O que é Gas? Entenda as taxas da rede Ethereum

and Gomes de Oi Eita but it's expensive this time, it's the fuel of the etheric network and just as gasoline allows for different vehicles like a motorcycle, a car macumba a quadricycle and even a way to move in a bias of the etheric network is power computation that allows decentralized applications without ethereal to run in different operations is precisely what makes the network run so war is a unit of measurement that the network was used to measure how much computing power is needed to send a touch to run a Smart against the run any action there in the protocol but for some time now the network fees and gas well getting more and more expensive EA about that today's video subscribe to the channel and Activate Tink to know more about all the changes coming through ahead in the etheric network a Bitcoin and other cryptoactives this one to go ahead here in the content if you can buy And there will be crypto of the etheric network in the market Bitcoin the biggest free platform Latin America coins are entered there is a link here in the description to help you there Open your account and start buying etheric and various other ringtones that run on this protocol so the first step to understand ethernet network rates is to understand how blockchain etherum handles all processing of transactions and the creation of new blocks happens through a consensus mechanism called proof-of-work This is the same mechanism that Bitcoin uses where the mining of each currency takes place And that means that super powerful computers are competing with each other for see who solves the super complex calculation first, the computer or a miner who gets the calculation right first and closes the block of information that receives two ethers as a reward and then from Solved the calculation of the block in question, the miners start to compete in the next block and that's why block has means current blocks are information blocks that are constantly seeing the recalculated and easily tracked and it is also the miners who process the transactions on the network and the transactions that pay more and have priority preference gone precisely in the blocks miners pass these people who paid more in front of everyone it's like an auction and whoever is in a hurry can pay a higher amount to pass in front of the queue of Sensations that we have waiting there to be included in the bacteria, but with time, as the protocol inserts more users and more people participate in the network, the more expensive fees are because it ends having more people who play pay more to have priority and get ahead of everyone else and in addition to the increase in the number of users as the network grows, the calculations also become more complex.

more electricity and the miners will not accept low transaction values since they are doing from a high electricity bill and from the network how to put a company right they won't pay for the courses the service in question didn't appear No free service they also want a reward for providing this service. has seen a significant increase in transaction fees as time goes by the difficulty of mining new blocks that this more electricity and the deserving ones will charge more because they are also spending more to run and this whole Chain mechanism has already happened with Bitcoin in the past and this is a trend of all networks that use truffle because every time the network grows it ends up getting more expensive. In addition, it has specific rules on which the value of gas must be used in each transaction And remembering that each period will require a specific gas So it is not standard for all operations on the network to calculate the gas value in monetary financial values you have that multiplying the rest of the value of Computational Power by buy which is one millionth of ethereum does not have as the smallest unit of highlights the cents is the smallest unit of bitcoins are puppets in ethereum the smallest unit of measure is Whey 1 and have is equivalent to 1,000 1800 so to facilitate the calculations the etheric network uses Gwen which is a giga Way which is equivalent to a billionth of a term.

Desired action on the blog also if you don't have 10 the entire transaction is reversed and the unlimited gas it exists there for it's hacker attacks on the network or taxi. operation who does the action in the block who pays always assist me because it is always in accordance with this gas calculation and if you are finding everything too expensive you can also choose to wear a bottle handkerchief lower only reminds that when you pay a high amount you have priority your transaction will be processed in your mind and in the same way if you pay a very low amount your transaction will be left for later it may take a long time, it may take hours or even days to be processed so if you're not in too much of a hurry you can look at the sites that measure the amount of computational power per transaction and put an average value there and wait to be processed.

Another reason the rates have risen so much is that with the world and steak and nfts the less crime began to demand ethereal and to run in more its applications in blocks have and this demands a lot of space the blocks and it's right there making the network and the processing of the block have even had cases of fees and fifty percent of the transaction value to perform actions in the protocols as in this case here where to perform a fine token exchange on March 10, 2020 and a naouri s uave in the amount of 108 dollars the amount of gas charged by the network was 54 dollars plus r$ 250 but these high rates and giving many people to negotiate ends up making many operations unfeasible, generating criticism of the internal protocol as we have seen, this also increases the competitiveness of other protocols that run smartcontents, but with even lower rates here in Mateus, for example, I'm showing that the low rate right now is around five dollars, that is R$ 30, the average rate is $6 36 reais AND the rate High $9 or r$ 55 this just to change exeter cap if you want to change Tocantins rc-20 as you participated in being buttons then the price goes to almost 20 dollars one hundred and little reais and if you want to do anything on decentralized platforms like us four for example is 50 to 100 dollars like 250 to r$ 600 is really a very high rate but some solutions are being created and by the ethereum community to compete nsar and resolve once and for all this rise in prices and Network Boxes These functions encompass the 2G layer ei ei P15 56 use of denim tea and the exchange of please stop for take in the ethereal 12.0 these changes are what promises to scale redditery to reduce energy expenditure and cheap network fees we explained all this these implementations of the ethereum network in our masterclass I'll leave it here in the link above, just click and watch later, but at this moment while these implementations don't happen What you can do to avoid paying very high fees is to choose moments of less network congestion to make your transactions for this, just follow sites that monitor the eternyon network as it is to have cam and eths Station and you can optimize your transactions another tip is to reduce the frequency with which you perform these actions on the ethereal network and concentrate larger amounts to move by paying these fees to our Instagram people and are posting there a lot of content about the main news of these changes there on Seriously, don't go there to find out more, and then what do you think will be these implementations that come ahead will lower the rates of the etheric network, well we'll monitor everything up close and bring everything here for you in the meantime we're like this [Music] Hey there [Music]

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