Nouvelle Audi A6 e-tron Concept 2023

audi a 6 e tron concept a new rival for
the tesla model s shortly after the q4 e tron audi unveils the 6 e tron concept which foreshadows
the brand's next electric sedan after focusing on the eyelash milk in the life tron
the brand with the rings launched the trunk I was the electric flag bearer in the
road sedan segment but audi is now looking at more conventional models after the audi
q 4 e tron it is the turn of the 6 e tron concept to see the light of day a rod is as long as a
tesla model s at the shanghai show in china where the demand for stretched sedans
is still high audi has lifted the veil on the 6 th tron concept this study style
displays lines close to reality will give birth to a new sedan that will be installed
alongside the next generation of Audi a6 if its line seems to pick up thanks to the flag
fleeing the electric sedan still announces a length 4.96 m is as much as a
porsche tk have no tesla model s style side the sedan takes up the codes of the q4 e tron
with a pleated look and a wide grille singles full fram the more original headstock
with a horizontal light strip and a large rear diffuser solar proof paint
the aerodynamic appendage also contributes to the flow of air flows around the
car the 6 th tron concept ococ also benefits from camera mirrors while the
door handles have disappeared in the end the cx tone at a value of 0.22 is hardly better than the audi
e tron I was credited with a cx of 0.24 style study but also a technological laboratory the 6 e
tron concept embeds the latest innovations from the manufacturer starting with the book elected eelv
and which reflect the thermal rays of the sun in order to protect the passenger compartment against the heat
and thus make it possible to use less support matiz à sion and therefore the charge of the
passenger compartment battery q ui unfortunately has not yet been unveiled by the manufacturer of the canon refills and 700
km of autonomy on the technical side the concept which is based on the ppe electric platform of the
German brand based on an 800 vlc system clip here of a sound battery kilowatt hour
which, according to Audi, can gain a sufficient level of charges to perform 300 km in 10 minutes
the manufacturer also specifies that the rapid recharge from 5 to 80% requires only 25 minutes
while the total autonomy touching 700 km the electric sedan is animated by two engines
with a total power of 4,175 horsepower 3,150 kilowatts rotting nioto m of torque this
configuration will be reserved for the top- of-the-range versions the next production sedan will
carry only one engine in the variations of appeal the audi a6 e tron concept
will give birth to a production model to part

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