NEW ALL TIME HIGH!!! Almost $3 Million Dollars With Dogecoin

all right guys really quickly just hit another all-time high 2.7 wasn't enough so just 10 minutes ago at 3 40 p.m today which is may 7th i hit 2.9 million so damn near 3 million dollars 10 minutes ago so that's insane and um yeah that's crazy in the last hour i'm up 125 000 today alone i'm up 400 000 that's insane okay so now if we click on doge uh right now it's at 70 cents exactly but that 10 minute 10 minutes ago when it hit 2.9 million i was at 7.5 yeah 7.45 cents but it probably hit 75 cents which is nuts that's another like little barrier little milestone right there so if we hit that once we're gonna hit it again for sure my position 3.9 million doge if you didn't know now you know equity is 2.7 at the very current moment in time uh average cost basis point zero four seven so four point seven cents and my total return is 2.5 million dollars and my group chats are going crazy once again but yeah let's see if it goes back to 75 cents today guys um oh also don't forget to like share subscribe um hit that notification bell so you guys don't miss the next time i hit an all-time high which could be very soon very soon probably today still we'll probably see it hit three million three million as soon as i hit three million that's that's another that's another milestone i'm definitely posting that but uh yeah all right guys until next time peace

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