getting fettuccine for 89 cents and i actually have a little bit of fettuccine still at home too now we need to get the alfredo part right so we got the fettuccine so we just got to get the alfredo part and i feel like this is probably the cheapest one how much is it 338.

That's 31 31 38 right i didn't even have to break up the 20. i even had to break a 20. let's make some food all right the first the fir all right the first thing you need i think is a pot so i noticed this but look shout out to signature select it ended up being i don't even plan this out but look at how matchy matchy it is signature select on the pasta signature select on the on the sauce and this is the one that i already had it has some great value already a little bit in there not too shabby pasta and sauce 3.38 i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty upset these don't come with instructions like how you're supposed to make this if you don't if there's no instructions see there we go this one has instructions stove top bring four quarts of water to a rolling boil gotcha okay so that looks like a rolling boil to me um so i guess you're just supposed to dump this in right damn i actually forgot to stir it but i think it's all right i think i read somewhere that you're supposed to like throw it to the wall or something if it sticks it's done so hold on it's done i'm just glad we know for a fact that the pasta is done with the wall trick okay so i guess now we add the sauce i guess you put the whole thing i don't know am i doing this right am i adulting i think i'm done right so the pasta is actually looking pretty bland right now so i figured i would just spice things up a bit and add something else i found these olives in my fridge and they look like they would make a nice garnish mmm tasty all right now we're talking this looks like something ratatouille would make killing the game right now i know you guys want some dinner is sobbed okay so i'm back and uh yeah pasta wasn't so hard to make i think i i think i nailed it um for the most part it was it was pretty good um it was a lot of food though i don't think you're supposed to you're supposed to eat all of it in one take but um kind of knocked me out a little bit i was in like a food coma for like three four hours and um now i'm back so yeah let's get to my portfolio so we can wrap this video up but before we go don't forget if you want a neon light just like that one is a link in the description and if you guys want to start investing weeble is for the people and i have a link in the description too so you guys can click on that and um if you put in a hundred dollars weibo will give you two stocks up to 300 worth and you can either keep the money or trade it or do whatever you want um if you guys want the new hoodie the new proto-doge hoodie let me knows you know what i mean like let me know in the comment section down below and uh yeah i think that's it um we can get to the portfolio now and uh check out my merch boom boom boom boom yeah make sure to get the merch at www.thedosecoinmillionaire.com different colors different sizes the link is in the description section all right so let's get to the portfolio feed guns go my portfolio guys um this is actually pretty exciting look in the past hour i'm up 5 000 almost 6 000 it was a cute little jump right here about 10 minutes ago where it just shot up out of nowhere like yeah so in the past day i'm up 2.9 000 the past week i am down 17 000 in the past month i am down 126 000 the past three months i am down 1.5 million dollars and if you ask me uh do i regret not selling i'ma tell you no uh in the past year i'm up 641 thousand of all time i'm up 653 thousand dollars uh here you go my dodge does how much does doing today so see this jump right here look this was in the last hour right here so literally 10 minutes ago it went from 20 cents and it shot all the way up to almost 21 cents um that's that's looking like that's looking nice if you guys didn't know my position is 3.9 million doge coins my equity is 788 thousand dollars my average cost basis is 4.7 cents per dogecoin my portfolio diversity is 100 because i'm local and uh yeah my total return is 600 000 so yeah guys um that's pretty much my portfolio right now uh this is looking pretty good i'm not gonna lie to you this is looking nice and healthy you know what i'm saying so uh yeah um in case you guys forgot i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice do not put more money in than you can afford to lose remember this is for entertainment purposes only and nothing else uh do your own due diligence and do your own research before you decide to invest any bit of your money into the stock market or the crypto world just so you know gotta let you know right now that's why i just did you know what i'm saying so uh yeah if you liked the video hit the like button if you didn't like the video hit the like button uh hit the subscribe button you know what i'm saying hit the notification bell all that good stuff and um i will see you guys on the next video peace

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