O3 Labs with Lisa N Edwards

hey everyone it's lisa here and welcome 
back to my youtube channel today   i'm talking with matt powers from 03 swap and 
we're going to talk about their wallet about   how to stake and you know they've got so many 
cool things happening with the um the staking and   they've got some really cool names to them so um 
yeah let's find out some more so hey matt welcome   hi lisa thanks for having me what a what a 
great and welcoming introduction yeah we know   who you are because it's like oh three wallets 
so now the over the last week you guys have had   such an epic rise like it's gone 200 in like 
literally two days three days and um you know it's   because of everything that's kind of happening 
on your platform and with the staking and   you know it's so exciting so tell us a little bit 
more about how that all works and what's happening right so um for we surmise or so we think because 
we're not completely sure that the rise has a lot   to do with uh these staking events because one of 
the things you have to do to unlock the o3 that   you've already earned by staking like a stable 
coin like let's say usdt or busd uh is you have to   uh provide liquidity to uni swap at least on 
um the ethereum blockchains platform you have   to provide liquidity to uni swap uh to unlock 
those coins so we we think that people are buying   like uh the 03 coin uh because they want to unlock 
their 03 coin that they earned already and so it's   really this whole ecosystem that's uh feeding 
into itself and it's it's working quite well   so basically you can stake a whole heap of 
different tokens there but to earn 03 you need to   hold o3 is that correct um sort of it's a 
little bit more complex to that than that   uh you you can stake a whole bunch of different 
tokens and you earn o3 but that o3 is locked like   you can't just withdraw and start selling it to 
unlock that 03 you need to provide o3 liquidity   to a swap like again sort of steak o3 liquidity to 
uni swap or pancake swap on the bsc chain um but   for this time that you're staking to unlock the 
coins it's a significantly shorter amount of time   uh compared to like when you're staking like 
a stable coin um so it might just be only 48   hours to unlock all of that coin that you just 
earned and then you'll be able to like withdraw   it and sell it and do whatever you want with it 
so it's like it's like a double staking um but the   second stake isn't quite as long it's just like 
showing uni swap and um like pancake swap that   we're providing liquidity and then like you can 
unlock that o3 coin that you earned so with the   providing the liquidity and you know once so we've 
got um you know icing i think it's called icing   sugar that i just put up on the screen so we've 
had it we've got a couple of really cool sort of   um names for the staking and for the um you know 
what you can do so this is uh icing sugar mining   so it's um you know that's the bsc and then you've 
got ice age mining now um so when you're staking   or mining with those and then you're holding the 
o3 to unlock your o3 what happens what's going   to happen with the market or is um is it going 
to massively drop when those all unlock um you   know what's the sort of or do they just keep 
sort of rolling over with new people coming in uh it seems like it's it's continuing to roll 
over uh with new people coming in we haven't had   that sort of massive drop um because like when 
you unlock that 03 that you earned by staking   you can go ahead and like stake that 03 again 
like the because we're so early the rewards for is   taking 03 uh are still pretty high so we don't we 
don't necessarily expect people um to go and sell   it right away after they've earned it uh but that 
is their right uh but we haven't seen that happen   yet okay so what what kind of ap whys are 
they getting at the moment for the staking   uh let me check it's it's changing okay to 
stake to stake heath uh we've got a 129 percent   apy just take o3 got because it's so 
early we've got a 998.15 percent apy   apys are quite high yeah that's incredible yeah 
yeah that that won't last forever so hopefully   people can come come to o3 swap and get it while 
the getting's good wow yeah i can i can see like   not only if you got in like a few days ago did you 
make 200 on your 03 but you're making if you're   staking 03 you're making an extra 900 that's just 
insane yeah well on the year on the year yeah on   the year but it's still like that's a huge amount 
like if you were to put your money into a bank   you get like two to three percent in australia on 
the year not 900 on the year that's like massive   yeah well that's what we need to do to encourage 
people uh to use our protocol and uh we're willing   to do it obviously yeah yeah it's it's 
really exciting so coming up um obviously   you know you've listed uh the last few weeks on 
hobie you're on gate uh io uh you're a balancer   you're on bsc you know have you got extra plans 
to and pancake as well so um have you got you   know plans to sort of go on to the major sort of 
bigger exchanges or you're going to stay sort of   where you are at the moment yeah our our main goal 
right now is getting on finance uh we sort of view   that as the like holy grail of the centralized 
exchanges and their application process um   is quite lengthy and difficult and i think even 
if uh you sort of pass all the tests they still   just kind of uh randomly decide so to speak 
if you're worthy of being on their platform   so we're applying now we're in the application 
process um and we're hoping and that we can   gain enough steam and gain enough notoriety to 
get on finance but perhaps perhaps that goal   for now is is is a bit lofty uh perhaps that 
might not happen for for a few more months   that's a pretty impressive goal to 
you know this is we've really on   like a tier one exchange which is obi and then um 
you know going to binance is like the next step   really when you think about it so that's huge 
you know and getting in now for everyone and um   studying the staking and doing all of that is such 
a an early and huge benefit to so many out there   yeah for sure users can just take a look at like 
our tokenomics and uh it seems obvious to me that   the coin is is going to rally in price um like 
over the over time um just like because all of   the prof like when users use the swap that profit 
that like the company is making is it's going back   to buying like o3 on the market and burning 
it so like the supply of o3 can like diminish   as much as people like use the swap protocol so 
yeah we have some we have some coin burning taking   place already oh already that's huge so with the 
the staking um so you've got the ice age mining   and then you've got icing sugar pool what's 
the difference between the two of those   okay so for the pool um you can include 
the wrapped aetherium one inch matic   skl mask and perp so that that the perk 
not per perp and that's going into a pool   and what and what you're earning um oh three 
or three coin now uh the o3 salt mining uh   is a collaboration with the binance 
smart chain and um it supports like   ethereum crosstrain liquidity and o3 staking so 
it's not staking like all those different types   of coins um it's just staking the o3 so that's 
that's the primary difference okay so either way   you're still making o3 which is the better would 
you say to be staking in would you be going on the   straight 03 or would you be going in different 
coins uh i'd probably be sticking like o3   yeah directly i think that has the yeah it's got 
the better um got the better rate and uh i just   i just believe in this project a lot and yeah 
i don't know if i would i would be staking   the the other coins on into the pool yeah just 
yet but i mean users are it's their choice really   but i just think the rate right now for o3 is not 
going to last forever and yeah fantastic one yeah   so um what are the actual application scenarios 
of the token like what can you do with it   okay so the first is that we expect the price 
to go up i mentioned the coin burns before   uh that's really the first and foremost thing 
uh that can happen um we expect people are going   to be using our swap protocol because our swap 
protocol is really advanced and it's really like   at the click of your fingertips like to change 
something like uh ethereum for uh like another   another coin like us dollar tether or yeah i 
was playing around with it a little bit today   because i noticed like you know the older style 
wallets where you had to go through change early   in those sort of programs to sort of and it would 
go to the exchange it would bring the money back   um and yeah with the o3 wallet you just click it 
and all of a sudden you've gone from ethereum to   whatever coin you want to be in and it was just 
it was instantaneous it was really impressive   yeah not only that lisa but uh it's the best price 
because what our aggregation protocol is doing   is that it's querying all these different 
decentralized exchanges uh to get our users the   best price so if you i don't know if you noticed 
uh but below that when you when you look at like   the quote that it it's gonna cost you like to 
change those coins out um it'll tell you like it   might be going through like three other different 
coins like it might go from like ethereum   wrapped ethereum uh bnb and then to your target 
destination coin yeah so it it's really it's   really amazing and so like i said the first and 
foremost uh point of holding o3 is that like those   there's a small fee for the swap and that small 
fee is going back to buy um 03 coin on the market   excuse me yeah i didn't even notice like a massive 
fee on the swap like in comparison to other sites   it was not huge uh the second thing is you're 
gonna have voting rights like to make changes   to the network uh just like on a lot of other 
coins you're gonna be able to vote and decide   like what changes to make to the network so 
if you're a big holder you you'll have like   uh autonomy or sovereignty as to what's going on 
like what changes are being made due to the whole   to the whole network and what's going on so 
you know when you go and you have a look at   the wallet checkers i notice that there's a lot 
of um you know holders for o3 so it's not an issue   and um one thing i do look at as well 
when i'm looking at sort of new projects   and uh that have just come on is you know the the 
rug checks and and that sort of stuff because you   know obviously you don't want to get stuck 
sort of you know holding something that   you know all of a sudden it gets rug pulled and 
you've lost all your money so um you know when we   go and we have a look we can see that you've got 
the certificates that you've gone through you know   they found a few issues and they were all really 
quickly rectified which is really impressive   so on the audit report we had one critical final 
it was like resolved almost instantaneously   um and then on this one so we've passed with the 
contract address so you know the security and   solar so i can't even say that word solidarity 
audit um came back clear so it's you know it's   really really strong and that's something that 
you know we have to look for these days when   we're sort of investing as well which is a you 
know you've passed all the tests basically yeah   for now for now and and there's always uh 
bad actors and hackers to audit it and and   in the future we hope to be having events where 
those who could find like flaws in our security   uh and receive air drops um after letting us know 
of course um but yeah we've had we've had audited   uh i didn't even know that that you you pulling 
that up is great i knew we were i knew we were in   the pro when we were in the process but i didn't 
know that uh the result came back uh yeah and my   colleagues didn't even let me know that but yeah 
we have a really strong gone i'm sorry no i was   gonna say it's one of the major things i look for 
especially with um you know these new networks and   new sort of coins you want to know that they're 
doing all the security and you're like patching   all the flaws and and you know nobody can get in 
and you know double spend or do whatever so yeah yeah wow yeah it it really is incredible uh what 
this team has been able to do and i gotta i gotta   give credit like to the developers i'm not a 
developer um but they're they're here late and   they're here every day and they're they're working 
hard on it so it's good to see that uh the did   you say the the audit found a a major critical 
yeah it found a major critical um like uh sort   of issue but it was rectified within 24 hours so 
and that is a major major thing so yeah to have it   rectified that quickly means that these guys the 
devs that you've got working just sort of didn't   give up and just stayed up all night basically 
right yeah no they they do stay up all night   i think yeah i think the tech side is really the 
strong suit here we're trying to like really um   you know level up in terms of our marketing and 
in terms of our reach and that's sort of like   why they brought why they brought me on yeah 
no it's it's definitely impressive so that's   yeah just one thing that i look at so now with 
the um cross chain aggregation protocol so tell   us about a little bit how that's connected to 
different blockchains and how that sort of works   right so currently um we're only operational 
on two blockchains but we plan to be live on   ecochain like with within a few months time and 
those two blockchains that we're on right now   are ethereum chain and bsc chain um and so we can 
connect to like all the different um decentralized   exchanges on those platforms and that's where 
we're sourcing like our liquidity from and   it's sort of a give and takes the scenario 
because we're also providing them liquidity   so those like decentralized 
exchanges really welcome   really welcome us because we're 
doing service for them as well and that's really a big part of the mission 
of o3 is the interoperability of everything   that i mentioned before we we want you 
to be able to like change your core now   like at the click of a button of course 
there is a small fee that the fee is uh   0.3 percent so we we expect like people to use 
this thing and we don't expect the fee to be uh   a barrier for for new users um so so and 
i also notice um i'm just going to pull up   your twitter right now so because this 
is pretty exciting because you've been   on the market for a relatively short time as far 
as you know a coin or a token is concerned and   you're already number three in the top gainers 
on the binance smart chain and it's like   you know and this is 56 but in the last you 
know three four days you've done 200 so you know   i'm just waiting for the update today to 
say that you're in the you're the top gainer wow yeah no it's really incredible and i i really 
can't it's it's hard to uh sort of comprehend that   because i mean we're all hopeful like as we're 
doing this that something like this will happen   uh but when it happens so quickly and especially 
at a time when uh most coins are really struggling   most of the cryptocurrencies are having 
a different time uh yeah it's really just   it's really just gravy you know it's so exciting 
because there's there's only a few that are doing   really really good at the moment because you know 
obviously bitcoin's sort of in this corrective   pattern and pulling everything down but um yeah 
o3 is just powering on it's so impressive so   when um you're staking as well on o3 like how many 
users can there be on the platform staking at once ah that's that's a good question lisa i i really 
don't know i really yeah um you know some of the   the bigger farms that we've seen a lot of 
people can't get into the the pools yeah   i see that's a really good question i'm not 
sure that they're like currently is a limit   i guess because we're so nash like national 
actually i don't know how to uh pronounce that   word because we're in our infancy yeah so so we're 
already seeing 1.15 million total staking um of 03   we've got 68 000 staking heath 76 000 
staking wrapped bnb 330 000 staking xvs   and only 1846 taking auto uh because i'm because 
i'm seeing that the the apys are still very high   i'm guessing we still have like lots of room 
for for new stickers like yeah currently um   wow cake 742 thousand wow and the number rising 
yeah yeah i i i will have to get back to you with   like the limit on stakers that's a really good 
question that i'm not yeah no i should have i   should have like given that to you before but yeah 
it was just something that occurred to me that i   was talking to um another coin people the other 
day and i asked them the same question and they   were like oh we've hit our limit and i'm just like 
oh okay well yeah how does anyone what do i do   yeah so if you guys have got like you know 
obviously the apis are still huge so you know   everyone out there should be getting into 03 right 
now yeah we're hoping we're hoping and we want   not only just to stake but to use the swap like i 
don't think people realize just how like advanced   the swap protocol is yeah the protocol was really 
cool like if you know you need to use something   else and you've just got to really quickly 
swap it it was just so quick and so easy and   really inexpensive yeah awesome yeah thank 
you for saying that yeah i was impressed   it's like i've been you know doing this a long 
time so it takes a lot to impress me but it   was so fast and so quick that i was like 
wow okay cool they've got this under control   what uh what did you connect with did you con um 
is it metamask yeah metamask yeah so now i just   i swapped uh bs uh just the binance coin to uh 
ethereum and it was like super cheap and you know   almost instantaneous uh binance quantum ethereum 
yeah from from uh what wallet i didn't hear i   didn't catch it oh sorry it was metamask oh 
it was metamask yeah okay wow awesome yeah   it's really that's what i was most excited 
about the staking i i honestly like personally   i haven't staked anything yet uh but i 
understand why people would i'm gonna give   you a little bit of advice matt i think you 
should because there's nine hundred percent   at the moment yes no it's true it's 
true it's true yeah so is there   anything else that you'd like to let 
the audience know before we let you go um well i think the audience should just 
head to o3shop.com and check out like uh   our future developments and 
and use like the product that   uh we've only been live for a couple months but 
really obviously everything's growing so quickly   uh we really want users to use the swap and to 
stake and and just try to experiment with it   they don't have to use like a lot of money um we 
understand that not everyone has a lot of money   but um just to use a small amount of 
money and try it out and see how much   to see what they can earn uh by staking or uh try 
out the protocol and see what they can swap for   amazing all right so thank you for joining 
me today and i'm going to let everyone know   i'm going to put the website i'm going to put the 
twitter i'm going to put the medium and i'm going   to put the telegram channel all in the links below 
so make sure you check them out because this is   amazing and it's going to be so huge it already is 
so huge it's like 200 in a you know three days so   it's massive so yeah thank you so much for 
joining me matt yeah thanks so much for having   me yeah it's been an absolute delay and i really 
appreciate it uh talking with you awesome all   right and i will i will have to stick yes we'll 
have to stay and um yeah we'll have if you've   got anything coming up that's really exciting 
you're welcome back anytime so yeah let us know   all right yeah well we'll have to take you up on 
that uh in the coming weeks yeah because we've got   some got some big things in the works all right 
thanks lisa appreciate it cool thank you talk to   you soon bye bye so thanks guys for watching 
and don't forget to smash that like button bye you

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