NEW Travel Cryptocurrency Preparing to TAKE OFF (Get in While You Can)

following news that there will be a vaccine airline stocks shot through the roof however one little-known cryptocurrency involved in the travel industry didn't seem to see the same effects yet but in a bull market with hyperbolic altcoin season knocking at the door cryptocurrency is set to take the travel industry by storm the project we're talking about today is one of the pioneers in the travel niche and its token could be preparing for a trip soon itself traveling to the moon that is hop in the spaceship let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money hit that subscribe button then go ahead and open up another tab and type in and keep it open you're going to want to go back to that site after this video if you like traveling of course and no not the kind lebron does every time he goes down the court i'm talking about seeing the world absorbing culture world out there is bigger than just your hookers doing coke on a yacht fantasy which is a really sad fantasy by the way you should expand your horizons that's why today we're going to be talking about travala and it's token ava or ava it's one of binance's babies and was even a travel giant prior to deciding to jump into the cryptocurrency scene and they are way better than that annoying trivago guy remember years ago when people were complaining that they couldn't spend their cryptocurrency and it would never be accepted anywhere bit boy and pepperidge farmer members and let me tell you the more and more companies that are jumping into accepting cryptocurrency the faster mass adoption is gonna happen oh and it's not slowing down anytime soon trival allows its customers to book hotels plane tickets and any other travel related activity you can think of with cryptocurrencies including its ava token travala boasts over 3 million travel products in 230 countries and territories covering 90 124 destinations that means the travel booking search giant is promoting cryptocurrencies to millions of people unbelievable to think that they've got 3 million traveling products i wonder if they can get me a fanny pack for the beach and not sure if you know but we recently had a little pandemic in 2020 that halted almost all travel across the world people are starting to get that itch to head out on a trip due to being cooped up inside for so long well not here in georgia but most places you were cooped up we were fine one thing this stop-on travel for many caused was reductions in frequent flyer miles and vacation rewards the great thing about the ava token is that it doesn't lose value if you aren't traveling it's not that hard to know your flight attendant's name when you travel frequently i'm not impressed that you know becca and neither is the airline if you aren't spending money actively you are losing value to them but i'm sure becca likes it but the good news is now all of a sudden after biden was named the winner of the election by a bunch of pretentious people on cable poof vaccine pandemic cure just like a lot of people predicted finder put out a statement this week saying the pandemic is now cured at least for 90 percent of folks that it's effective on think about what this means though for traveling it's going to explode again once bill gates gets to stick us all right cheek please travala has been making some big-name partnerships following its binance partnership to build on bmb's smart chain in august of this year one of the biggest partnerships freshly announced just last month is with trip advisors viator which enables 400 000 experiences including activities attractions events and tours no girlfriend experiences all bookable with bnb btc and more than 30 other cryptos according to binance's blog travala has also booked partnerships with the likes of expedia and agoda capturing a majority of the largest travel booking sites the trivago guy is really sad right now besides binance and various travel agencies travala has also netted a partnership with vechain to integrate vet as one of its payment accommodation options the partnership enables usage of vet seamlessly for over 2.2 million hotels and homes worldwide on and you know i love me some v chain i even wrote a song about it once 13 of you remember through this partnership though vet seeks to realize its use case as smart money we may dive into vet in the near future so make sure to stay tuned for that as always love a good v chain video vet and binance aren't the only crypto or blockchain companies that travala is partnered with though a few more are litecoin foundation digibyte tron huobi gemini komodo waves coingate gocoin kucoin swipe and changely i need a breath i just took it the full list is on the screen provided by now one final recent partnership that sticks out however is the deal that travala has with a company called milk or mil.k platform for integrating reward points of various travel leisure and lifestyle services through its milk coin or mlk it's even got its own day in a press release announcing the collaboration between both projects they note that mil.k and will collaborate on different marketing and co-promotion campaigns further they state that milk will enable the exchange of ava to mlk the native token of on milk's own platform so what about ava the travala cryptocurrency the coin acts as a rewards program the more ava you stake the higher the tier and the more you will save and earn back according to travalo cryptocurrency blog ada offers up to 10 off eligible bookings up to five percent back on eligible bookings up to three percent additional discounts for paying an ava 12 per annual year bonus rewards for stakers and five smart loyalty levels to choose from which provides savings based off of your stake i like mine medium rare if that's not enough to get your speed boat engines revving i know you guys love these traveling jokes transportation jokes every single booking purchased on travala in fiat or crypto is given ava back at two to five percent of the value which means those no coiners are being given ava and getting brainwashed i mean coaxed into crypto the following chart is from the trava blog now in simplistic terms the more bookings you make through their marketplace the more ava tokens you will receive back as a cashback reward but it's not just the rewards and the number of ways you can earn a va that should capture your attention tickle your pick as per's white paper ava will be repurchased and burnt every quarter until 21 million 571 086 ava are permanently destroyed leaving a total supply of 40 million ava currently the circulating supply is 38.5 million out of a max supply of 61.383 million so there's a long ways to go how much time left in the car dad according to ava's travalo blog the use cases for its token are more than 10 including a payment token ava discount payments booking give back smart discounts smart loyalty smart bonuses repurchasing plan best price guarantee invite referrals vote for listings that's coming soon and also reviewing rewards and advertising now report by grandview research states the global vacation rental market size is expected to reach a u.s dollar value of 114 billion by 2027 expanding at a cagr which is compound annual growth rate 3.4 percent over the forecast period that's anything to go off of ava's current market cap is 27.5 million travala is much more than rentals so the company was able to capture just one percent of 114 billion in its ava token that's a very realistic potential future market cap of 1.14 billion dollars in seven years well that market cap isn't taking into consideration state coins which limit the overall circulating supply of an asset so the coin's got a lot of potential to grow in my opinion but hey i'm not a financial advisor or a travel agent so take all that as educational information so as i mentioned earlier if you want to get with travala and get 25 for free and you can sneak me in andrew jackson and honest abe under the table while you're at it check out travala by visiting you can book some sweet crypto trips you don't have to spend every friday night alone at your house go out see the world that'll show your parents they were wrong about minecraft now in may alone though is reporting that its booking revenue jumped 205 was 60 paid in crypto and that's during the infamous c word pandemic so with the travel industry having its stock surge off of news that there is a vaccine by pfizer that will be effective in 90 of cases we may see ada have its time to shine in the near future as well hope it gets some sun you don't want to miss travalo's ava this could be crypto's next amazon or google or expedia and will surely meant millionaires from those that invested early on believing in the project for the future so what's my price prediction for the future of aba i think not even the sky is the limit travala may be selling those spaceship missions to the moon in the next decade or so as a travel package but thankfully you watch this video so you get the early bird special and you can take your ride early but what do you think about trivalla do you like getting crypto back for going on trips i know i do also thank you to trevol for sponsoring this video but this is a well established and well-known project with use case and utility so don't let that deter you from taking a trip down travalo lane that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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