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What an insane week for both the traditional
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affecting the crypto markets this past week. This week we will discuss rampant corruption
among centralized entities, where retail investors may go following the GameStop fiasco, how
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content soon. Awesome. Last week crypto go. Looking at the top cryptocurrencies by market
cap Bitcoin up 3.3% eath up 10.3% XRP flipped up by market cap and is up an insane 47.4% down 3.2%. Looking at the top gainers this week. My goodness Do we have some gainers this week
Phantom up an epic 387.5% Doge still up 178.3% despite the crash, alpha finance up 159.6%
and one inch up 136%.

I do believe that all coin season is upon
us. This has been one hell of a week for crypto
retail investors as well as traditional market retail investors amid the whole GameStop short
squeeze fiasco. And if you haven't yet, check out my video
I posted covering the GameStop short squeeze as I will mostly be covering other news that
happened over the week in this episode. And retail investors aren't the only ones
who have made profits from hedge funds confirmed by the US Senate just this past Monday.

The new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen received
800 G's from hedge fund in GameStop controversy Whitehouse doesn't commit to recusal Yellen
received around $810,000 in speaking fees from the hedge fund that bailed out one of
the primary losers and the recent GameStop frenzy Yellen financial disclosure shows her
making $337,500 for multiple days in October of 2020 from Citadel. She similarly banked $292,500 in October of
2019 and $180,000 in December of that year. But if you've been tuning into the show, you'll
remember from previous episodes that the $800,000 is just a portion of the $7.2 million she's
collected from wall street for speaking fees over the past two years. And her new position as the first female treasury
secretary, do you think her loyalties will continue to lie with the big centralized entities
that make up Wall Street? Well, as we were reminded this week from centralized
exchanges, like Robin Hood, TD Ameritrade and others, freezing retail investors trading
activity to help out their fellow centralized hedge fund friends, we need to start moving
to more transparent, decentralized solutions.

And not just for the finance industry. Oh, no centralized financial corporations
have fellow centralized corporate cronies in all types of industries around the world. Check it out. Google removed over 120,000 of negative Robin
Hood reviews citing violations related to raging manipulation. The firm reportedly said Hmm, I mean, Google
doesn't think that their buddies at Robin Hood are getting one star reviews because
of their blatant market manipulation. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Clearly the retail investors are the manipulators,
not Robin Hood, retail investors are guilty of rating manipulation. Good thing Google was able to clear that up. In just a few hours, Robin Hood's rating went
from 1.0 to 3.6.

Nice centralized corporate cronies strike
again and again, not all the centralized corporate cronies are making out all right this week
though. ripple demands Bitcoin and aetherium docs
from sec amid legal fight. The cryptocurrency company ripple has taken
the unusual step of filing a Freedom of Information request with the Securities and Exchange Commission,
asking the agency to release documents concerning its determination that Bitcoin and Ethereum,
the two most popular digital currencies are not securities. Jeez, after all of that lip service from ripple
about how they're all four and all about crypto not just about making money for themselves
with their business. Big bankers scam coin just went out the window
as far as I'm concerned. Why would you even want to open that can of
worms with the SEC if you actually cared about the crypto space at large? You wouldn't. They're just selfish and looking out for themselves. Typical of a centralized Financial Corporation
though, are we even surprised? Well, thanks to the GameStop debacle, a lot
of corrupt financial activities and relationships with the government are coming to light and
the forefront of people's attention.

Since centralized exchanges restricted retail
investors from trading GameStop and AMC stocks. The Wall Street bets community and other retail
investors will only have one place to go if they want an even playing field. Data reveals Bitcoin could be about to become
the new GameStop after a huge price spike. Now data has revealed hedge funds are short
Bitcoin to the tune of more than $1 billion, even as retail traders pile into bitcoin and
other cryptocurrencies. Another short squeeze in the guards, we shall
see. By the way, here's another notable short. That's right, the US dollar. Why is it so? Well, we are in a gigantic fed induced bubble. The latest speculative mania is the result
of trillions of dollars worth of liquidity being pumped into the market. The same phenomenon occurred in the early
stages of Germany's hyperinflation. Almost everyone was playing the market. Speculation alone, while adding nothing to
Germany as well became one of its largest activities, the fever to join in turning a
quick Mark infected nearly all classes, and the effort expended in simple buying and selling
the paper titles to wealth was enormous.

Everyone from the elevator operator up was
playing the market, the volumes of turnover and securities on the Berlin bourse became
so high that the financial industry could not keep up with the paperwork. Even with a greatly swollen staff of back
office employees. The boss was obliged to close several days
to work off the backlog. Hmm. How uncanny? It's almost as if history is, I don't know
repeating itself or something. At any rate, one thing is for certain, a tidal
wave of capital is about to blow into crypto. No thinking about it. Capital has been flooding in over the past
year, and this GameStop thing just made even more waves. Here's the thing. Everything is about to go crypto. And there isn't anything anyone will be able
to do about it. But they will try. In fact, India to ban permanently private
cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, they will introduce their own official cryptocurrency. And what does that mean for India? It means Bitcoin adoption in India is about
to explode.

The network doesn't care about the arbitrary
rules of the misinformed elites. It's true. The nature of this technology is such that
you can't prevent people from using it. You can't shut it down. The only thing that could stop blockchain
technology is I don't know, a zombie apocalypse. A supervolcano blocking the sun's sending
us into an ice age, an alien invasion or an asteroid destroying the earth and people are
starting to catch on defy in the spotlight as legacy brokerages break down as retail
trust in the stock market comes under strain device developers champion an alternative
system as legacy markets royal brokerages break down and accusations of market manipulation
fly, longtime decentralized finance admins can't help it say I told you so when it comes
to the need for open, unstoppable permissionless financial architecture. And big institutions know it too, and are
front running the incoming inevitable tidal wave into crypto and d phi in particular greyscale
wants to launch trusts for other EOS uniswap and other alt coins.

The world's biggest crypto asset management
firm has filed new trusts and Delaware's corporate registry, and other institutions are following
suit. crypto lender block fi registers Bitcoin trust
with sec. Block phi is the latest firm to go up against
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