Nedir Bu UNISWAP ? Kullanım Mantığı Nedir ? Gelin Beraber Öğrenelim 😊

Hello friends, what is the new swap in this video? I want to talk about this first let's find the entrance to the new website. Let's write it unicef ​​on the internet. Let's find it together. You can always click on home if you want an interface, but the important thing is, site friends will not be wrong. Let's click this. We entered all day. Now it says swap 100 uv lover's face from here and access it here . Okay, now we can close that left one or come back here. Again, upgünüsü is back. As you can see here, you can click here and come directly to the place I said. Let's see it open now. That's why there's mete mart here. I'll close this one. We'll drink together again now. Yunus is a faggot, let 's talk about this briefly as the page opens . In short, we can say that 1 cryptocurrency exchange where transactions are made without central authorization .

Friends center means that there is no 1 stock exchange or institution as an intermediary while you are trading . Such systems are called pyrope. When you go and convert from 1 friend to 100 TL and 2 to 50 TL, piropi demi friends means a one-to-one transaction. It means that there is no 1 intermediary institution in between. Now we do this on the website. We will buy directly from the people without a middleman, but the new one and some different friends use a very similar system. There is 1 system under the name of control from person to person instead of pir pir . It is also like this, in order to be able to trade in the unit, 1 person needs to have any 1 meat wallet. Top right corner meta mask of my wallet.

I'm leaving the video guys, you can check it out there . When we enter Yunus Baba, we need to connect your wallet in order to be able to transact here . Now this new web page is opened. Now it says connected here. Click this and you will get your wallet this. Here are the supported wallets. I agree contact here. I will open now. We need to link the site. Okay, here's the account, he said 12. I click next. It can't give approval from here, confirm it here. I clicked on Connect, it said connecting here and now it is connected as you can see. Look, it says robson over there, this is my testnet stuck here. How do we change this now I click. Here is the picture of the fox. It is not here for you, it is in the appendices. I opened my wallet from here, if you want, I can convert the routine test net from here to agriculture again. Mehmet ergün, I have a lot of money to put in here because agriculture is real for the labor of real friends. Ops is exactly the same but doesn't support all sheep very much.

Now he's gone from there, you see, his Russia is gone. Ok now here we are in the you section, this means swap swapping. We're in the swap section. In stamps, pool means friends, what is a pool now? I will talk about something. Let's get into the stamp part. I'm wondering how this pool works, this is the pool. I will prepare 1 video on how this pool works.

There will be 1 video that is very detailed and everyone can understand. That's why I won't go into the details of the pool now. We can say that this pool is 1 safe created jointly by the liquidity providers. Friends, if you say what is liquidity, we can briefly call it a resource. I wanted to create 1 pool and so I btc and eth, bitcoin and ether. I added a certain amount of ether and bitcoin to this pool. I have provided liquidity to this pool . You have roughly understood this sentence. I added the logic there. My source is my liquidity. Now you may think of sting. If anyone does not know what Sting is, I leave it at the top right. You can reach it from there. In Sting, for example, if we had btc, we were stacking it and collecting income, or any 1 sheep doesn't matter.

As you noticed here, in my previous sentence, we need to put 2 different sheep at the same time, not just a single topic . In order to create 1 pool, let's look at it like this, it says tripper, creating this pool meant creating a meat. Here to add liquidity to the pool, which means one now add liquidity crypto first stepped money. Did you see input d input here? It says 2 side entrances. Input means input, we need to add 2 sheep . We can click on etheria here and change it, but now let me turn it off so that the computer does not crash. Too many sheep will shed, now it's even more mean. Close the issue. It's like running public. Anyway, let's select into, here tok's choice, let's see here, I choose terry. I need to add 2 of these. For example, let's click. I will talk about the use of this pool, friends, it is very detailed. Let's put 100000 1000000 $ in a way that everyone can understand .

Exactly right now I put in $1000000. It's about 579000 throws against 1000000 dollars . You define one of them. It automatically throws it to the other , for example, I'm here. If you wrote 100000 terms, I saw that he adjusted y himself. I will change that. Look, that was a very small amount. It didn't matter, but let's do this, do n't think after deleting it from here, if you make it five hundred, the top will change. From the two I've seen, this one calculates itself automatically. I will also talk about how he did it. Do not worry. I 'm thinking about explaining this in my next video . Now let's see how the profit is made from the pool, we added mind and meat to the pool. Someone who wants to trade from our pool will either suffice with the ynt or will buy the theater to get an ether member.

You can liken it to baynes and processors. Let's say the bride wants to buy ethereum with the term sorry, theater . For this reason, this process is called swap. The swap is demi friends, the meaning of the pin is swap, you are the new one, and when you enter the stock market, you will trade from your part. To make this exchange, this is the page where it always first appeared, but let's click here . Normally, to explain over bay nas, it is like trading in eth usd parity. That's the logic. What does tuğcu from mean? What I have means tugra is what I want to get. For example it will not do with my usb. Let's turn this into a member site right now, university. Yes right now. 4 is playing closed, select it, let's come here. We got together soon to complete the process on this computer . For example, let's say $1000. I want to exchange 1 ethereum for 1000 dollars enough to be 1000 dollars. It just escaped, 0 point 50. In fact, let me look at the current price of Italy at the moment . It's 1734, nice.

1734. It is written here, and it shows the current price of 1730 09:29 . We can buy 1 ethereum in 1,734. Now, if we were to explain the logic of the business, Baynes compared me to 1. Flag us 1 command book artificial friends. We determine the price we want to get. The price we set is recorded in the order book. Then it's mine. If anyone wants to sell at the price I want to buy, the transaction takes place. I get that coin at the price I want. Again , I buy a product from 1 person, but here, Baynes receives a commission from 1 intermediary and in return for this . Friends, depending on the type of transaction we make, your commission rate changes as a maker or as a single. For the new reason, we pay 1 commission fee for the transaction you make . Now, this fee amount has been determined as 0 percent point 3. If we make 1 transaction of 1000 dollars, we will pay a commission of 3 dollars. Why did I say decentralized stock market today? Well, if you ask where this commission goes, it goes to liquidity providers, friends.

You can create 1 pool with theater and term and get 3 percent commission from people who use this pool. Without this, no one would create a pool anyway . Commission, it makes sense to charge a certain amount. 1 problem here. Of course, if you provide liquidity to the pool from Texas, if you buy 3 percent completely, then someone else contributes. You will share this three- percent commission among yourselves in proportion to your percentage share of the pool in the pool . This will not change the amount of 103 I paid. Just for example, I made a $1000 transaction and paid a $3 commission fee. Now, if there is only 1 person in this pool, the liquidity provider of the pool, but if there is only 1 person, he gets this 3 dollars completely. If there is more than one person, let's say there are 3 people . If my pool share is fifty percent, I'll take $1 and a half of $3.

Others take the remainder according to their share of the pool. This is how the system works. I hope I was able to explain the logic of the reason again to you. More detailed videos will follow. First, I wanted to explain the basics. As I said, this is always barter, friends, normal selling means swapping 1 difference. I give 1, the other gives me another 1, this is how it is on the site, for example, let's try to buy bitcoin with TL on the site, someone sells bitcoin, we sell him for TL, the logic is exactly like this. You have to look at it from this perspective, swap means swap, buy and sell transactions are already 1 kind of swap. We give 1. He gives us 1 in return. That's your logic. Let me see, do you know anything else like this ? Here's what we do, friends. He goes to the pools. We operate from pools.

What did we say now? We are not pir , this is pir contract person to contract. What was this contract? 1 software is automatically called a market maker, 1 market maker, such 1 it is called. When I want to get 1 he brings it to me from the pool. Who is in the pool? There are liquidity providers . I also pay 1 commission fee. I'm checking this pool to pool. The people in the pool share it according to their share ratios. Is this logical or not? In the next video, we will talk about it again after we learn the complete logic of the pool, the purpose of processing, etc. , thanks for watching my video, friends , stay tuned, goodbye..

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