OOTD 1:Polka Dot Meets VS PINK

hi lovely so yeah this is what i usually don't have and don't do is an outfit of the day not that I didn't want to is just so much work going into anyways month leave so I figured I'd go ahead and do it after today so first if you guys can see my earrings I have on these little lip earrings they're cute I got it from I don't know where I got them from I forgot um this muttering this is a bracelet i got from icing the studs and stuff but if gorgeousness this is just a victoria secret pink shirt gray and then it's powerful with the sequence then i got a black tank underneath and i have on black leggings I mean I've like legging this hook black capris okay and I'll have my shoes on so that's one might show you guys my shoes but yeah this is my whole outfit and hope you guys like it Oh rate comment subscribe and I thought your love is later yes smooches

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