Novčanik Atomic Wallet za Bitcoin i Druge Kriptovalute – #1

Hello everyone, Dean is from the Wintobewell channel and welcome to the Atomic Wallet Balkan tutorial, where we will process the wallet for various cryptocurrencies, for your computer, but installation on mobile phones is also possible. This is the first part, Of course before we go please pay attention to this slide and if you agree with the above, it is time to take action. Today's message is as follows: We will deal with the installation on the computer, you will see how very very very simple. Then we will focus on creating crypto wallets which is a very important part. Because this wallet is decentralized, you own your cryptocurrencies, unlike exchange offices where private keys or your cryptocurrencies are kept for you at that exchange office.

Third thing, a brief overview of cryptocurrencies on Atomic Walet. We’ll go over everything we have at the Atomic Wallet from the crypt. And what all we can do at Atomic Wallet, what all the action. To have an overview of how to make the most of this wallet. So of course let's go in order and if this is interesting to you leave me the likes, subscribe to the Wintobewell channel if you haven't already, and click on the bell to not miss the news from the channel. So let's go in order. You will have the installation link in the description of this video, very simply. Here I skipped the first step, the first screen, but it's a mail address if you want, and if you don't want to, you don't have to, you will click on x above and you will go further. I left because I want to keep track of what’s new from the world of this crypto wallet. What's great is we have support for Windows, for Mac, and Android and Ios phones. That is, operating systems. So the offer is quite wide.

It will guide you screen by screen and also offer you to follow the Atomic Wallet on one of the social networks. So they have Facebook and Twitter and Telegram as all serious crypto companies. What will appear to us, new wallet, we click on that new wallet. And then your password. We recommend, of course, the stronger the password, write it down, save it somewhere safe, because it's about your money. Because someone can break into your computer, does not know the password, so you are insured there. That's one thing. After that it will appear like this, loading. It will take a little while it installs on your computer. But nothing too long. And now, as I said, only the creation of this Bitcoin or crypto wallet follows, because it is not only for Bitcoin. That's why I put where these letters are mine, you'll get 12 words.

Write them down somewhere and put them on paper, you can in two places. In case you uninstall the app, you lose your laptop. Your computer dies, anything breaks. You cannot access your Atomic Wallet, install it on another computer and return your cryptocurrencies with the Backup phrase. So that's your private key, private key. You've probably heard the phrase not your keys are not your funds. Also, it is very important to store it safely. After that we will click on the open wallet. And the following will appear to us. This is what the page from which you will download your wallet will look like, so save it. Now let’s see what all the cryptocurrencies we have on this wallet, so it’s super handy. I had a lot of emails asking for a crypto wallet, without people holding on to exchange offices and supporting more of it. Then we talk about the Atomic wallet.

Take a look here you see this icon. You click on it. And you can already see the coins and tokens there. What have you been offered? You really see a great overview. Great overview of tokens and coins. By typing these abbreviations on Coinmarketcap, you could learn more about the same cryptocurrency. Here we will go through here only some of the most basic. I'll go here to cancel. Sure you have Bitcoi, but Dash, Nem, Waves, Tezos, Great review is there, there is a lot of coin to choose from. I think you really have a great choice. Here we can choose whether the value will be expressed in Bitcoin, Dollar or some other, let’s say classic or traditional currency. Let's see what it has to offer me.

Here, when you click on the wallet, the currencies are displayed and when you click on it, the individual currency is displayed. Simply recieve, send, do you want the address to receive. Copy and very very fast going. Let's go back to the wallet. Then here we have the exchange. We have an instant exchange, an instant exchange of cryptocurrencies. What is the advantage of this? You probably know that at exchange offices, to these cryptocurrencies, let’s say you want to convert XRP Do you want to buy XLM or do you want to buy LINK. And now of course you need to convert XRP to Bitcoin first, or Ethereum and then with one of those two currencies you buy LINK. Or XRP in dollars if it were supported, but of course you can't directly, while here you can.

Here you have the opportunity, if you had enough, We would need at least 12 XRPs there, of course I don't have any. Here we click on exchange. And then he would automatically change it for us very, very quickly. Let’s see what else we have, other than that fast, instant exchange. Possibility to buy a crypt. I'll tell you right away, it's a little more expensive, but it's possible with a Visa or Mastercard card. You can easily buy a lot of these cryptocurrencies that are supported. You can already buy through this wallet. Be careful, the fee is 5%, a minimum of $ 10. So it doesn't pay to buy for $ 50 or 50 EUR. But if you need a quick purchase, you can easily make it here. Let’s say I want to buy a Nano for $ 200. He's going to need some time now.

Of course you should now fill in all this information from the card. What is your address, your contacts, state, what's cool, the Balkan states were also supported. Here you see. What matters is working with a third party, Simplex, the company is very reliable and means that after you enter the data from the card, it will need to be verified. Everything guides you, you just need to attach an identity document for the purpose of the law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. But, as it is, it is always necessary when we buy a crypto with Vis or Mastercard, it needs to be done that way. There is also a short video, tutorials exist on the site itself. So you can see that too. Now let's move on, history means sending, so you can see your submissions, an overview of that. Staking is an option where you can earn passive income in some cryptocurrencies. I will talk more about that in another video. The Atomic Wallet has been covered in 2 videos, and may be the third as a bonus. The advantage here is that you can generate passive income in one place with different cryptocurrencies, without opening additional wallets.

Someone has Neo, Komodo and Tron for example now he does not have to open individual wallets, but can earn passively by holding on to those wallets. And here we have settings, we’ll go through that in another video a little more about that. You can get a certain cashback if you hold an AWC token. Buy an AWC token through Binance There is a possibility of Airdrop, we will talk about that in another video. You can change the passwprd or view your private keys, that 12-word phrase. And support, it's really cool, you have video tutorials there, you can chat with support, send email, and overview, knowledge base, knowledge base. Very handy, here's a look at this, just to see. And there are a lot of things, very very clearly presented. And now we are interested in that buy crypto.

How to buy cryptocurrencies and here explains everything. What is the system, step by step. It is really very well organized. And as far as I'm concerned, that would be it, from the video to round it up. If you like all this, subscribe to the newsletter, share with friends on social networks, leave a comment because I care what you think about this topic, and also check out the second part of the video about Atomic Wallet.

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