New start! FORSAGE on Binance Smart Chain

Friends, I have great news for you. In the 
near future we are launching Forsage on   one more blockchain, Binance Smart Chain. Many of you regret not doing business 
in Forsage from it very start.   So, now you have a new chance to get into 
the starting wave on the new blockchain. Since at the moment Binance Smart 
Chain surpasses all other networks,   including Ethereum, in activity, you can imagine 
what a furor the launch of Forsage will cause. We said even before the launch on Tron that we 
do not want to depend on any one blockchain,   and therefore we are opening 
Forsage in different Networks.

We now have a strange situation 
when popularity is growing,   new traffic comes to us, new people comes to us. 
And the activity of programs is falling due to   difficulties on Ethereum and on Tron.
The fees on Ethereum are too huge.   On Tron, transactions are difficult, 
and fees have also increased.  People come to Forsage, but 
cannot complete transactions There are many other interesting blockchains, 
but the rest have either low popularity,   or the development is still crude 
and not ready to accept Forsage.  And Binance Smart Chain is 
number one in popularity,   there are low commissions, high bandwidth.  Binance has an impeccable reputation, one of 
the most powerful cryptocurrency ecosystems,   and they have a lot of resources 
to do well right from the start.

And what about our programs 
on Ethereum and on Tron ?!  They won't go anywhere. I am sure that 
a solution will be found on Ethereum,   bugs will be fixed on Tron.  But we don't know when this will 
happen. It is not depend on us.   Business should not stand still. Business is 
people. We must have activity here and now. Even if one of you decides that, you 
know, “I already have slots in Ethereum   and on Tron. I will not be involved in 
Binance” – even with such a position,   launching Forsage on the 
Binance is positive for you.  Because when there will be a decision, and we 
can actively develop Ethereum and Tron again,   then everyone will be better if, at the same 
time, Forsage keep active. You don't want the   participants to cool off to Forsage.
Moreover, new people will come to us   who have not been on Ethereum and Tron 
before, but they will want to connect. We will always encourage participants to go 
to all the blockchains that Forsage runs on,   and all leaders will spread this idea.

And this is 
logical. After all, you understand that people in   your structure will not want to miss payments, and 
therefore they will go to all Forsage platforms,   and you need to be there before 
your team. This understanding is   conveyeds to everyone, so many will do so.
And the most perspicacious will not wait,   and will start their teams on 
Ethereum and on Tron in advance. Therefore, I say that this 
is good news for all of you.  And even more so for those who expected 
something new from us! Do you understand   how grandiose this event is ?!
Binance Smart Chain gives us   the opportunity to fully deploy 
in a way that we could not before.  Therefore, this launch will be much 
more powerful than on Ethereum.   When we started in last year, we did not 
have such resources and developments as now.  Therefore, Forsage will now reach a whole new 
level, and this is a great chance for each of you. PLUS there is another surprise 
for you in marketing. We have   developed and added one more program.
As you know x3 and x4 are fast programs.   xGold is a larger and more long-term one.
Many people have asked us to make an intermediate   version, and we will implement it at Binance.

total, we have 4 programs on 3 smart contracts. At first we will release 
a contract with x3 and x4.  At that time, tests of the smart contract 
with the New Program will still be   underway, after which we will release it.
Then, after a while, it will be xGold's turn. The coin in which all transactions will 
take place is Binance Coin, BNB.

One of   the top cryptocurrencies, with a very strong 
foundation, and therefore stable and promising. An interesting coincidence: the BNB price 
is now about the same level as Ethereum   was when we launched Forsage a year ago.
Many participants earned tens of thousands   and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and 
some even became dollar millionaires in Forsage.  Now, on Binance Smart Chain, we will not only 
repeat success, we will move much further forward. By the way, the slots in x3 and x4 are 
the same in numbers as on Ethereum.  There are also 12 slots in total.
Also, the general entrance for registration   equal 0.05 – only not Ethereum, but BNB, it is 
at the current exchange rate is only about $11.  That is, the 1st slot of each program costs 
0.025, and also, each next slot is exactly   2 times more expensive than the previous one..
Everything looks like Ethereum at the start of   Forsage. Only commissions are small, 
and there are much more opportunities. We will cover marketing in more 
detail in the coming videos.

Now I recommend preparing your teams.
And also prepare wallets. Some wallets   that we used for Ethereum are also 
suitable. For example, Metamask for   computers, or Trust Wallet for smartphones.
Only in the wallet you need to switch to the   Binance Smart Chain Network. It's easy to do.
Prepare the required amount of BNB.   They are easy to buy on the Binance exchange 
or through P2P exchangers, or DEFI exchangers.  We will post all the necessary 
instructions shortly. Friends, do not miss this moment! A 
powerful furor is about to begin in Forsage.

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