News: Major Bitcoin Bull Indicator / Binance Mainnet Launched: Get Prepared

what's up everyone and welcome back to
box mining there's so much on the crypto news front today and we're gonna take a
look at all of them and at the forefront and the foremost we're gonna talk about
this golden cross that everyone is talking about as a matter of fact we
just crossed it and it signifies really bullish behavior and when we take a look
at what's realistic and not realistic in terms of expectations and in other news
we got Vitalik saying let's increase staking rewards for Ethereum in the
future we also got the CFTC chair saying or hinting at what's possibly delaying
Bakkt for Bitcoin and on top of that we're gonna take a really deep look at
by Binance chain it's just launched live today and there's a lot of changes I
have to beware of for example new addresses and also what the BEP-2
token we're gonna take a look at in depth look at that in today's episode so
make sure you stay for that and with all my videos you can skip directly to the
section you're interested in so what you want to do is you want to go and scroll
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you're interested in everything of course covered here is my personal
opinion not financial advice and we got a lot to cover today so let's get into
it let's start off by taking a look at the markets and the markets are flashing
a little bit green to lure us in so we got Bitcoin at five thousand five
hundred and sixty that's actually an all-time high for this year we started
off this year with three thousand seven hundred and it's getting pushed up quite
a lot and there's a lot of excitement as well on reddit because what we're seeing
right now what everyone is really excited for is this golden cross
formation on Bitcoin and what people are saying is this is a major indication for
to start off the bull market so in terms of technical analysis what is the Golden
Cross what does it mean whoa it's these two lines crossing one of the white line
representing the 50-day moving average crossing with the 200-day moving average
and what a lot of people are viewing this as is that it's a shift in market
behavior kind of the formal shift back into a Bullis mentality and if you look
at very deeply and you see a lot of these crazy articles I immediately saw
this one came to mine analyst predicts Ethereum to hit 2000 after imminent
golden cross and we see a lot of these articles recently just to clickbait
everyone into reading dumb and a lot of the basis behind it is actually based on
this guy called science guy so science guy if you guys don't know he's been
making pretty accurate predictions of when bullish behaviors comes and he's
been predicting the end of the bear market coming this month so on April
24th there has been kind of like additional modifications he's been
saying yet between April 30th to made a fifth it's been flopping a bit but he's
seeing a major upswing for the price of both Ethereum and for Bitcoin and this
is what's getting everyone so excited so if you look at reddit we got shit row
insane noob I just maxed out all my credit cards buying Bitcoin now there's
obviously a lot of excitement especially when it comes to shitpost on reddit for
me personally I'm still taking my old stance which is dollar cost average and
mostly this is because of my past experience because I kind of regret
hugely not buy a more Bitcoin back when it was in 2012 and Bitcoin was ten
dollars I mean at the end of the day whether I bought it at $10 $12 maybe
even $15 it's a huge gain my heart'll in the long run in terms of other reasons
to get excited for crypto we got crypto to crypto volume surging by 70% in march
so this is a report released by coin compare and in their march review they
said that there is a substantial increase so 70 percent for crypto to
crypto exchange and 47.5 for overall crypto exchange sparked volume they're
all increasing showing that there's increased organic interest for trading
cryptocurrencies in terms of aetherium Vitalik is announcing that he wants to
increase the return on investment for staking in the future for aetherium so
the way to understand this table is as such so on this side we have Ethereum
stakes so the more Ethereum there is staked
the more annual issuance the more a theorem that is created but also the max
annual return for staking is also decreased because you're kind of
spreading that reward over a lot of ethereum state overall I'm definitely
very excited for when a theorem does make that move to proof of stake it is
much cleaner for the environment and also it does mean that there's more
lockup for Ethereum so now the only question is when would arrive and we'll
still have to wait to see that now this caught my eye over the weekend which is
Serena Williams four-time Olympic gold medal for tennis she's investing into
coinbase as the title reads now initially when I
first saw this I'm like what's the purpose I mean Serena's known for
beating at tennis but not at Crypto or investment funds what's a track record
what's her history but upon further inspection of this article we realized
that she actually invested or started investing with her Serena ventures in
2014 so that's actually before that major crypto Rises and she I'm investing
coinbase so that's actually you know pretty good
track record so this is an actually nunu's per se but rather it's just a
reveal offer previous investments which included coinbase
and she definitely made it go in there next up we have bed tracks they're
denying that there are any North Korean users on its platform so how did this
all come about is because the New York Department of Financial Services they're
accusing metrics of having inadequate policies for anti money laundering
now vetrix is flat-out the 90s and I definitely see a lot of authorities
doing more to exchanges in the future now money laundering is really bad but
honestly targeting crypto exchanges is just the easy prey because the biggest
sources of money laundering are the centralized banks I mean just recently
Deutsche Bank's been raided for money laundering
we got JP Morgan to constantly been fine for money laundering as well we
definitely got to stop it but honestly I think they're looking at the wrong
people just chase down to a centralized banks find them not just find them but
move your banking licenses if their money laundering it's quite simple as
that and let new players come and cut down that centralized corruption that we
have on the rumor mill there's this rumor passing around that empty cocks
will be automatically filing creditors for repayment what this means is that
potentially if you didn't jump through all the loops to file for lost funds in
mt.gox you still might have a chance so that's
actually pretty cool for me because obviously I'm a victim of empty cocks
and I didn't file all the forms incorrectly on time so there's a
possibility that people might get that so we'll have to keep our fingers
crossed now onto some bigger stuff for adoptions so you can now shop with
Bitcoin on Amazon well not directly with Amazon but there is a new plugin done by
a company called moon that allows you to use the Lightning Network to pay for
Amazon items in terms of how you use it when you're buying something on Amazon
what will happen is at the payment page the plug-in will show a separate kind of
slide to pay with the Lightning Network and you can scan the QR code to pay
directly with Lightning Network using Bitcoin all right I got click baited
into clicking on this article which is CTF C chair giancarlo hints out what's
holding backs future Bitcoin futures now we've all been hyped about back because
it's a new way for people to get into trading Bitcoin and it's been stalled so
what specifically did he say did he give any indications well it seems to be with
the custody part of Bitcoin so right now how the backed rash it holds its Bitcoin
apparently that's causing a little bit of trouble or hiccups with CTFC
approval so we don't really know exactly when this can get approved I think this
is pretty commonplace we've seen multiple delays on backed so we kind of
expect further delays until for like you know it's ready now on to the last topic
which is finance and there's a lot of important information here especially if
you are or holding B MB or using B MB and also if you're interested in this
sort of decentralized exchange now we're gonna run down of what this
decks actually is and what how we can access it is at not and can immediately start click to start
trading and you'll see that there's nothing trading as of yet because all
these new assets they need to be migrated onto a new token standard for
finance called BEP to this point is really important because normally
finance is an ERC20 token so if you actually scan it on say enjinx and you
look at all the holders these are people who hold and the wallet addresses that
hold BNB and you're held on a theorem addresses that begin with 0x so right
now if you're Hopi and B you gotta be really listen up and be careful because
right now that ERC token is being migrated onto the Binance chain and in
the future it's gonna have an address that actually isn't starting with 0x but
starting with bnb and you'll see that when the Binance when you
enter your new account and your new wallet you're gonna have a completely
different account the full article for Binance mainnet swap is here I'll
leave it down a comment section below now if you Hopi and B I'm buying it
itself you don't really have to do anything for an exchange – we'll do it
naturally for you and in the future when you withdraw it you're gonna be
withdrawing it into this b mb one type addresses so that's not gonna affect you
that much what does happen is it affects people who have financed token already
in their wallet so the BNB already in the wallet so in the future you got to
really pay attention to how and where you deposit your BNB if it's an ERC 20 token you got a deposit to another a theorem address so it starts with 0x
right now the mechanism for changing those tokens is via the bynars exchange
so just doing that deposit but make sure that deposits are open before you do so
they also said in the future the ERC version is a 20 version of BNB will
only have temporary usage so they want to do a full migration of these tokens
on to finance chain so inevitably you just have to migrate to the native by
nice chain now in terms of the balance chain itself
it's not an open consensus chain so it's actually really different from how a
theorem works in a sense that with a theorem anyone can join the network and
that's why transactions are slower because you need to have an account for
network latency well finance chain they're doing it very centralized if you
people call it that way where there are validator notes that are select few
individuals and they're accelerators that promote and make transactions
faster what that means is that you get faster confirmations
but you severly sacrifice on decentralization because only select
individuals can become validator nodes that means if there's collusion between
these validators they can potentially alter or censor transactions so that's
kind of the trade-off between centralization and decentralization
versus speed the more centralization have the much faster that transaction is
going to take and this is though which paths that bind has chose they want high
performance over more decentralization now I totally agree now I totally agree
with czs comment here that Finance Dex does not challenge these theorem it
doesn't have smart contracts it challenges ourselves exchanges and I
think that's the key role I think we have to take in mind here it's a token
mechanism and it can work for some projects and not other projects right
now for that token migration there are projects moving over and Monroe is one
of them so there was a huge boost in mythril popularity after they decided to
migrate from aetherium to buy a nice chain to take advantage of how fast
transactions are and it makes a lot of sense for metro because a favors user
experience basically by having exchanges or tokens being transferred much faster
unlike if you were in a theorem when you have to wait for confirmations
well-financed chain is much faster it makes sense for them but it won't make
sense for every single project and in the future I'm going to make a much
longer video talking about the disadvantages and disadvantages of
moving on to the finance chain so make sure you stay tuned for that and that's
it for today's news update I just got back from the V chain summit so I have
an up come video to just talk about all the
developments there if you guys are interested in developments I have an
article I'll put that down below about all the announcements coming and V chain
my video about this is gonna be a much more down-to-earth kind of analysis of
what's happening for me one thing the reason why I go to conferences is not
because I can present the best of everything but I want to show you guys
what's really happening and what's truthful to the event so that's what you
can expect in my upcoming video about the V change summit and realistically
what do you guys think about the finance chain love it hate it have you tried the
test net what are your thoughts about it leave a comment in the section below and
I really want to have a discussion with you guys about it thank you guys so much
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