NFT ALTCOINs are Exploding! My Top NFT “GEMS” Are…!??

Brand spanking new, hot off the press, fresh 
off the line. Our content is always like that,   newer and more improved each day. But what about 
cryptocurrencies. One’s that the markets haven’t   caught onto yet. Here at our homebase, like Ricky 
Bobby we feel if you aint first, your last. So are   you ready for your new favorite coins & crypto 
channel? Because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Alchemy, the medieval forerunner of chemistry, 
based on the supposed transformation of matter.   It concerned particularly attempts to convert 
base metals into gold.

Alchemists are always in   search of the philosopher’s stone, the tincture, 
the one true powder & today we bring it to you. With the alchemist coin. Their twitter profile 
read’s.. It’s one true mission is to find the   philosopher's stone & use it to explore the 
galaxy. Ok so what does this do Chico? Well as   we can see from the pinned tweet.

“Mint the first 
Crucible. It is an NFT called a "UniversalVault"   and it allows for locking LP tokens on multiple 
liquidity reward programs simultaneously” Yes this is another bad freaking booty, 
NFT project getting deeply integrated with   decentralized finance. And this one…is brand 
spanking new, just released. Tell us more?? Alchemist coin, is creating the next generation   staking contracts with NFTs. Instead of staking 
with smart contracts. You stake with an NFT.   Liquidity pool tokens, for example from 
uniswap, with half alchemist coin and ethereum,   can be converted into their NFT crucible 
aka the Universal vault.

You can then take   this NFT & potentially use it with other 
liquidity reward programs at the same time. From alchemist coins pinned tweet they say 
which ones. Of course their initial LP pool   is built with Uniswap, so you could 
earn LP rewards with Uniswap but then   also earn rewards from sushiswap, ampleforth 
& their own aludel programs concurrently.   I wonder why ampleforth? Well 
the pinned tweet also says the   smart contracts for this are based on 
their upcoming geyser v2 contracts. So, I’m sure some of you are like 
why having you shown us a website   or UI? Is this even live or is it just an idea? Well one of the developers, Stephane, thegostep 
on twitter tweeted this back in the middle of   February.

That the transmuter was deployed…and 
then scrolling down they said “Theres no UI for   this yet – but you can use the CLI from the GitHub 
repo. Welcome to the Alchemist training program… So the code is there, it’s live. There isn’t a 
UI yet…but let me tell you it’s coming. And   it looks cleaner than a bumsickle. February 25th, 
a James William on Twitter said “Designs for the   new Alchemist homepage are looking fantastic….with 
a leak of that home page. And then a week before   this an Ethen on twitter posted about some designs 
for the liquidity mining as well, slick rick too… Then just 3 days ago, the 5th…a developer 
for it posted this in their Discord,   a picture of the front end UI and the 
words “'I’ll be pushing the updates   over the weekend so it's live”…1 
day after this, the coin’s twitter   posted this “Wallet integration! Which wallet 
would you prefer for "crucible minting"? And then just yesterday, wallet integration 
with the likes of metamask is getting moving   with a picture posted of how it looks on the UI..

Public UI deployment is coming, unleashing the NFT 
crucibles from just to those who are technical,   to the world of non technical defi 
users….SO I’m sure some of you are   looking for alchemist coin on Coingecko, 
or another crypto metrics website.   Well you are not going to find it….this is brand 
spanking new…but this is a good thing…why?& t Well the Coingecko listing will be 
just another boost this month. It   gives the project the opportunity to draw 
in millions of eyes that visit the site,   by being the “hot” and trending new NFT coin. 
So when could that gecko listing be arriving?? March 4th this was posted in the Discord. 
FYI all, Coingecko got back to us   and are waiting on a website. So hopefully once 
the front end is up we can move on with the CG   application. And then below another 
person said “Yes when the front is ready,   it will be fast. In fact, our application 
has been processed but it is paused for now” So, the website goes live, 
Uniswap-esque UI for a new   form of NFTs & then Coingecko 
right after. The 1-2 punch….

Could there be a knockout with the alchemist 
coin?? Well who exactly is behind this project??   Going to their website 
it takes you straight to their github,   which contains everything about the 
project so far, including the mainnet   contract addresses for each piece, erc20 
token, crucible, crucible factory & more.. But at the top, who is the last person that 
worked on this. It was thegostep. Who is this??   Well we can see from this twitter 
that it has the same picture,   and it’s a Stephane. This twitter 
is owned by Stephane Gosselin,   experienced ethereum researcher and developer 
giving multiple talks at devcon, he’s the protocol   architect for numerai, helping design their 
erasure ethereum data & staking platform.

Going to his github activity, he is very 
active…of course slamming away on alchemist,   but also governance with snapshot, working with 
some ampleforth stuff, and even flashbots….yes   the gostep is the the creator of the flashbots 
research and development organization,   attempting to solve the MEV, miner 
extractable value crisis hitting ethereum. Going to the ether research 
post on this from thegostep.   It’s a very deep and throughout introductory 
presentation done in November of 2020.   But look who is thanked at the bottom. It says 
“We exist thanks to the continued support of   members of the MEV Pi-Rate Ship and Paradigm. 
And a specific person below that. Charlie Noyes. Paradigm as in the venture capital firm led 
by Matthew Huang & coinbase co-founder Fred   Ehrsam. Charlie Noyes is one 
of their lead researchers… Who was the last person Mr. Noyes retweed on his 
twitter. None other than @thegostep. Stephane. So is Charlie an alchemist?? Well 
he hasn’t publicly stated it,   but he is close to Stephane. Chico can only 
speculate, but Charlie’s last research paper   was posted February 5th, titled MEV & 
me….and in it he specifically mentions   Flashbots as a solution to mitigate MEV. 
What was his research paper just before   this? Well it was titled none other 
than “Uniswap’s financial…..alchemy” The paper dives into Uniswap Liquidity 
pools, and their Fee alchemy…remember   what alchemist coin does.

It takes Uniswap 
LP tokens, and transforms them into crucible   NFTs…putting the DeFi into NFTs & possible 
connections to the big names in the crypto space. But don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about the 
other big DeFi NFT name. NFY. Non Fungible Yearn.   Had a rightful cooldown after a hype surge, 
but this project is one I’m holding onto.   Why? Well their NFTs, for transferable yield 
bearing stakes…is pretty far along. They have   had it live, the staking and unstaking of NFY 
and LP tokens, transforming them into the NFTs. They have had a DEX build, for the trading of the 
NFTs live for some time. They are ready to move to   more LP tokens, besides just ETH & NFY. And like I 
showed last week, March is big for these guys too,   governance is coming real soon & right after 
that is the project integration contract. But on twitter, there were some Telegram and 
Discord leaks.

According to to a connected member,   their are some tentative executions 
coming. Including a partnership   with Rari…Rari Capital that is. Rari is ranked pretty high…#212 on coingecko, 
and an over 140 million dollar marketcap.   And it would make sense this partnership, as going 
to Rari’s website, they are about yield, built on   top of the industries biggest products, and are 
more than just a yield aggregator. Could that   more, be integrating yield bearing NFT assets? 
Highly possible, Cheers I’ll see you next time! you

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