NFTs BIGGER Than DeFi in 2021 (TOP Bargain in Crypto)

something i've been studying for about six months is nfts non-fungible tokens art on the blockchain people like gary why are you buying two thousand dollar digital art i'm like why do you spend five thousand hours of your life dwelling that you don't have a blue check on instagram what do you think a blue check on instagram is worth to some people right now what's a clubhouse invite going for that's an invite to a platform that is virtual why did matt show a little plaque 100 000 subscribers why did josh know exactly what that plaque melt because the digital world is the world so i would get educated on nft bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money with cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to subscribe to the channel and also smash the likes if you like nfts today i brought on one of the foremost experts on nft's if not the biggest expert in fts in the whole crypto space crypto stash to discuss where nfts are heading to and how you can make money with them here we go let's jump into the interview hey guys today i'm joined with the one and only crypto stash good friend i've had for a long time welcome to the show stash that's true man good friends hey thanks for having me man i always love hanging out with you and uh you know yeah we have we've been friends for a long time it's been a long time years years already i know it seems like just yesterday it does i think last time we had you on the channel i think we had like 30 or 40 000 subscribers the first time we had you on the channel we probably had a thousand subscribers maybe i don't think it was that much man i mean i think i was at like a hundred and you're maybe running a thousand we used to do all those live streams man i missed those live streams remember we could just get all the youtubers together on friday yeah you wendy uh you know love yeah beatles jason too jason ellen like ah we don't do that stuff no more but yeah it just used to be more fun when nobody was watching you know yeah i'm just kidding just kidding well you have uh have been leading the nft charge you were actually in on nft's afford just about anybody i mean you were in on engine coin before anybody even really knew what engine coin was and so yeah absolutely and so we're going to pick your brain about some nft stuff today as it's getting more and more popular but what i wanted to ask you to start this off we're seeing a lot of people saying that nfts are all hype right now and this is already a giant bubble i know i did an interview this weekend with graham stefan on the ice coffee hour uh podcast and he said you know like do i you know he thinks that maybe nfts are the new icos like totally overrated thing where people are going to get wrecked how do you see nfts right now and the hype around them yeah i mean i think that uh that's going to be a natural reaction for anybody anything that starts to hype in our industry undoubtedly someone is going to come on like oh it's tight man it's a bubble it's just gonna burst it's it's like all these other things we've seen but the fact of the matter is not every ico was bad there were a lot of bad icos and that's true now but the same thing with nfts as their projects and quality projects out there and they're going to be a lot of people who are like hey this this is not you know this this is just you know trash and and there'll be a lot of that out there and we're already starting to see that and so really it just comes down to everything else in crypto is d-y-o-r man do your own research i mean that is the most important thing here and there's gonna be a lot of projects out there there's gonna be they're gonna keep coming they're gonna keep they're not gonna stop this is barely just the tip of the iceberg so you know with nfts it's all about fundamentals you can't just go look at a chart and you know say oh yeah this nft is gonna go up in value you know it has to do more fundamentals so you're looking at you know the team itself are you looking at their roadmap what kind of long-term plan do they have what kind of community have they built that's one of the biggest elements there and so you know i think one of the popular things as things become popular is to go against them and say no it's a fad it's a bubble so graham and all the other people i've seen you know saying oh is gary vee's hype going to you know create a huge bubble in nfts they just want to counter you know trade or trend against people for for you know getting those views in the hype and so a lot of people will buy into that but the fact of the matter is is that it's the answer is kind of both yes there will be a lot of projects out there that put crappy nfts out and they have a really thin white paper and a thin road map and no community and some people will get suckered into them and then there's some quality projects out there like some of the recent launches we've seen by capcom and uh tops you know and quite a few others that are going to continue to have long-term value yeah i think that i think you hit the nail on the head i mean when you said some icos were successful i mean i think it was iota that had like 68 000 returns from the ico you know um and the way we kind of look at nfts right now is you know we look at them like you know nfts are for fun not for investing but yet there isn't a market element to it and i think one thing a lot of people miss is if you go to the you know baseball card uh market and you know some people may know i actually used to sell football helmets signed football helmets for about a year and a half i was doing that yeah i know we have some really nice helmets some really cool stuff some some hydro dip stuff but the interesting thing is is that in itself is kind of a bubble all collectibles go in bubbles and in cycles right you look at michael jordan yeah michael jordan uh you know cards were going for out of control prices while the last dance was on espn so it's something that we see a lot uh but you know in terms of right now with nfts what's going on can you just tell us a little bit about like what you're doing what is your involvement with nfts yeah so i mean as far as my involvement i've been creating nft since 2018.

I was actually the first content creator to have his own nft i collaborated with engine on that and we airdropped it to like 5 000 people i was one of the first ones ever out there and you know created for somebody else before then it was just you know projects or games creating their own and that was kind of the beginning of my journey with nfps and i've created them you know on ethereum and now i've really moved over to wax because you know creation and on ethereum you can't do it i mean there are places you commit for free obviously but transactions are ridiculous i'm not going to pay 80 for 50 nft and so it's becoming a rich man's game on ethereum and pushing out not only artists but you know collectors that just don't have those high dollars so you know if you're selling something on nifty gateway for seven thousand five hundred dollars like grimes just did you know wife of of elon uh which i picked one up uh you know that's a good long term the wife of elon uh yes grimes uh she's a music artist you say that's elon musk's wife that is correct sir what i did not know this i didn't even know you well there you go brand new news for you i got her very first nft uh on nifty gateway just over the nc that's what i'm saying i talk about all these things on my channel about how to invest and we obviously don't talk about them here because i didn't even know that was his wife so there you go make sure to subscribe to sasha's channel it's in the description you'll get better information about the marriage life of richmond yeah right so so yeah i mean so i but i've moved over really to to wax for doing my creation because i really love the community there and so i've been dropping nfts and as a matter of fact i just dropped my very first collaboration nft uh with my good friend senor lupe uh we did a really great uh one called real man's is stash and there's three versions you can get a one of one uh and then there's a legendary and a diamond version uh a lot of fun so i'm going to continue to do some collabs and some more fun stuff on wax but the great thing about wax is it's not only free to mint but free to transact buy sell all those things are free there's no transaction fees just you know you pay a little market fee but that market goes back to the original creator which is great too yeah uh and it's uh definitely pretty interesting everything going on with enfts right now um and i think on the the point about wax versus other blockchains i think it's really important ethereum the transaction fees are just really really really high absolutely insane and it makes it difficult for smaller people to to put that stuff out i would say that when it comes to wax a lot of people know this and may not know this we are doing our own wax deck builder bit boy game we got all the art done for it it looks absolutely phenomenal we've got a ton of cool characters and uh it's gonna be pretty fun we're you know working with wax as well uh directly just like uh you know street fighter just did and capcom those street fighter uh nfts were pretty sweet i know a lot of people have already made money on those i've been able to flip those oh yeah i have i have one of the rarest cards i have one of the rare street fighter cards so it's a power five uh action ryu card the only one better is the power five collectors edition uh ryu number one so that's the only one better so i have the number one five action what do you know what the value of that is right now uh i don't i don't know the value of it i mean i i think i probably put it up for 50 000 right now i think on uh on atomic i i don't remember the 50 000 uh yeah very high yeah wow yeah a lot of some of these are no no 50 000 in usd 50 50 000 yes yeah yeah yeah not not wax no fifty thousand dollars so i don't know how much wax it is that's a million something wax sounds like a whole bottle of wax it is yeah uh yeah those conversely [Laughter] we were gonna sell wax beer beard wax and mustache wax at one point i know what happened with that yeah yes it's over i ended my beer bitcoin's podcast we got busy we had a good run that's really that's what it was and so you're actually working life in did there try to kill me on screen we actually uh also really love ken bozak that's somebody who we really love uh on the channel and you do uh i think a show with him as well we like having ken on talking nfts ken actually recently got into it with garyvee uh over some nft stuff and you've actually been in contact with garyvee's team uh garyvee is somebody who's very interesting to me uh we like a lot of stuff that he does uh tj just calls him gary uh he's gonna call gary garyvee he shot he signed tj shoes uh not knowing that one day we're gonna have a bigger channel than him so it's coming it's coming again yeah not close there you go yeah we're at sixth of the way almost a fifth of the way there but not quite there yet but the point here is is gary vee somebody's very interested we're seeing a lot of celebrities and a lot of big names kind of jump in uh can you tell us kind of about you know your interaction with gary vee and kind of where you think all that's going yeah yeah i mean you know uh with this kind of you know big hype train that that has hit nfts here over the last couple of months uh you know it was inevitable i think that somebody like gary vee you know physical collector guy gets uh gets this you know in front of his face and so he started putting out tweets about like oh yeah you know nfts blah blah and you know out and out of kind of like randomly you know on a tweet he was talking about nfts he tagged me and his assistant he was like he was like tyler we we we want stash we gotta get started on the show gotta have stash the heck man yeah and i was like i was like yeah you you do want stash everybody wants stash but uh so yeah that was great i kind of i went back and then he followed me and so he's been liking some of my posts and interact with him once in a while and you know i i you know same thing with somebody how ken kind of uh approaches it i'm just honest man you know if he has a good take i'll say it's a good take if his take sucks i'ma tell mistake sucks you know and that's what it comes down to and we saw kind of ken get into it with him uh the other day but uh you know i think now they're bro bros uh but yeah ken does the energy beat with me uh every tuesday so we're gonna talk about that today uh on the live stream or whenever you guys are watching this but it's every tuesday so you'll be able to see the episode uh on youtube and that's on is that on your channel so i stream exclusively on theta dot tv slash crypto stash i do not stream on youtube anymore i'm tired of the scammers and i really actually love the community on theta for streaming so i stream all my stuff there live and i upload the you know stream later you know that day to youtube so if you are like i'm never leaving youtube i love it too much and i love all the scams i'll stay here and watch all your stuff stash well i mean you know it's fine you have to sign up for theta and you can just wait for them to be uploaded to youtube yeah i think we should be streaming to theta soon we've i've been saying that for six months but we're closer than ever uh we are it we are doing it i can guarantee everybody we will be you know streaming there at some point um last thing i kind of want to ask you about um is and by the way like i'm just i would love to have you on again talking ft's because there's so much to this since ever developing oh there's so much i could talk about we could talk forever i know if there's anybody that i know that can talk other than me it's you it's true it's true stash can talk uh guys we're two of a kind bit boy we're two of a kind we are we're we're the stash in the in the beard of crypto right now my beard isn't that great though justin has a better beard than me oh no yours is looking good i'm really liking it man yeah i appreciate it i got i got a new trimmer it's got a dial on it you just move it and it changes oh yeah yeah yeah look at that cool live action trimming i need to get me one of those i i i hate putting the thingies on yeah me too this is perfect i have my assistant order it she's incredible uh so stash let's talk about nft platforms that's what i want to hear from you uh we already talked about wax so wax is a way to mint them and it's got its own independent marketplaces we have some other places like wearable and then you've got you know nifty gateway like you said uh tons of other places out there that are doing nfts open c uh you know mintable and then there's uh super rare i think is one what are some of the ones that you look at and say like these are some good places to uh to jump on yeah so i mean you know really going by blockchain uh ethereum right is the you know the leading one we'll say it's the original one and so open c is the biggest marketplace there a wearable is a pretty close second i would say uh for just general nfts you know it's it's pretty much everything it's gaming it's you know uh it's art it's all those those different things and then you can look at some of the curated platforms and so you know openc anybody can sell rare anybody can sell but then the curated platforms like nifty gateway is the big one i was just talking about that earlier uh super rare known origin uh and a couple other ones that are kind of like the curated ones so they you know don't let everybody on there yeah centralized those are pretty good for yeah yeah yeah yeah they're they are they're centralized essentially yeah i like that that's one of the biggest problems we had was scammers on decentralized platforms taking our cards and passing them off as they were ours and making money off of our cards not and it's not they're like we want to make all the money for the cards it's like it's manipulative for the people that are buying them because those people are thinking they're getting something that's worth more money than it's actually worth you know compared to the market so that you know i i think there is a role for centralized ones out there no there definitely is you know a and and some sort of moderation i think is good you know i like having open platforms like that but you do you're going to risk that and we've seen that a lot with uh with binance smart chain recently which is one of the up-and-coming nft chains uh they you know you if you've seen crypto punks they have actually you know they have binance punks and they're literally just a straight rip off copy of crypto punks on binance smart chain instead so finance smartchain is actually a really great chain it has nothing to do obviously they don't have anything to do with binance uh you know the crypto binance punks themselves but uh it is a great up and coming nft platform there's some pretty cool things on there like cake and bakery both doing some cool nft things other blockchains that have are starting to really develop nft uh you know ecosystems fantasma is one of my favorite ones and ghost market i've been pushing that i did a tutorial for musicians specifically on how to like get their music up there and mint those nfts so that's really uh you know exploding right now and then you can look at some other up and coming ones cardano just launched their uh you know their nfts uh also tezos is coming very soon too with indeptism in uh nft market and and theta as well so uh i'm actually working on some status stuff too so i'm gonna have some really cool nft stuff for uh to showcase for you guys on theta pretty soon wow that is awesome well guys i i think we're going to have stash on again to talk nfts uh in the future uh i i think there's a good conversation i think this is some good stuff uh to talk about so this won't be the last time uh i think if stash would come back on the channel at some point we'll we'll see i mean if you ask if you ask me nicely i will okay just ask will you come on my show uh okay so all right guys guys don't forget to go uh subscribe to crypto stash you guys can get the link down below in the description or you can just search crypto stash things are always as is coming on you guys make sure to go check out all these other nft platforms anything you'd like to leave us with uh no i mean like i said just uh you know look me up um on twitter i got a great telegram and if you want to buy some stash nfts you can go to to uh you know atomic hub and uh just uh you know search for crypto stash but it's stashed with a five instead of an s because someone stole my name and is camping it oh that's i mean that's how popular i was and they beat me to it and i was kind of mad so absolutely well you guys heard it you can look him up but if you're gonna look him up make sure you look him up and down because he's got a great stash all right guys that's all i got make sure to drop some comments down below be blessed 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