[Music] [Music] Hello you guys Hope everyone is doing well, I'm back with some Exciting and up-and-coming updates hope you're ready It's going to be short and I wanted to give you a short update Where I think the market is going, I'm very optimistic as I always hope You too if I don't understand but please stay Be positive, be optimistic, and don't lose sight of the vision and don't lose it See the end goal and become it The millionaire is fine because the coding space will be made We are all rich and that's only for sure if you're patient enough In this video, I will tell you what I think The current market situation I hope you are ready Before we dive into juicy British content, I want to remind you of the genre To subscribe to the beautiful encrypted Al Jazeera channel, we have 22.4 thousand subscribers Let's go to 30K and I know we can do it, let's give your son a Violin cipher also subscribe if you want to provide content please Like and comment on the comments section if you have questions Without further ado, let's dive into the juice business content I have for you Today well first of all let's take a look at xrp USD pair daily on bitstamp was fine yesterday Draw this line and hit us a day later we got to this line Let's go watch a video Yesterday because I have to tell you guys what I shared with you Because we have to be realistic, I shared this with you a day ago You guys said I'm very optimistic 72 cents and I drew a line and said you know what we broke in this triangle But you know I can repaint this in the short term triangle and then I expect it to drop to about 65 cents and you know what It happened guys today we got down to 65 cents Well what happens next guys يا We need two more days to find support here at 65 cents Support level and then we get the breakout for this triangle pattern ok then we get out of this triangle pattern and then we will have a breakout for the dollar 64 cents would take us back to the levels we were on in a couple Months ago on April 13th on April 14th so no Reasons to be sad or frustrated Guys really it's time to be hopeful I hope so You can inspire, I can give you energy, give you strength To be uplifting and juicy, I know you have it تملك Please believe in yourself, it is not easy If everyone tells you, yes, it's easy to buy, hold and you'll get Sing Fast No, it's a mind game you guys and it Mental game we will win okay I believe in you just wait And we'll see better days.

That's at least my plan I'm just a crazy guy with a fiddle just doing it What I think is best for me, so please no financial advice but This is what I do guys, and tomorrow is the big day I'm going to share it all With you but tomorrow I will put everything Which I have from selling the house to crypto in xrp and not any crypto xrp of course come on guys let's go okay so let's read some juice Articles First of all this article is from hodo daily article states that SSC is looking to implement a new encryption تطبيق Regulations say Commissioner Hester Pierce posted on June 21, 2021 The article states Hester Pierce, Commissioner for US Security Exchange commission hints that the new cryptocurrency Regulations may be around the corner, which will be around the time for men That's ok they come with new Regulations are now crazy in an interview with Bloomberg Pierce names three main aspects of the cryptographic space Which you hope to address soon I hope we can provide clarity in a little Different regions one of them will have set a secure code To give some clarity about token distribution events I think we need to prove an exchange-traded product Based on bitcoin and frankly we have new applications based on ether as Well then we need to provide clarity About Guardianship of Regulated Entities for Brokers and Investment Dealers Consultants These are some of the areas I love To take action in Peirce's remarks that the head of the Supreme Security Council is underway Ganster has already been upfront about having some Overseeing the Bitcoin spot market and inviting more investors Protection in crypto Yes investor protection from The same second you're a piece of [ __ ] okay don't bother The commission seems to also grant her taking it on the continuous screen A lawsuit against Ripple that accused San Francisco A payment company based in Francisco for security fraud Regarding the distribution of its original code xrp Well that's a tricky question and something I've tried too To make us more accurate when thinking about cryptocurrencies Digital assets as a security asset We say we think it's being sold as part of Investment contract which means there is a promise About selling this asset, it does not mean that the original It should in itself be safe it means that Sold as collateral becomes the question At some point, someone can sell this asset not as collateral And that's a really hard streak at last, guys Well, that means something very important and that means that every xrp value that we are Trading and that we buy and sell Not a guarantee I don't buy xrp from the exchange and If we trace this xrp, it might be from a random person In Russia for example or somewhere else this xrp sells because Afraid she doesn't want to be caught crying for her mother I don't expect prices to go up based on their actions Well I expect a price because I believe in xrp itself This is a different thing, meaning this is not security All the exchange that real men xrp can trigger Crypto fiddler found a solution, yes, this is a very bullish thing In the short term, I expect the exchanges will re-list on the other side Hand I want to warn you guys let's watch this Men's filter size chart in the last 24 Hours by exchanges totaling a billion dollars Liquidated on June 21, 2021 $349 million on the purchase of Bit bye bye a little okay x 201 million good guys x not feeling well x 201 A million dollars liquidated 200 million dollars Refinery financing 140 million liquidators 41 million ftx liquidated and a maximum of 33 million dollars So the biggest single filter order happened in Your offer ios worth 6.48 million Dollars this is crazy guys this is crazy so me Want to warn you guys not to take advantage of not taking advantage of everything, just keep buying and Guys hold please what can go wrong by buying and Hold on why do you want to risk everything To earn a little more Well, why does it seem to you a man who lost six and a half Million dollars what would be a waste of money Crypto violence can send 60 65 or 6.5 million dollars I'll spend better things I guess Well guys, that's what I wanted to say I want May you all be optimistic and positive please Don't forget to stay positive during these tough times we have found support Maybe we'll hover above this level for a few days and then break Well, we'll see a crazy gain from here 150 cent mark my rookie and juicy and Not words of financial advice Have a great day Have a great day Stay tough and sexy and wish you all a positive mindset Well, we are investing here for the long term, not the short term If you want to invest in the short term only Go to the casino I don't know what else to do but that's not short That term of getting rich isn't all right we're here to make it Generations Wealth And please like and subscribe if you think I also wish you a nice day bye [Music] You are

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