only 0.0073% of the WORLD’S POPULATION OWNS 500XRP (DON’T Buy XRP)

in fact the united states is the only country on 
the planet that has suggested extra visa security   the idea that xrp is a security it has traded 
out there for eight years you know it's kind   of like well if it was a security i guess 
we should have known that a long time ago   welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another 
episode of 24 hours of grip done say thank you   to all my subscribers for comments and liking i do 
appreciate every single one of you guys if you're   new to the channel go to hit that subscribe 
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xrp and let's get into today's episode of the xrp   stats we're going to cover the rich list and i 
have a new number for you guys and i feel like   this is a way better conservative number of 
the world population actually owning xrp and   i subtracted some amounts because in my opinion it 
just makes more sense with these numbers uh let's   scroll down here so we're gonna these are the 
account balances okay and it provides your range   and i made a video about this a couple months back 
and at the time there was less than uh three three   million accounts uh but now we have finally passed 
three million taking into consideration that   the mainstream media does not cover this and when 
the these numbers are going to go up right so   it'll go to 5 million it'll go to 10 million it'll 
go to 15 million but also there's individuals with   multiple multiple wallets uh for myself 
personally i have more than 10 wallets   so that's i mean that's that's that's a lot 
that's a lot so if we come all the way down here   you know that five accounts that that could 
be that could all be mine and then another   five could be mine from here right so just to 
give you like a rough idea of how so and i'm   let me know how many wallets you guys have in the 
comments down below again never share how much xrp   you have but you know you commenting how many 
wallets you have that's that's totally fine you   just don't disclose your xrp holdings but so this 
new number of point zero zero seven three percent   how did i get that number well what i did was 
i sub subtracted 275 411 also 2 million 250 621   from 3 million 90 289 okay and you may be asking 
yourself why did i subtract um the individuals   holding 20 to 40 499 xrp because realistically 
guys i'm not trying to be rude or whatever   but if you don't hold more than 500 xrp you're 
doing something wrong or you're confused because   if you don't if you understand what xrp is trying 
to do uh which has completely changed the whole   financial sector and interrupt the whole economy 
in a way of means of moving money cross-border and   we all know the world runs on money we work for 
money everything we do in life involves money   right or exchanging of goods back in the back 
in the years but so yeah i took that away if you   personally if you if you hold less than 500 xrp 
you're you don't believe in xrp you don't believe   in our xrp and you might say oh i'm being a little 
bit harsh that you know you're being rude and you   know some people don't have money some people 
don't have jobs some people are well you know   what that's that's those are excuses you could go 
and knock on doors and try to sell something okay   i've done it i used to go shovel snow when there 
when we had snow storms and i used to make twenty   dollars or fifteen dollars or five dollars per 
driveway i didn't i did not care what the amount   was that's that's just my opinion so the number we 
got was 564 244 divided by 7 billion 674 million   that's the world's population closest number that 
i could get right now and that gives us the amount   of 0.0073 percent of the world population owning 
more than 500 xrp so if you guys are part of that   let me know what you guys think in the comments 
down below but i'm sure every single one of my   subscribers on this channel are above 500 xrp at 
the end of the day a lot of people say 100 billion   xrp is a lot and it'll never go high because of 
the market cap well those individuals are complete   just complete airheads waste of skin imbeciles 
okay it's that's that's the perfect way and   perfect term to put those individuals at because 
you know they want to pull out the calculator and   they want to start talking about market cap 
but market cap doesn't mean anything at all   if anybody speaks about market cap to me in 
regards to digital assets it's automatically   i will never talk to you in my life 
again and i'm not gonna educate you   if you're talking about market cap i cannot 
educate you i can't even be around you okay   if that sounds stubborn if you don't like it just 
unsubscribe from the channel but i'm not trying to   sugarcoat things and one day one day a face reveal 
will happen on this channel okay because i'm gonna   take this channel to something huge this is the 
beginning of a storm that is gonna completely   wipe out everything okay i am going to take over 
youtube i want to take over this digital asset   area okay i'm going to be one of the biggest 
youtubers and i'm making this video okay and and   again i i want you guys to dedicate yourself put 
some time and learn something because five years   from now 10 years from now 15 years from now 20 
years from now digital assets are going to be a   part of everybody's lives we are going to have a.i 
we are going to have robots walking on the streets   you guys need to be ahead of the game 
learn as much as possible as you can   build up your portfolios because 
you can't just make more xrp   like the federal reserve just keeps printing money 
the economy is changing the world is changing   and it's changing fast but 
you need to wake up and learn   i'm gonna wrap this up because i could keep going 
i do appreciate every single one of you guys and   i was gonna show you guys a trade okay i was gonna 
be i was gonna but i sent money to buy bit and it   still has not settled that's how stupid bitcoin 
is okay it's been over 45 minutes and this is why   this video is late because i've been waiting for 
my funds to settle and buy bit and they still have   not settled for 45 minutes on pro bitcoin bitcoin 
gonna go over 100k it's gonna go over 200 it's   gonna go over half a million but this is what i 
mean by xrp is gonna completely change everything   because bitcoin can't even 
settle a little transaction   it takes 45 minutes sometimes swift is even faster 
than that so i do appreciate every single one of   you guys let me know what you guys in the comments 
down below if you guys are a part of the .0073   gang smash the like button just know these are 
fact numbers these are all on the blockchain   these are these are factual numbers and i know 
it's very little this is why i tell you when   the main media picks up xrp or or your regular 
individual walk on the sidewalk knows about xrp   i'm telling you you guys are 
going to be high rollers and uh   just keep everything to yourself and 
work in silence or accumulate in silence   but every day goes by just the future is scary 
okay and if you guys don't have money you guys are   not going to thrive in this future and it's facts 
look at all the people on the streets that are   homeless that don't have money okay so accumulate 
accumulate accumulate this market is gonna blow up   in the next five to ten years being extremely 
conservative okay and uh all we could do is   live one day at a time and hope we wake up 
the next we'll be back with another episode

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