NEXT PolkaDot 10x (Why Kusama Will Explode in 2021)

when ethereum launched in 2015 it introduced the world to the immense potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies creating an entirely new world for blockchain innovators to develop solutions that went far beyond peer-to-peer payment systems however ethereum had its drawbacks and when conflicts arose amid the core team members of ethereum some of them parted ways to create new and proof systems the good doctor gavin wood one of the co-founders of ethereum and a widely recognized computer scientist embarked on the journey to create kusama followed by polka dot two networks are famously known as cousin blockchains today we're going to find out if they're kissing cousins let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button and smash the likes also if you want access to the best altcoin research on the planet make sure to check out tokenmetrics get a seven-day trial for less than five bucks just visit bitboycritter.coms and scroll to the token metrics section in today's video we'll take a look at how kusama provides a playground for developers and teams to test products on without any fatal determinant to the real blockchain core so you may be wondering how does kusama do this and what makes it so great that the founder of ethereum was willing to leave eve and start this on his own so back to the basics what is kusama dr gavin wood created kusama in 2019 as an early version of the polka dot network this means both kusama and polkadot use almost the same code and infrastructure and they work with the same consensus protocol nominated proof of stake or in-pass which is a modified version of the proof of stake protocol this is why to fully understand the concept of ukusama and its cryptocurrency ksm it's critical to discuss it alongside polkadot the first question that pops up here is why create two blockchain networks that work in a similar way well let's see in simple terms kusam is a blockchain that primarily acts as the test net for polka dot projects any project that is to be deployed on the polka dot blockchain is first deployed on kusama for its testing phase it's an experimental blockchain network that enables blockchain and crypto developers to test their ideas and applications without the possibility of any fatal outcomes for the team or their users kusama is unlike other blockchain test nets such as ethereum's rank b although it indirectly serves projects intended for the polka dot network it is itself a full service blockchain network with a real cryptocurrency ksm and a real set of nodes you should see the nodes on that one this is why some blockchain projects prefer to keep their final products on kusama itself even with real costs kusam is widely popular as a testnet network as it lowers the barriers to entry it allows developers and small scale startups to experiment and test their ideas and applications in a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain network without spending as much money as they would on polka dot kusama also offers many advanced features in its experimentation phase that are not yet available on its cousin network the creators of kusama describe it as a wild and fast blockchain network that is a perfect fit for bold experimentation and early stage deployment how does kusama work though well the creators of kusama claim that both polkadot and kusama are separate networks their development over time is independent of each other but so far unsurprisingly both networks exhibit strikingly similar characteristics kind of like me and brad pitt even the price fluctuation of polka dots dot token or ksm often affects the other kusama works with the npos protocol and relies on network validators to approve transactions on the blockchain to become a validator network participants need to state kusama's native token ksm but not every staker on kusama is a validator some stakers with lower stakes can denominate other stakers who are positioned to become a validator the network then chooses validators based on their stake and the stake of their nominators and allows them to verify transactions total stake acts as proof that the validator will act in favor of the network and its users and will not attempt to falsify the records on the blockchain this protocol for approving transactions is better and faster than the proof of work so far used by ethereum apart from that kusama also uses side chains called shard chains to distribute its total transactions across multiple chains to attain higher scalability and throughput this negates the challenges of network congestion due to transaction overload on a single chain at the time of this riding kusama has a circulating supply of about 8.5 million tokens a market capitalization of 1.8 billion dollars the adoption and demand for kusama and the ksm token is visible from how well the token has performed over time let's see how it continues to grow as this bull market continues to rage into the early hours of crypto's morning i do think though it's got more room to run as high as kusama is gone i do believe it can get all the way up to over one thousand dollars well what do you think will kusama continue to grow as polka dots while cousin and slay the charts or will the kissing cousins break up drop your comments and price predictions down below that's all i got be blessed good way out [Music] you

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