only 0.0024% of people IN THE WORLD OWN 5000 XRP [Stop Buying XRP]

in fact the united states is the only 
country on the planet that has suggested   extra visa security the idea that xrp is a 
security it has traded out there for eight years   you know it's kind of like well if it was a 
security i guess we should have known that a   long time ago welcome back ladies and gentlemen 
to another episode 24 hours down so thank you   all my subscribers for comments and liking i do 
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into today's episode this one's going to be an   absolute eye opener for any xrp hodler and these 
numbers are so accurate they are about 95 accurate   and the number is only going to be significantly 
lower and it even states on this xrp richlist   stat website uh so what we are calculating here is 
individuals holding more than 5 000 xrp in their   wallets and again this could be you know you could 
have five thousand five thousand two different   wallets and you would still account for this uh if 
you have less than five thousand xrp that means uh   it doesn't mean anything uh work your way up and i 
just picked the 5000 number it's round i feel like   any xrp hodler you know that have been in this 
sector for at least four to a minimum two years   should have at least 5000 xrp in my opinion hence 
why i picked that number but let me know what you   guys think in the comments down below i think 
that's a pretty accurate number and uh we did   also make another video on individuals holding 
more than 500 xrp i will leave that link in the   description down below if you want to go ahead 
and check that out but let's get right into the   numbers here so how do we get this number uh of 
point zero zero two four well what i did was i   subtracted two million two eight hundred ninety 
two thousand six hundred thirty from the three   million right here uh and these were these numbers 
right here added up to the 2 million 892 630.

And   anything above that are individuals holding more 
than 5000 xrp so let's get into the breakdown   but first there's multiple wallets i believe that 
there's 10 percent of those individuals of that   213 uh 213 665 have more than um multiple wallets 
so that's about 21 366 individuals i think that's   pretty accurate again the number could be a lot 
lower i don't see it being a lot higher at all   uh so the overall number that we get individuals 
holding more than 5000 xrp would be about 192   229 and this is the breakdown 192 229 divided by 7 
billion 876 million 965 825 equals 2.0024 percent   so only point zero zero two four percent of the 
world's populations own more than five thousand   xrp that is absolutely huge i want you guys 
to understand how small of a community this is   and how much of an impact this whole community is 
having on the sec lawsuit as well uh we are a very   intelligent community that you know we see each 
other we understand each other hence why there   is a community built around this you know this 
is not just a speculative group of individuals   thinking xrp is going to go to the moon this is a 
group of individuals that are confident and very   very confident that xrp will surpass double digits 
triple digits and quadruple digits in the future   because the purpose of xrp is something a 
human cannot even imagine i am telling you this   right now and i'm not trying to sell any hopium or 
anything and any individuals that you know again   the one odd individuals that leave a comment 
saying oh all these xrp channels are you know   just causing hopium and uh leading individuals 
on no no you just don't understand it my friend   um you could go ahead and watch every other you 
know youtuber and explain it if you can't connect   the dots yourself i'm only going to give you the 
breadcrumbs and it's for you to understand and put   them together as well but at the end of the day 
time will settle all arguments and when xrp comes   at top being number one ranked on corn market cap 
people's faces will start melting and what i mean   by that is people won't wouldn't even talk to you 
i wouldn't even want to talk to any individual   that you know i've set for them i begged them to 
buy xrp when it was at these levels and you know   they're messaging you around you know 
50 xrp or 30 xrp 100 xrp down the road   so to sum it all up if you hold more than 5000 
xrp welcome to the point zero two four percent   of the world's population that is a hundred 
and ninety two thousand individuals folks   just take that into consideration look how 
that is so small and some people worry about   oh there's going to be so many people getting 
rich off this stuff and why would the government   want that this is a very small fraction of the 
world's population and i've said this many times   and i'll say it again a lot of individuals are 
going to sell on the way to a hundred dollars   a lot of individuals and when they do that they're 
gonna feel guilty buying back in at you know a   hundred dollars or two hundred dollars because you 
know they sold that 30 40 50 unless you understand   again there's still no point you're still doing 
it you're you're it still doesn't make sense for   you to do that right but that's why i say have 
a long-term huddle position for xrp and have a   little stash that you want to sell at a set price 
and make sure you sell at that set price i will be   disclosing everything in the you know down down 
the road if i take any profits i will you know   disclose that with you guys um but until then 
all you could do right now is keep accumulating   xrp and uh look for the future because there's 
gonna be a lot of turbulence on the road   and all i could say is keep your head up keep 
your job keep working hard because all this time   and effort you're putting into right now working 
and dedicating your life to you know create some   extra cash on the side so you could accumulate 
more xrp will pay off in the future i i guarantee   you that and a lot of people are going to be like 
well you can't guarantee anything well i've been   guaranteeing a lot of stuff in the past years 
and nobody listened and they're still working   um so i i just can't stress this enough the time 
will come and don't be surprised that you know   the xrp price didn't move after good news off the 
sec because xrp is bigger like words came describe   how big of a innovation this is that is going to 
completely disrupt everything like i'm talking the   world i'm talking the planet we're talking money 
being moved everywhere every corners of the world   is going to be moved on xrp ripple and where 
xrp is a digital native token for ripple   okay and please don't overthink and don't start 
asking yourself questions oh what if they dump   xrp and they start using another coin or what if 
this what if that just these what if questions are   going to drive you crazy it's going to drive you 
crazy so i do appreciate every single one of you   guys let me know what you guys in the comments 
down below because this number is absolutely   disturbing to understand that there's actually 
so little individuals holding more than 5000 xrp   and actually i do want to share one thing before 
i let you guys go check out this the percentage of   accounts individuals okay holding less than 
thirty thousand xrp so if you're into two   percent three percent four percent five percent 
ten percent have been accumulating like crazy   look at the uptick in these accumulation okay like 
the three percent is not crazy crazy but look at   the ten percent this is good this is what we want 
people are waking up to this this is a huge dream   this is a really really big change here 
folks uh usually it's you know it's steady   but this is like a parabolic line here that's the 
accumulation in the ten percent has gone up a lot   you know what this means people are understanding 
what's happening people are seeing what's   happening as you can see the point five percent 
the one percent the point two the point one the   point zero one again we can't really count this 
as majority of these are xrp sorry exchanges and   all that stuff but you know anybody above 
one percent they're just kind of chilling   they're just kind of hanging out because again 
realistically you don't need stupid amounts of xrp   right at the end of the day don't be too greedy 
always you know diversification is key a little   bit a little bit again but at the end of the day 
this is going to be a mega mega wealth transfer   on this planet blockbuster movies that our 
grandchildren are gonna be watching in the future   and it's just gonna be absolutely crazy folks let 
me know what you guys think in the comments down   below but i do appreciate every single one of you 
guys and we will be back smash that like button   for the point zero zero zero sorry point zero zero 
two four percent of the individuals holding five   thousand xrp and if you're holding less 
than five thousand xrp you are still a   goat for holding any xrp this was just a rough 
calculation for individuals over five thousand   just to give you a rough idea so i do appreciate 
every single one of you guys and we will be back   with another episode but i like hamburgers 
you know i like hamburgers and chicken wings

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