Nuevos 18 forks de CHIA NETWORK, como instalar y farmear GOJI COIN y RIG para spare flax y todas!

Hi guys! Welcome, today we are going to be teaching you how to install the new "fork" of "CHIA" which, as you already know in the previous video, we publish the differences between "fork" and "merged mining" and it is not actually "fork "It is a merged mining, this video is about how to install" GOJI "and we are going to introduce you to the new 18" merged minning "from" CHIA "so run intro and let's get started.

Hello guys, welcome to your videos "CHIA" series I am Marvin Montana and together we will be building the economy of the future we begin. Perfect, we are back and as you can see here we have the links of all the new projects that are trying to do a new merged mining of "CHIA" and we are going to leave them in the description, today we are going to be reviewing "getgoji "It seems that it already has a new GUI for windows so let's go here, let's leave the direct download now, let's go to extract, .ex is quite simple so that you can review the new projects you should go here to Your link, copy, they go to the internet, "control + t", they will paste it and almost certainly they should only put a diagonal and "release" which are releases, if it does not appear like this they should go to the link that we left and here It says "release", as you can see here are the codes, not all have this .ex in this case, because I took the one for flax, which is already a well-known one, but we are going to take, for example, this other one from here, let's go here and as you can see "chiadoge-chain" does not have here this releas, in this case it does not have so there they can be aware in this case we have already downloaded Goji we are going to do the test, as all these ".exe" know well they are quite vulnerable so what we are going to be doing is dividing the computers with the highest power so that they are mining and the one with less power we are going to make the wallets for each of them in this way we can protect our coins in cold and all those that are hot because having them working this will give us some security as you can see because it seems that the GUI is the same as "CHIA", we are going to create a new private key, well we are already driving as you can see it is the same as "CHIA" here you have the section "wallets", "plots", "farms" and "keys" and it is already synchronizing the blocks and then we just have to wait when it is ready we will be closing the video and we will show you, it seems that we will be the first to show this new "merged minning" of "CHIA" so to enjoy it, you already know, make your purses in cold guide Order your coins because the only cryptocurrencies that belong to us are the ones we have in the stock market, always with caution because they are quite recent projects and now any decision is at your risk and before the video ends if we reach 500 subscribers We are going to show you how to put together a ring for hard drives like the ones shown in the images I have seen that a couple of people have uploaded these two images that they like a lot but there is no one to explain it so if we reach a minimum of 500 subscribers I'm going to be teaching you how to build this "rig", I already have everything ready, in fact we are putting it together and we will have it ready in one or two days but first we must reach 500 subscribers so you know how to subscribe, like and share, until the next video.

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