One Crypto Project Changes Everything (KEY To The Future)

today we're going to discuss a project that has its eye set on the advanced use of blockchain technology connecting the physical world with the digital as we have said here on this channel everything is going digital and it looks like today's project is one leading that future working with both big corporations and governments find out what the key to this project's success is gonna be let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bit swap is changing the game try it now at bit swap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money hit that subscribe button and also make sure to join our telegram group to keep up with me in the bid squad in this video we are going to be discussing smart key and this is an extremely interesting project it's a mix between the waves and ethereum blockchain and hardware smart key connects the physical and digital finance world pitched as the missing puzzle piece also known as the key you may remember smartkey showcasing its technology with a mercedes-benz 2019 the team showed a demo using a mercedes car in warsaw at mercedes headquarters that's right this isn't just a concept this is a working product that is constantly being further developed besides mercedes smart keys also cooperating with south korea's second largest automobile manufacturer kia and telconica networks presenting its use cases so how can smartkey help the automotive industry for the two auto manufacturers smart key functions as a way for you to unlock your vehicle not only that but with smart keys smart contract function you could lend out your vehicle to friends or to strangers in the share economy and control how far they go where they go and much more now you personally might not lend out your car or your wife to a stranger but there are entire business models set up around their renting things thanks to smartkey a business can control what customers do with their rented vehicles allowing for more control for the company meaning if a car is stolen they can quickly turn off the car's ignition rendering it useless to the thief and the same applies to that annoying friend who may steal your keys for a joy ride you can also issue a temporary key that expires under smart contract circumstances that you set up so at least the engine can be shut off smart key allows vehicle access with the use of programmable keys stored and transferred on the blockchain enabling crypto value payments and commission settlement with its technology pretty cool right another use case would be sharing your home and giving you full smart control doing so by using smart key through a smart contract although someone doesn't want to leave doesn't have a robot that will eject them from your premises however you could shut off the heating or cooling of its summer and even the electricity and water hooked into a smart key device that'll teach your brother-in-law from sleeping on the couch in that retrospect a customer could pay you for renting out your home to them through a smart contract and stop these necessity functions from being shut off it's important to note that smartkey boasts about airbnb testing its system but it doesn't just end with vehicles and home sharing and that's not even the main use case as mentioned smartkey is partnered with teltonica networks a company that focuses on gps devices networking products and internet of things or iot devices imagine you go to a hotel or an airliner and you want to use their wi-fi now they can provide that service using smart key they would now be able to control your use of their service using the blockchain and smart keys hardware product providing a key for you to access which expires when your stay or flight is finished hopefully with you landing safely and that's not all you want partnerships here's a big one smarky recently partnered with chain link to help in a government approved project to power smart cities of the future chain link's oracle solution combined with smart key will be used to unlock a whole new way of living is one example for the technology it will allow automatic activation of emergency response systems during severe storms with much more capabilities coming in the future in other words smart key is a bridge connecting internet of things to the blockchain to unlock real-world data-driven smart contract use utilizing chain link smart key hinted to me that it will be a major player developing numerous implementations with chain link that may influence the future of blockchain in 2021 this isn't just a concept in fact smart key has already partnered with the local government of warming and marsuurian vovortisship a region in poland with over 1.5 million people sorry guys i'm not polish i have no idea how to say that name i really just mumbled a bunch of sounds together so you might not want to look that up but the local government of woody ship will use smart keys technology to give its rescue service teams instantaneous access to all secure districts and buildings in its vicinity in case of an emergency situation god forbid i had to tell somebody how to get to a street there by using the blockchain this will greatly reduce response times or fires and rescue services allowing first responders to focus on saving more lives as said before blockchain can be used to revolutionize essentially every existing industry who would have thought that that also meant first responders as well smarky is a platform built on the ethereum and waves blockchain to connect to real world services assets and businesses further beyond real world applicable use the smart key platform can integrate any device smart contract smart key leverages its integration with internet of things devices and platforms in a number of ways device services can be implemented on websites mobile apps and passive sensor systems smarky also enables p2p platforms like airbnb toro or hotdesk which you can rent offices by the hour it can also be implemented in the car sharing industry enabling instant payments and zero trust relations another big partnership the smart key has pulled in is with ferguson ferguson one of the largest producers of ferguson's i'm just kidding one of the largest producers and distributors of consumer electronic smart home solutions ferguson ferguson will implement the smart key d5 connector in its devices twice i'm just kidding just once so with partnerships with big names there must be a solid team behind smart queue right the following information is from the smart key website smarky is headed by simone federic who has over 20 years of technological and management experience zizimon has worked with large companies such as orange telecom and kia automotive the project ceo is ratoslav kojiki a long-time business owner with over 20 years of experience in business growth and management i'm doing my best guys radoslav is lead technology projects in the field of maintenance mro aviation and i.t solutions for blockchain finally we have hermann sadiq whose name is pronounceable he's also a full stack developer and team leader with over 10 years of experience sadiq has created many projects in aviation electromobility pharmaceutical and logistical industries hermann is also responsible for the first implementation of blockchain technology in poland there's way more listed on the team's page but really i only briefly touched on the team for the specific reason of butchering those names this is a revolutionary technology and getting involved in this one could be like buying shares in airbnb and uber at once smart key is currently only available on unit swap and probit with plans to list on other exchanges in the near future including hotbit the team also says on its website that s key will be listed on a top three exchange promising more info in quarter one of 2021 probit is also getting ready to host a second sale for smartkey through its io or initial exchange offering platform which is scheduled for december 10th although if you're in the united states you can't participate instead you can use uniswap it's because we don't like participation trophies but hurry up smart keys pre-sale sold out fast with over 3 200 active investors participating in the pre-sale what do you guys think about this one is smart key smart or will this one flame out let me know down below in the comments that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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