NEW Crypto Coins NOW on Coinbase, Kraken, & Binance! (BEST CRYPTO EXCHANGES 4 BEGINNERS)

I've gotten a lot of questions now that the cryptocurrency scene is mainstream and people have been They ask me about the best exchanges today we will look at binance coinbase and kraken, that is it Main questions as they offer the largest amount of coins and they have the largest community Basically, as I suggest you start with a token so that you really know what you want Invest in it and then switch to what the portfolio offers because that would be so much easier if I chose coinbase and then kinda got stuck with the list they give you so here's this Just a tip you guys are listening, so before we continue with this video, be sure to leave Like button only if you liked this video already If you didn't leave me a comment in the section below, let me know I know what I could improve on, and Coinbase is one of the biggest crafting wallets Located in the world, so they have over a hundred different tokens out there from Bitcoin to Smaller z cash stacks algorand, the engine coin balancer, the decentralized ocean token, and the numero, there are A bunch of different currencies are there, and they came out with new coins, so only a month ago In December 2020, they added a new crypto curve running on wbtc tbtc and dfi money so they are Certainly they are adding more and more, and since it is rumored to be IPO likely this year, it is You will probably keep adding more and more coins , And by the time 2021 ends, we will likely see many more coins on coinbase which is why I am doing Covered them so you can actually follow them on their twitter and they are doing surveys all the time They have links to where you can go and suggest which coins you want to list and take away Everyone advice and their painting basically ends up choosing the symbols they think they are You will be the best for them so the next symbol is kraken and you can also go online and suggest coins That you want in case you are using kraken now and they don't have tock-en for you You really want to go online, I'll leave the link below and you can suggest them to the token you want Their email is there and everything kraken just 2 days ago added 26 new cryptocurrency pairs Including UK and Australia markets, so now you can trade al grand ave ada atom dot, there are a bunch of different icons that can be accessed right now if you You use kraken, that's really good news, and you can invest in those tokens And last but not least, this binance is an international one too, and you guys probably know about it, They have an entire section online about the new tokens that they're coming in, so they're going to list low c, for example, they will list the gun symbol in the dexe token menu and may They put it all in, and they also have a section with poll too, For example they closed one recently which was between tt and mdt, so these are smaller coins And mdt got around 60 000 tt go obviously 54000 mdt is a winner, so it's kind From the competition, and it's really cool that they're trying to build a community, all of these The platforms are coinbase kraken and all the others which I didn't mention today are like new Wallet metamask atomic wallet gemini um so you guys can see what's out there and also if you've Enjoyed this video, be sure to let go of your thumb until you spread the algorithm This is across the crypto community and a growing number of people can see this and subscribe In my channel so that you don't miss any of my upcoming videos, I really appreciate you all Mr.


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