NiftyFilm Education Series – How to Create a Domain Name on Tezos

Hey, guys, our tutorial for today is making a domain name, getting a domain
name on the Tezos block chain. This was so easy
when I set it up for a nifty film that I had to do another one
and show you guys. I'm going to grab the name charnick.tez. This will replace or point to your crazy
long wallet address. But I had to show you guys how to do it because it's
so cheap, so easy and fantastic. So we click on Kukai Wallet
to connect your Kukai wallet. We have a couple of Tez
in there right now. There's the address
and you just have to sign. Just like with men, a mask. When you sign on open sea, you're just
going to sign the the operation there.

And it does. Basically
what we're going to do is it's going to check the whole tasos
block chain, make sure nobody's trying to grab this
at the same time. It takes a little bit of time. We'll come back into the wallet. Very little bit of cost, just too little. Little transaction fee right there. Pennies, absolutely. Pennies. Type in our password
right there to confirm the transaction. And it's going to check the block
chain out, make sure no one else is trying to take the domain name
that we're trying to grab.

And so we'll just wait
on the block chain right there. And then if we click view, we can actually see the actual transaction
as it goes through. It hasn't finished doing its business yet. So you can reload that and follow it.
It took about 45 seconds, will blast through
the rest of this and see how it goes. Took about 45 seconds to just sit and wait
and watch the operation to be concluded.

It concluded successfully. Nobody has charnick.tez. So we're going to grab that
and link it to our wallet right there. We'll just do it
for one year for one terrs. At the time of this recording, it was only
two dollars and fifty seven cents. Right now, it's about three dollars
and fifty cents. So but still absolutely cheap. And there's the cost right there for one year, like less than three bucks
to grab a domain name. If this block chain sticks around
for the next 20, 30, 40 years, you're going to want to grab a name now. So grab it now. Type in your password
and confirm the transaction. It'll take the turns out
we go back in there again. We have to wait for the operation
to be included on the block chain.

But we can go over there on the T. This was to stats. You can kind of see what's going on. This one's not done yet. So you said we saw that was
the transaction for when we requested it. And then here's the transaction
to actually grab it. It's all done. It's yours. And then you just
click on Manage Your Domain. Now it's already linked to your wallet. As you can see, niftyfilm.tez in the
corner was the first one that I grabbed. And we already have that
as a reverse record. So I'm just going to kind of grab this domain name and not really do
anything with it right now, because we're already using nifty
filmmakers to point back at my wallet. You can also set up email notifications.
Like said, we grabbed the the URL, we grabbed
the domain name actually for a year. So in about a year, it's going to contact
me, send me an automatic email, will confirm our subscription
to that in the email right there. And that's how you kind of
set up a domain on on Tasos.

It's the easiest thing in the world to do. Like you said, we already
grabbed niftyfilm.tez but I wanted to come and do a quick tutorial for you guys,
because this is just the one of the easiest transactions
I've had in the crypto space since we started diving into this. So you can set up a website,
you can add subdomains, you can do all the stuff
that you can usually do with a regular domain name, a dot
com or anything like that. You can see it's linked to my wallet. We can go to the dashboard
and I already set up some subdomains. And now we have our two niftyfilm.tez
and charnick.tez. And that's basically all it is. And so there's Tezos
domains, Tezos domains. And check it out. It's cheap, fast and easy. Subscribe now..

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