and talk guys unite here Welcome to another video here on our YouTube channel alright guys Look I just brought something interesting has to go to you polka dot it will be listed in coinbase pro ok for those who don't know which one instead from pro basically the color and month and by the big players, let's say so customers more is more top ok, customers who actually invest as more capital but not as a short time difference usually also be available to the general public with the person who goes there for a retail outlet, let's say, usually when the asset is in color instead of pro, after a while it goes to the general public to use the one that's good for you, it lacks one of the biggest If I'm not mistaken the largest in the United States not the largest in the world in terms of liquidity for example volume time and the market but it is the largest in the United States United States is obviously in the gigantic market right and the Mc crorie is cryptocurrency dot polka dot ok The main pal Crypton Exchange The main crypto exchange will be the ten most important tricks for trading this week main advantages with Inês is preparing to register that the people were polkadot doc the exchange is allowing and deposits from today Monday 14th june date i'm recording this video they are already accepting deposits in which instead of pro ok they adopt a trick of the top 10 which makes it an important issue the exchange ok ok with english announced ok there is even the ad link right here on the website there on the Disney blog

High dog is launching on coinbase pro saturday starting Here starting Today Monday June rubble coinbase pro account I head of trading support for Dogs will generally be available in Combat support interest says jurisdiction with the Exception of singapore with extinction of Singapore but also just no no it doesn't impact a lot right now Singapore then Singapore enters the party already late at last he says here that they will be here the size is native to Blocks and still put Power tecnology's Dote, it's basically this month and it will list Dota a coineasy will allow the user to deposit going up to facilitates that we have basically seen up there on Redline right and recent stations and Futures coinbase did not explain why it chose the lot state however with a market capitalization of 23 million coca lot it is the ninth largest it took was in the market, if old, I'm still with it today because it's not polkadot, right, because it does n't make sense, it wouldn't even make sense should already be here to show you something just because they don't know they didn't know I'll get it here they'll be at night with also don't hesitate your not yet with ex already have seniors and SBT I don't think it's in the base Well, here's the envy you had with the company we have, there is light from those who don't polkadot let's go get it here polka dot for example I'm going here, lover, down here, look at night, don't you want to say now it can show up, right No it doesn't show up I won't end up answering it show up How they accepted the time began when deposits are not available yet let me get the other asset here for you so we can see Unisuam pe don't go born with probably not in English color Most likely not in glass that has internet XT instead of I think it's very difficult to list baianas with I think it's a direct competitor, right, in terms of each management notebook and I'll just continue here i just recorded hearing about the Bitcoin update the update is stupid if you haven't seen it is on the channel and vice video which is very very very very very very important it was very important you who like them you who have Do you know who buys with that roll that they took, don't make a mistake, see that video it's really important, yeah, let's go so it didn't explain why no one signed up to put it better as a High Performance platform for transactions between chains.

Token of what acts as a little bit of governance it puts us it is one it is used for pitting and security and used to attach new chains of it other recent listings include scare to watch suggestions right Peter right from the side SBT Cardano are over we've seen this is a little while ago, right, several others are active are also going up revision in october 2020 including Hi Ivete Tron I'm here intronics is not basically Ivete Ivete in the must have basically it's for my happiness there are eyelashes here there's this one there don't even have doge what and never i'll buy this one but polkadot maybe soon maybe so far i don't see why but maybe maybe but it's virgin Tron right Vet ada Cardano I also have the time to alert You can tell the truth I even converted all the Aztecs that I had nothing to biocide there's a whisper in the subjective market I preferred it's get out of everything Okay but basically it's polka news dot it's going to be the state, they're even already fixing the polkadot deposit at Cohab, then we know when the listing is usually right, in which instead of prohibited, we'll give it a good time, but it usually comes back if you're going to buy, put it Look why it's going to be Estrada, guy, shape element, here the thing goes, but it's going to happen.

And so we're usually going to see this kind of event when it happens, it's not even the things that happen naturally, the thing it is already purified before Monday the mere of interest I should have already bought to put the oil, so it's already in my area of ​​interest, right it's here on the site it's 19 hours they're 9025 but I should have already bought put oil by the visa Visa Here is this analysis here that I have this figuratively more courage weekly or even monthly, it is not weekly No it can't be the week you used to live here so here or I think it's an old analysis and then the price kept running.

If it were considered a good monthly night it would be this here and the price is exactly $13 wow what a blunder bro he out of this only now that I stopped to see and I went, right it can still provide an interesting opportunity right we'll have to see, basically the same thing here same thing not even Bitcoin hole graph but if you think about the long term it's super discounted on my o and we still have ground to cure up to 80 dollars, right, it would be the next fig target in this one take this one here, this week we're going to give me an outfit this isn't it will give me better accuracy let me get it here it is and fact confirms 60 12 hours as someone next end there it's personal news that the dot polka dot will be striped on coinbase pro and I'll explain that soon it will also be where the English color is consistent ok an important message here for you on the 15th I 'll release the 30 vacancies for me you go to anyone who wants to do graphic analysis you have to learn how to operate that you coins good're going to be two months of mentoring can not make a situation description on the link that I will make available tomorrow 15th day following're seeing this video is that plays John is provide 30 places here the group will it's here in the description of this video ok there's a telegram group it's in the description of this video you can click there and access the link to make your oh so ok guys this is mine here all the best for you and subscribe to channel let your like me I see you at our next video now mark the car noise I Hey Hey

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